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Herbal Salve - 2 oz. Jar
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Why You Need It

The herbs in this potent salve have traditionally been used to support healthy skin.

Herbal Salve has a pleasant, natural minty fragrance and is the perfect remedy for when your skin needs a little extra care and support.

Success Stories

I use the Herbal First Aid Salve on tense muscles which helps and I also put it on dry lips, especially when I'm sick. It's great aromatherapy when you rub a little bit on the side of your nose and forehead to open the sinuses. I also use it to help relieve minor skin problems, and if I get a rash from Candida. It helps with mosquito bites, since I'm very allergic; when I get bit my skin puffs up a lot and the Herbal First Aid Salve clears it up in a couple of days. ~O. L., Tampa Bay, FL

As for the Herbal First Aid Salve, I used it on insect bites and it was very effective. Southern Botanicals Echinacea is the best I have found anywhere. - D.T. Burlington, NJ.

I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. I use 'Universal Precautions' in which I use vinyl gloves and constant hand washing. As a result my hand became irritated. The skin and cuticles broke down. Skin tegrity was non existent with areas of eczema. I started using the Herbal Salve twice a day, sometimes more. Within 24 hours I noticed a difference. Within 1 week I had healing skin, the cuticles are coming back. Now my hands are well on their way to being completely healed. Thank you very much! - D.D.M. Clearwater, FL

I use this for everything, cuts, abrasions, etc.~Tom W.

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Ingredients: Comfrey root*, White Oak bark*, Goldenseal root+, Marshmallow root+, Black Walnut hull+, Gravel root+, Mullein*, Calendula*, St. John's Wort+, Arnica flowers, Yarrow flowers+, Ginger root*, Wormwood*, Lobelia*, Skullcap, Cleavers+, Cayenne pepper*, and Pine Resin in a base of Olive Oil, Wintergreen oil, Menthol crystals, and Beeswax.

Arnica: The first herb to turn to for bruises, cuts, scrapes and other skin maladies, arnica has an excellent reputation for healing. To be used only externally, Arnica can bring fast relief for itchy or burning skin.

Comfrey root: A real champion herb, it rejuvenates blood and new skin. Clears inflammation, helps burns and bleeding, actively promotes growth of new cells. Soothing to inflamed and irritated areas.

Lobelia: Can be used externally for sprains, bruises and on stings and bites.

Goldenseal: One of the most important medicines of Native American tribes. Used to protect skin from infection and for blisters, skin inflammation and sores.

White Oak bark: One of the strongest natural astringent herbs available. Considered to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, as well. Often used in natural skin creams to treat irritations.

Calendula: Also known as marigold, this well-recognized herb is often used on rashes, small burns and calluses.

Yarrow flower: Used by Ancient Greeks and Native American tribes to cleanse and disinfect skin.

Cleavers herb: Cleanses and tightens skin, helps remove wrinkles and has been used for pimples, sunburn, freckles, insect bites and itchy skin.

St. John's Wort: Astringent, good for inflammation, irritation and strained muscles.

Wintergreen oil and Menthol: Cooling and soothing to itchy, burning or painful skin distress.

Cayenne Pepper and Ginger Root:increase circulation in the area. Cayenne heats up the body and relieves pain.

Gravel root: used by Native Americans as a wash for burns.

Mullein: Helps to make skin soft and silky smooth. Used as an antiseptic. Soothes rashes, cuts and slight burns.

Wormwood: Used to speed up healing and for relief from insect bites.

Marshmallow root: Anti-inflammatory and soothing to skin. Works on cuts and abrasions.

Skullcap: Cleanses and soothes irritated skin. Has strong anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, stimulates collagen.

Black Walnut bark: Supports clear skin and could reduce fungus, athletes foot, ring worm, sores and rashes.

Pine Resin: Originally used to clean wounds in early times. Helps handle rashes, dry skin, bug bites and sunburn.

Beeswax: Creates a natural skin barrier. Our Herbal Salve is held against the skin with this protective barrier.

Suggested Use

Rub a small amount into skin.


For external use only. Herbal Salve may warm the skin, and should not be used on cuts, broken skin, open wounds or where it will sting.

Wash your hands after using and avoid touching eyes or sensitive areas when it's on your hands.

Keep out of reach of children.

More Info

Southern Botanicals Health Article: Herbal Remedy for Skin


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