A New Year- Fresh Start

Jan 2020 Specials on Cleansing Kits

This is the time of year when we look to re-focus on our health. We may have overindulged during the Holiday Season  and it took its toll. We notice a few extra pounds, an overall sensation of not feeling our best, and it seems we’re either getting sick or fighting off a seasonal bug. New Year’s Day is our favorite day to plan to make changes – eat better, exercise more, and lose weight.  But, what will give the right jump start you need to be successful with your new goals?

An internal body cleanse may be just what you need to restore your body’s health. Internal cleansing results in clean, well functioning intestines which increase nutrient absorption and allow other organs to function better. You can empower the body to heal itself naturally by freeing it from the burden of reabsorbed toxins. Other organs, like the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder can do their natural cleansing better when you have a detoxified intestinal and supporting herbs.

To help you with your new health goals, Southern Botanical’s is offering all our Cleanse & Detoxify Kits at great savings to you!

If you are a beginner, we have shorter cleanses that will give you a powerful boost in a shorter time. Our most popular short time cleanse in price and power boost is the 10 Day Liver and Intestinal Cleanse . The herbs featured in this cleanse program provide your body with nutrients that make it easier for your kidneys, bladder and intestines to gently release old toxins and waste without interruption much to your normal routine.  The 10 Day Intestinal Cleanse Kit is also quick acting and a great price. With this cleanse the liver breaks down excess hormones circulating in the body, as well as breaking down most of the toxic substances in the blood. A great option to get you ready for success, clearing the system for better diet and habits, reducing cravings and generally helping one get off to a fresh, healthy start.

If you want to keep it simple try the Kidney Cleanse Duo . Some of the benefits of the  easy duo are: flushes the urinary tract, soothes irritated tissues in the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract, tones the urinary tract for better bladder control, increased energy and supports kidney function and a healthy prostate.

If you are experienced and have made cleansing a part of your yearly routine, we have classic Cleanse kits for detoxification to thoroughly address what you want – be it a small system or whole body. The Total Intestinal Body Cleanse draws toxins from every organ in the body. The cleanse is done in 4 steps starting with the digestive system and the intestines. The Whole Body Parasite Cleanse *Program is a full body detox cleanse, addressing the following body organs and systems – digestive tract (from stomach to colon), liver and gall bladder, kidneys and urinary tract, blood and lymph, lungs and skin.

 All Southern Botanical Cleanse kits are discounted 5%-20% until Jan 31, 2020.

Please feel free to email or call us if you want advice on choosing the right cleanse for you. These are great cleanses with potent, high quality herbs so you can feel a difference.

Order Today and get started on your healthier you! 

Cleanse Kits include instructions that start you out gradually on intestinal cleanse steps, and allow you to maintain healthy bowel movements without feeling like you need to know where every bathroom is located all day “just in case”. Herbs in our formulas can actually strengthen tone and support the intestinal tract, helping to balance.

Note: When doing any cleanse that involves tea, the increased fluid intake may require more frequent trips to the bathroom if you are not used to drinking several cups of water a day. When doing a Kidney Cleanse, those herbs in the kit encourage urine production and work to flush your urinary system, so you may need to go to the bathroom more for the kidneys.


Why are digestive problems on the rise?

It is because we are neglecting our internal intestinal environment and so are forsaking our digestive health. Bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea and gas are just a few symptoms that could be a sign of digestive trouble.

How did we get there?

In our fast-lived world, we don’t take a lot of time to choose healthy and organic food. Most of us don’t know where the food comes from or what it is made of.  We buy our food conveniently in a box. This is where the problems begin with additives, food colorings, trans-fats, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. This low quality food is offered in every supermarket and is supposed to make our life easier.  The standard American diet is over loaded with unhealthy fats, sugar, and chemicals. Conversely it is also low on fiber and nutrition.

This highly toxic diet sits in our colon and creates greater strain for the eliminative organs. The way we eat greatly contributes to our intestinal health. There may be additional reasons why our digestive system is lacking e.g. allergies, food intolerance, etc. that could all be checked out by a health care professional.  But detoxing can support anything else you are handling.

Our intestines are not made to process food that is highly processed. We get constipated and our intestines get blocked and we can’t eliminate and toxins stay in the colon that can cause inflammation and irritation. Beyond that, due to the nature of the intestinal wall, some of the toxins may be reabsorbed back in the bloodstream. This makes your liver and kidneys work harder.

Your intestinal flora is made up of bacteria and other microorganisms that exist together. Your body functions best when bacteria are balanced with 80% good bacteria and 20 % bad bacteria. When you introduce too many processed foods your gut flora tends to become imbalanced as the unhelpful bacteria love that kind of environment.  About 80% of our immune system is located in the gut, so it’s no surprise that processed food can cause havoc on our overall health.

What can I do about it?

