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Revive TCM Silver - 25 capsules
SKU: 440
Our Price: $64.95

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Why You Need It

Out of stock of all Revive Silver.

This product is no longer being manufactured. We do not think it ever will be again. We have not found anything that works similar to it.

We think that toxicity and deficiencies due to diet and the environment may be causing an underlying health situation. Many medications may also contribute to ED and a decrease in libido. We invite you to look around our website for ways to improve your health.

In our experience, customers who used our Liver Cleanse Tea reported having better results with Revive and other herbs afterward. So it it possible that removing toxic accumulation and breaking down excess estrogenic hormones improves male performance. This makes sense because the liver's jobs include detoxifying chemicals, and breaking down and removing excess hormones circulating in the blood. We offer the following simple Liver Cleanse choices :

Also see items below that also support Male energy and function.

Success Stories

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These stories are from customer whose individual results vary.
This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem

Suffice it to say where other things failed, Revive Silver worked. Thanks for a product that actually works. ~ D.K., FL

There is nothing like someone trying Revive TCM! Jeff is a believer. I sold him one of my bottles and he raved. Get me 10 bottles so my wife will continue to worship me!! Ha, Ha. Marty, Los Angeles

I am 78 years young. My wife has been gone for 5 years now. But before that we did not have a good sex relationship because of her diabetes and my diabetes and high blood pressure we had some problems. After she passed away, I moved to Fl. I have met a very nice woman and things began to happen , Well I have been taking REVIVE TCM and my sex life has come back to where I can have erections and have a great sexual relation with my wonderful Lady. Jack F Roswell, GA

It is truly a good morning but especially after my experience yesterday. You will recall my most recent email about my friend who was scheduled for an $18,000 penile implant. The man is my good friend we sing together in a barbershop quartet. I suggested he try the Revive TCM and he did with no results. When he told me he had taken only one a day, I then suggested he double the dose and see what happens. He said he would try it again and so he did. Yesterday morning during a break in quartet practice, he said, "Bob, remember that thing I was going to do? I cancelled it all". Now you should have been there to see his grin!!! I grabbed his hand and shook it really hard and we laughed and laughed! The rest of the group looked at us questioningly so he said, Bob and I were planning to rob a bank but I cancelled it. How about that! He and his lady are deeply in love and have been trying unsuccessfully for well over a year to have sexual relations. He took 2 Revive for no more than 3 days and obviously was successful. He was so happy that I wanted to cheer right on the spot. Isn't that wonderful, remarkable news? I can't get over it. Thank you, Steve for your advice and thank you for handling the product. Robert W. Lakeland, FL

I do want to thank you for being there with this amazing product I have come to depend on so much. It works like a charm. My wife and I both appreciate and thank you. Mike, 75, St. Pete

This is my second order of Revive. I am 52. My fiance, who is has just graduated from Acupuncture school, was told of this product and introduced it to me. We are both pleased and satisfied. I thank you, sir. Larry B. Sarasota, FL

Over the past several years I have taken all three of the popular prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction and have had mostly good luck with them. The problem I have encountered with them was that the effect was there and then it was gone. It was not sustained in any significant way. Since I have been taking Revive TCM, my romantic / sexual life has never been more powerful and rewarding. I can honestly say that I now see these capsules as superior to the prescription drugs that I thought were so great. The only side effect I've experienced is the reassuring feeling that I am always ready. It is always there. That is a powerful feeling. My libido has been released. I would recommend Revive TCM to everyone I know without hesitation. Mark L., Age 61.

I first heard about Revive TCM from a friend who had obtained it through his chiropractor who he said had prescribed it in order to increase his and his wife's energy levels. The first day, they reported no noticeable changes. The second day, they couldn't get out of bed -- they had sex several times the way they used to when they were first married. Mike is 66 and his wife is 63. They also reported that their energy levels were up substantially. I decided to try Revive TCM. At first I noticed no substantial difference in arousal, but my energy levels were quite a bit higher. A few days later, after playing a rigorous tennis match, I was exhausted and decided to try Revive TCM again. Within an hour, I had all of my energy back and felt aroused sexually. My arousal threshold was-and is-as low (easily aroused) as it had been 20 years earlier (I'm 63). I continue to take Revive TCM for energy and for virility. It really works! Ron J. Tampa, FL Age 63.

I am 55 yrs. old and a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure ... and I went a really long time as 'undiagnosed'. I finally with the help of a doctor and exercise and proper diet got those issues under control. But those years and done their damage. My doctor had prescribed, and I had tried all the ED 'prescription' medications. They all work (to a greater or lesser degree) of course...but they all have their side effects, some quite unpleasant. I found that ReviveTCM, an all natural herbal supplement worked as well as the doctor prescribed medications but without the side effects and without the hight cost. That nice. What more can I say?... This stuff really works...!!! John R. St. Petersburg, FL

Regarding your Revive Male Enhancement Formula, “From my personal experience and the feedback from my customers, I can say these are the BEST libido enhancement capsules I have ever taken and sold. Keep them coming!” And then >>> after placing his 2nd order this same store owner asked, “What is in this Revive TCM that makes it work better than anything I have ever tried? My customers are reporting great results with no side effects, which we have experienced with other male enhancement libido products”. I said, “Although we are not certain, we believe this is an ancient Chinese formula prepared by the Chinese Emperor’s chief physician to accomodate his concuibines.” Sounds reasonable but we weren’t there. All we know that is that when customers use the formula, they are pleasantly surprised and usually return for more. He chuckled and said " All I know is that I'm sure glad you have it because the product is unbelievable!" Bob Beehive Natural Foods

My best friend phoned to tell me about a recent visit to his Chiropractor, Homeopathic advisor and friend. We were both using the little blue pill to stay firm at our tender ages of sixty plus years. He surprised me by telling me the Dr. / advisor had recommended a health supplement that really worked and cost far less. I was skeptical but interested and finally got the website and the name of the product: Revive TCM. I ordered the product and took it in time for a planned visit from my girlfriend. Sensational! We were both very pleased (she thought I was using the little blue pill). I just ordered my 4th bottle of Revive TCM and that blue pill still sits in my medicine cabinet. I get better, longer and a more enjoyable response from this new supplement and I love the money I save. Edward T. Macon, GA

My husband and i ordered a bottle of Revive a month ago and found that it really works. I received an energy boost and a GREAT libido boost. Please send us another 50 ct bottle. Thanks! The Conrads

"Revive TCM?" Its hotter than a frog in a frying pan. It has become our #1 seller. -Texas Health Food Store

I have tried similar products since moving but, in my opinion, there is no replacement for your product. Mark



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