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Admax™ Energy Formula - 90 Capsules Bottle
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Why You Need It

Admax™ is the ultimate energy booster and stress buster. It is a
clinically-tested, patent-pending adaptogen product.Adaptogens are
substances of plant origin that can increase the body's resistance to
stress factors and help it adapt to stressful conditions. Adaptogens do
not target a specific area of the body but help create an overall state
of balance (homeostasis). Another criteria for an adaptogen is that it
is non-toxic and has no negative side effects.Admax™ contains extracts
from the four plants that are considered as the primary adaptogens -
those that have the most adaptogenic or balancing effects on the
body.Admax™ has been the subject to three clinical trials, including a
full gene expression analysis. This study found that the product
increases more than two fold the activity of two human genes: one that
controls immune response and another that is a factor in the body's
energy production. Click on More Info for science and clinical trial

The internationally recognized medical doctor, Anatoly G. Antoshechkin,
M.D., PhD, carried out the research that led to the Admax™ formula. Dr.
Antoshechkin is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, has worked
at the Soviet Institute of Space Research, the Russian Institute of
Molecular Genetics and as a scientific consultant to the Russian Olympic

Bringing the body back to a healthy balanced state should be the goal of
health care. Restoring this balance is what is needed when a person is
subjected to stress, anxiousness, fatigue, has used drugs or any of the
other common life events that may create an out-of-balance, unnatural
condition in the body.

If you have a low energy level or feel out of sorts in general, Admax™
may be the answer!


Ingredients: Leuzea carthamoides root extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract, Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract, Schisandra chinensis berry extract.

Leuza carthamoides root extract – This herb replenishs the depleted
mental and structural physical body reserves exhausted during hard
training and help rebuild damaged tissue.

Rhodiola rosea root extract - It encourages a healthy stress response to
physical, mental and emotional challenges while improving the immune
system and the cardiovascular system.

Eleutherococcus senticosus root extract – This herb enhances physical
and mental vitality and endurance, helps with lower back or kidney pain,
boosts concentration and focus, handles fatigue, enhances immunity,
helps prevent adrenal burnout.

Schisandra chinensis berry extract – Calms the nerves, increases
vitality,enhances the energy of the kidney and liver,supports memory and
sexual endurance.


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