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Improving Vision Problems Dr. Christopher Eyebright (V5-I1C)

During Dr. Christopher's career as a master herbalist he developed an herbal eye wash that corrects a wide variety of eye problems in folks who are eating correctly and have cleansed their internal organs. In most cases, eye problems - even serious ones such as cataracts and glaucoma - will show tremendous improvement within a matter of months. He has pointed out that when the entire eye is cleansed out, the vision will naturally improve. Clean the waste materials out of the muscles and the muscles will become stronger and be able to focus better. When the lens in the eye is cleansed out, the light rays can travel through the entire lens and can be focused on the retina without being distorted.

Dr. Christopher teaches that the eye wash increases circulation to the eye causing nutrients to travel faster enabling the eye to regenerate faster. This circulation is very important with regard to the lens. There are no blood vessels in the lens itself. It depends on the free-flowing humorous liquids which bath the lens on both sides. When the nutrients can get to the lens quickly, and the waste discharged easily, a person's focusing ability improves.

The formula contains a number of different herbs, each having their own function. Cayenne pepper stimulates the eye tissue and improves circulation. Golden seal root kills any infection or bacteria. Bayberry bark and red raspberry promote the growth of new, healthy eye tissue. The single biggest ingredient is eyebright, an herb which has been used to cure eye problems for the last seven hundred years, both here in America and Europe.

Many people see quick results with the preparation; Dr. Christopher discovered this by telling people to use it directly on the eyes as an eye wash. In this manner, the herbs are soaked directly into the eyes tissues and work within minutes. Often, within a week people notice mucus and puss coming out of their eyes when they wake up. This is simply damaged cells and toxic material which are being purged from the eyes.


Obtain an eyecup from a local drug store. Those that are made of glass are ideal but difficult to find these days. Southern Botanicals often has them in stock. Usually plastic ones are available, which will serve. Fill three fourths of the eye cup with warm DISTILLED water. DO NOT USE TAP WATER OR ANY OTHER POSSIBLY CONTAMINATED FORM OF WATER. ONLY TRULY DISTILLED WATER PREFERABLY IN GLASS BOTTLES. Put two drops of Eyebright tincture into the warm distilled water. Let it stand for a minute to allow the alcohol to evaporate from the solution.

Bend over and bring the eye cup up to one of your eyes. Close your eyes as you adjust the fit to your eye socket so that it will seal the water from pouring out the sides. Now straighten up and tilt your head back a bit so that the water totally covers your eye lid. Now open your eye. If this is your first time, you will probably close your eye an instant later and bend forward to remove the eye cup. This is almost entirely a reaction to the cayenne pepper. The cayenne is not causing any harm whatsoever. Just as when you place some on your tongue it seems hot but no blistering or other burning damage occurs regardless of the amount or degree or hotness you use. The same is true of cayenne in the eye. It feels hot but nothing bad is happening whatsoever. On the contrary, circulation to the eye is greatly increased as a result of the brief exposure to the cayenne and several minutes later you will notice an improved clarity and feeling of well being with that eye.

Next, repeat the procedure with the other eye. If there is reason to believe the first eye has an infection, change the solution in the eye cup before going on to the second eye. As you continue to apply the eye wash, one to several times daily, you will quickly notice that your tolerance for the intensity of the solution will greatly improve. It is strongly advised you increase the number of drops put in the water - up to 10, 20, 30 drops per eye cup and more. On more than one occasion folks have applied the tincture straight into their eye full strength without diluting it with any water. It was very intense but not unbearable and caused no damage whatsoever. Those who stay with this for many consecutive days report that the more your eyes sting, the better they will feel afterwards.

Also, Dr. Christopher urged his patients to take the formula twice a day internally. He considered this absolutely essential if folks expect to get complete results. For this reason, Southern Botanicals has the Eyebright Formula Tea on hand to go along with the Eyebright Concentrate.

There is another natural means one can employ to improve vision - eye excercises. These do work in many cases. Without a greatly improved diet program, internal cleansing of the organ systems and use of the Eyebright bath; exercises are usually very difficult to keep on with. They take an hour or a day or more and often need to be done for a number of months before any benefits are seen. However, when Dr. Christopher had his patients eat right, detox themselves internally and use the Eyebright bath formula daily, benefits from the eye exercises occurred very quickly - and with much better results.

More serious problems like cataracts and glaucoma, Dr. Christopher would also succeed using his protocol. With cataracts, he usually saw it taking about five months. It depends on the persons degree of intensity in applying the programs, severity of the problem and other factors. Sometimes he saw results in three weeks and other times it took five or six months or longer. Glaucoma tended to respond more quickly than cataracts. He would see the pressure come down in the many glaucoma patients within weeks. This is because the eye wash cleansed out the damage ducts near the eye and when these are all cleansed out the drainage returns to normal. It's that simple. Dr. Christopher reports the he saw all glaucoma patients achieve dramatic results when they used the eye wash.


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