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About Our Herbal Concentrates

The combinations of herbs in our concentrates work together to best benefit specific parts or systems of the body, such as the immune system or female hormone system. You can make formulas that include everything but the kitchen sink, but that doesn't mean it's more effective! A formula with 15 different herbs can sound great but some of them can have effects opposite to what you need, or which counteract each other.

For example, some herbal ingredients should be taken with food, while others work best on an empty stomach. Mixing these together isn't effective. A probiotic which should colonize your system is a needless extra cost in an herbal formula intended to enhance stomach enzyme production or clean out the intestinal system. That's why we offer a variety of herbal formulas, to help you focus where you want to experience benefits the most. Our products and cleansing packages are designed to help with different health goals, from naturally boosting energy to achieving a thorough liver cleanse.

We understand that herbal properties vary depending on which part of the plant you are using. For example, the berries of the Hawthorne plant are used in our heart tonic formulas because they have the most benefit to the heart out of the whole plant. There are small amounts of the same properties in the leaves, roots and stem but you don't have to include the whole plant to experience these benefits. Focusing on the most medicinally active part of the plant leaves room for us to include other herbs that create balanced high quality formulas.

Many of our herbal combinations were based originally on formulas by the late Dr. Christopher, a pioneer in the Art of Natural Healing who taught many of the modern herbalists. His theories and successful uses of herbal preparations and tinctures have been utilized for decades.

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