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Liquid Plant Derived Minerals - 32 fl oz
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Why You Need It

1 Quart Bottle

Plant Derived Minerals™ contains a complete, easily absorbed , plant derived source of trace minerals. This liquid concentrate contains up to 77 minerals from prehistoric plants in their unaltered colloidal form. This should not be confused with the colloidal metallic minerals which come from clay, ancient sea beds and ground up rocks and soil. It provides the full spectrum of trace minerals needed by the body each and every day.

While there are minerals that we need in high amounts such as Calcium, Potassium and Sodium , we also need several minerals in significantly smaller amounts for our bodies to function properly. These Trace Minerals are crucial for many body functions,such as transporting oxygen, normalizing the nervous system, stimulating growth and the maintenance and repair of tissues and bones. But since the 1960's, the levels of minerals in our produce and meats have dropped considerably due to depleted soils. Plant Derived Minerals can help replace the beneficial minerals that are missing from some of the foods we eat.

These Minerals used to be called Mineral Toddy. Dr. Joel Wallach changed the name of his company, and the minerals are now called Plant Derived Minerals, to differentiate them from any metallic or sea minerals.


The minerals found in Plant Derived Minerals- Multi-Mineral Complex™ are organic and negatively charged, which means that the body is able to better absorb these nutrients.

Nutritional Information

A proprietary blend of minerals including:
Sulfur Bromine Barium Cadmium
Potassium Praseodymium Erbium Germanium
Chloride Silver Lithium Indium
Carbon Gadolinium Strontium Phosphorus
Iron Tungsten Boron Samarium
Aluminum Dysprosium Cobalt Tantalum
Magnesium Iridium Osmium Arsenic
Calcium Europium Thallium Holmium
Silicon Gallium Chromium Lutetium
Sodium Hafnium Fluoride Niobium
Zinc Iodine Neodymium Palladium
Manganese Molybdenum Yttrium Tin
Nickel Rhenium Rubidium Gold
Lanthanum Ruthenium Cesium Platinum
Thorium Scandium Tellurium Rhodium
Cerium Selenium Ytterbium Titanium
Antimony Terbium Zirconium Mercury
Beryllium Vanadium Bismuth Copper

Other ingredients: Deionized water

All of the minerals in our liquid organic bio-electrical trace element products are in a natural organic form that may be used by the body without the risk of building up to potentially toxic levels.

Suggested Use

Adults, mix one or two fluid ounces in a small glass of fruit or vegetable juice of your choice. Drink during or after meals, one to three times a day or as desired. For children, reduce amount by two-thirds.

Plant Derived Minerals is "light" on the body. Take right after eating, or between meals in juice or a juice-based protein or health shake.

A great way to take Plant Derived Minerals is to put a capful into whatever you are cooking or eating. It makes food taste terrific - as it is after all what your food is missing! Soups, salad dressing, spaghetti or other sauces, even rice-cooking water will all be enhanced from the use of Plant Derived Minerals. This is an excellent way to get every member of your family taking a nutritional supplement with no protests!

You may have been taking other supplements for your health. The advice here is that you continue taking these supplements, while also taking Plant Derived Minerals. The minerals will enhance your body's ability to retain and utilize other nutrients.


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