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NOW Maple Syrup Organic & Kosher - 64 Oz. Grade B
SKU: FOOD PRODUCTS.:Maple Syrup - 1/2 Gal
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Why You Need It

This maple syrup is high in disease fighting anti-oxidants.  Maple syrup also has a powerful vitamin and mineral content  further enhancing health. More than just a sweetner added to your breakfast, though our pure maple syrup is perfect for adding to pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal and other recipes.

It is also an essential ingredient in our Our Master Cleanse Diet, also known as the Lemonade Diet. Stay away from the artificial and chemical derivatives in plastic bottles known as maple syrup.

Since Stanley Burroughs originally published The Master Cleanser in 1976 the grading of maple syrup has changed. In his book he speaks of 3 grades of maple syrup, "A", "B" & "C". Now the U.S.D.A classifies 4 approved grades of maple syrup and grade "C" is no longer listed among them, here's why:  

...Maple syrup is a balanced form of positive and negative sugars and must be used, not some ‘substitute’. There are four U.S.D.A. approved grades of maple syrup. The earlier sap runs generally produce the lighter grades - Grade A Light Amber and Grade A Medium Amber, which was formerly known simply as Grade A. These lighter grades are mild in taste, sweet and with less mineral content than the darker grades.

The mid-season runs generally yield mostly Grade A Dark Amber, formerly known as Grade B. Dark Amber has more mineral content and more "maple" taste. The end of the season brings mostly Grade B, which was formerly known as Grade C, with even more minerals and the strongest maple flavor.

All grades can be used in the diet but the darker grades are the most desirable. Organic certification assures you that no synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used in woodland management, no formaldehyde has been used to clean the lines employed in the tapping of the maple trees, and there are limits to the number of taps in each, to ensure the well-being of the tree.

Have fun using this natural product  keeping moderation in mind.


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