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This Year's Flu and What to Do

Flu season hit early and hard this year. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are two flu virulent strains making their rounds this year, Influenza A (H3N2) and Influenza B viruses. The majority of infections are from H3N2 but many people have gotten infected from both! According to a CBS news report, 41 states have seen major flu outbreaks, and the states of New York and Massachusetts have declared a public health emergency due to the flu.

This brings a lot of pressure to get a flu shot to prevent getting the flu, but there are natural ways to protect yourself without exposing your body to mercury and other problems of flu vaccines. One elderly woman we know reported that her doctor's office told her the flu vaccine wouldn't have helped prevent her infection because this year's vaccine is based on the previous year's strains. Of course, the vaccine manufacturers aren't able predict ahead which flu is going to spread each new year.

It's also difficult to know when you've been exposed to a cold or flu. You won't experience flu symptoms like body aches, congestion and fever until you've been infected for a couple of days. By day three your immune system has kicked into overdrive to fight the infection and that's when you experience symptoms. When you work with your natural immune response instead of just trying to suppress symptoms, your body has an easier time getting over an infection which means less time sick. Boosting your immune system to prevent a full-on infection is the wisest approach. Symptoms like body aches from inflammation and congestion are signs your body is working hard to get immune cells where they need to go while clearing out dead viruses and toxins.

We recommend five foods that are known to fight viruses and our potent immune support formula Tonic Supreme for regular prevention throughout cold and flu season. It's includes classic herbal foods like cayenne pepper and garlic to stimulate your immune system while reducing uncomfortable symptoms like congestion when fighting off a flu or cold. See which foods help fight cold and flu viruses.

Echinacea is another great immune booster that is taken for a short period of time when you need to seriously bolster your system, especially before you get sick. Using echinacea with other powerful anti-viral herbs gives you even more support. Read more about how echinacea can help prevent the flu or shorten its duration

The best way to prevent cold and flu infections is through natural remedies that boost the immune system, kill viruses and help your body cleanse toxins! And cleansing your liver gently will help too.

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