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Brain Tonic Tea
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Why You Need It

3.5 oz. dry herbs

Poor brain circulation may cause depression, a condition of toxemia, and general poor functioning. This occurs when the cells are full of waste and malnourished.

This herbal tea increases blood flow to the brain for improved function. It increases alertness, decreases mental fatigue, improves memory and concentration, and  maintains a routine balance of cell salts in the body.  It reduces the frequency of headaches. It has also been found useful in handling ringing in the ears, vertigo, deafness and other inner ear situations. It's ability to increase memory is also outstanding.

Proper circulation to the brain ensures sufficient delivery not only of oxygen, but also of glucose, the brain's primary fuel. The ingredients listed below assist this rejuvenation.

Ingredients: Ginko leaf, Gotu Kola herb and Cayenne.

Ginkgo leaf-The Ginkgo tree is the oldest tree on earth, originating in China. Its properties have been used by mankind for centuries to renew health. Ginkgo leaf has a documented ability to increase circulation to the brain and extremities. Numerous studies have shown that ginkgo protects arteries, veins, and capillaries from damage and also regulates their tone and elasticity. It contains compounds with strong anti-oxidant properties which may protect cellular health and fight age related conditions. Ginkgo leaf has been known to enhance memory and also relieve despondency. It makes you feel good. Its energizing properties result in mental clarity and increased vitality.Numerous studies have shown that ginkgo protects arteries, veins, and capillaries from damage and also regulates their tone and elasticity. It protects red blood cells from destruction and keeps them evenly dispersed.

Gotu Kola comes from the Himalaya Mountains of India where it is believed to possess high spiritual properties. It is a general tonic and nerve tonic. It improves circulation, concentration, energy levels , intellectual skills, memory and age related problems. It's a brain rejuvenator par excellence. It also relieves negativity.

Cayenne pepper - This herb increases circulation and is noted for its positive effects on throughout the body. Cayenne strengthens the potency of other ingredients by carrying the essential elements of herbs and nutrients throughout arteries, capillaries and into the cells so they are delivered where they are needed. It also helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels.

The tea has a bite from the small amount of cayenne. If cayenne is too strong for your taste, cayenne is cooled with oil or fat, not more water. Stir a  spoonful of coconut oil or cream into your tea. Eat with yoghurt, buttered crackers, cream cheese, hummus or cheese  to cool your mouth.

NOTE: This formula is even more effective when used in conjunction with the Brain Tonic Concentrate.

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