You can start with changing your diet

  • Change to whole foods
  • Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable preferable in season
  • Buy pasture raised / grass fed meats
  • Avoid Sodas
  • Drink plenty of fresh, clean water
  • Eat and drink slowly
  • Exercise more
  • Get rid of toxins

See our simple and healthy recipes.

How to kick start your body health with a cleanse?

An intestinal cleanse is beneficial in many ways  as it gets rid of accumulations, toxins and promotes regularity. Here are some other benefits of an intestinal detox: improves mood, increases energy and concentration, can clear up skin and helps eliminate bad breath, and last, but not least, detoxing jumpstarts weight loss.

We have put together a gentle,  yet effective 10 day intestinal  detox protocol, that will detox your intestines, increase energy, help flatten your stomach and boost your over all well-being. Our specifically designed powerful herbal formulas help you step by step to get rid of toxins and accumulations and are soothing and healing to give you the least discomfort.  We use only the high quality ingredients for our formulas to ensure the best results. You can do the cleanse from the comfort of your home in just 10 days, although some people lengthen it to 14 days.

Please go to our 10 Day Intestinal Cleanse site for more information.  If you think you have parasites, you can choose the Anti-Parasite Concentrate as an add-on at a savings.  Once you have cleansed your gut, you can expand the cleanse to include liver and kidneys, and even to our most comprehensive Total Internal Body Cleanse. There are many options to adapt the cleanse for your needs.  A good start is the 10 Day Intestinal Cleanse and once you get the hang of it expand your cleanse. Life is a lot more fun when you feel better, trust me.

Feeling Sluggish? It May Be Your Liver!

Out of the hundreds of functions, your liver performs, ensuring toxins are safely removed from your blood is one of its most critical jobs. Your liver also breaks down or deactivates certain hormones – like insulin, estrogen and cortisol, the stress hormone – and clears them from your blood. Your liver also converts Vitamin D, which is actually considered a hormone, into a more useable form that activates the immune system, supports calcium absorption and other crucial functions.

More ways your liver helps naturally aids in many important daily functions.

If your liver is overloaded and stressed, symptoms may show up as:

  • Difficulty in concentrating (brain fog), reoccurring headaches, irritability
  • Problems with digestion including poor absorption of nutrients, bloating, and constipation
  • Difficulty losing weight, despite dieting
  • Rashes and other skin problems, including brownish spots appearing on the skin, often called “liver spots”
  • Chronic fatigue or lethargy
  • Dark circles under the eyes and low energy
  • Difficulty with blood sugar
  • Hormones being off balance including premenstrual complaints that are worse than usual

Symptoms that may be improved by a simple 5 day cleanse.

One of the key products in any liver cleanse program is a combination of specially selected herbs that encourage your body to heal damaged liver cells, strengthen your liver’s ability to provide vital functions and stimulate flushing of wastes from your liver and gallbladder. There are certain foods with a well-earned reputation for supporting and cleansing the liver. Adding any of these to your daily diet will provide extra nutritional support for this cleansing program.

Foods can be added to your diet to improve liver function.

Our Liver Cleanse flushes your liver and gallbladder of toxins, waste and excess bile so it can protect you and keep your energy levels high. It nourishes with herbs the liver loves. A great way to resist disease and bring your body back into balance is to cleanse your liver periodically and nourish it well, so you can live!

5 day Liver Cleanse Duo


Getting Smart With Your Intestinal Cleanse

Why I Started Doing an Intestinal Cleanse

I first started this cleanse because I have a history of auto immune type symptoms. Ever since I can remember, I have had a problem moving my bowels. There would be several days at a time that I would not be able to eliminate. I also deal with urinary retention, neuropathy, and vertigo. In addition, I have a uterine fibroid. It just makes sense that I have toxins in my body that need to come out.

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Body Cleanse Diaries: Intestinal Cleansing

Body Cleanse Diaries Part 1 Intestinal Cleanse Intestinal Cleansing

Katie and Amina at Southern Botanicals share how their Intestinal Cleanse is going this week as part of the Total Internal Body Cleanse Program.


Katie: “When I started the Intestinal Cleanse part of the Total Internal Body Cleanse I planned on going all in with following the instructions to the letter and taking Intestinal Cleanse 2 at least three times a day.

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New You Cleanse – Let’s get Started



First Day of My Total Internal Body Cleanse


I am ready! I skipped the Pre-Cleanse, since I already have 2-3 bowels movements a day – with what I eat that is rarely a problem. I went in to work but managed only one dose of Intestinal Cleanse the first day. Yikes! Despite my best intentions, I just forgot because I was so busy!

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Adventures in Total Internal Body Cleansing

Amina, Deb and Katie starting their cleanse

Here at Southern Botanicals some of our crew is doing our Total Internal Body Cleanse program to get a great start to a new year.

Amina, Deb and Katie starting their cleanse
Amina, Deb and Katie at Southern Botanicals taking a break to take Intestinal Cleanse 2 as part of the Total Internal Body Cleanse program.

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