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Herbal Rescue Healing Poultice - 3.5 oz. Powder
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Why You Need It

Reduce aches & pains, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, deotoxify  and help the condition of the skin along with any specific ailment with our Herbal Rescue Healing Poultice. These healing organic herbs are absorbed by the body and are made from the highest quality organic or wild-crafted herbs. A poultice is a paste used to draw something out of an object. Poultices can be used for many things from poultices used to draw out infections or to assist with healing of ulcers and in some cases to help with bites and stings from venom injecting. 


Apple Cider Vinegar and Distilled Water. Add this to your Poultice powder until you have a smooth, mudlike paste that will stick to your skin.


Ingredients: Slippery Elm bark, Chaparral, Red Clover, Bentonite Clay, activated Willow Charcoal, Echinacea Angustifolia, Garlic, Goldenseal and Cayenne pepper.


Here’s how the herbs work:


Slippery Elm bark - soothing, healing and reducing pain and inflammation and a great antioxidant.


Chaparral - Chaparral greatest ability is to move the lymphatic system, this helps to draw toxic chemicals and harmful drugs out of the cells. A good blood purifier and a powerful antioxidant.


Red Clover - has good amounts of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Hormone balancing and an antioxidant.


Bentonite Clay a detox aid that is valued for its ability to swell and absorb toxins from the body relieving symptoms associated with toxin build up. Externally bentonite can be used to sooth a myriad of skin ailments.

Activated Willow Charcoal - is a premiere natural remedy that adsorbs many types of toxins.


Echinacea Angustifolia - as a stimulant to the body's immune system by activating white blood cells, thereby making it more difficult for foreign bodies to infect cells. The healing of wounds and stimulates immune cells to ward off viral and bacterial illnesses.


Garlic – a great antioxidant that can help to protect the body against damaging "free radicals".


Goldenseal – an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic skin wash for wounds and for internal skin surfaces.


Cayenne pepper - antiseptic skin wash for wounds and for internal skin surfaces.

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