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The Anti-Inflammatory & Alkaline Diet Charts Set
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Why You Need It

This set includes the 80/20 Alkaline/Acid Chart as well as the Anti-Inflammatory Food Guide Chart to help you eat your way to good health!

80/20 Alkaline Acid Chart

This chart puts you in control of balancing your diet for an optimum pH for better health using the revolutionary health principle - ALKALIZE YOURSELF!

The chart was created by Dhyana Tribe ND and graphically lays out Dr. Baroody's thoroughly researched findings based on the information in Dr. Theodore Baroody's book Alkalize or Die to help you make correct food and lifestyle choices which result in better health. It is presented in a user-friendly form that makes it easy to understand and remedy an over-acid condition of the body and find true balance and vibrant health.

The front of the chart lists foods and shows clearly where they each fall on a scale from extremely alkaline forming through to extremely acid forming. The back of the chart has additional information to make it easy for you to improve your body's pH and future health.

The following shows highlights of the information covered on the back of the chart:

    • Tips on How to Ensure Good Digestion
    • How to Tell If You Have Excess Acid Waste (i.e. symptoms of over-acidity)
    • How to Resolve Issues of Excess Acidity
    • How and Why The Standard American Diet almost always results in an acidic body pH. There are safe, natural solutions that work fast and are very effective.
    • How to Effectively Use of the 80/20 Food Theory Chart in Your Daily Life

A great visual and informative tool to empower you using diet for health. (SIZE: 12"X16.5")

Anti-Inflammatory Food Guide Chart

The Anti-inflammatory Food Guide researched and written by Kathleen Cole ND, has been designed to help you shift your balance away from inflammatory foods toward an anti-inflammatory diet for better health.

Inflammation is considered a key mechanism in the development of many chronic diseases. Although acute inflammation is a necessary process in healing following an infection or injury, this same process may be overstimulated and may become systemic chronic inflammation that can damage blood vessels and organs.

The front of this chart clearly organizes groups of foods rated on the anti-inflammatory to inflammatory scale in an easy reference format to display on kitchen counter or fridge. It is laminated to ensure durability.

The back of the chart has detailed information covering important topics such as:

    • Defining Inflammation and Role of Nutrition in Controlling Inflammation
    • Dietary Factors That Determine The Inflammatory Scale
    • Role of Healthy Gut Bacteria in Controlling Inflammation
    • Cooking to Reduce Inflammation
    • How Certain Fats and Fatty Acids Contribute to or Help Reduce Inflammation
    • Environmental Toxins and Inflammation

A great visual and informative tool to help you . (SIZE: 19.75" x 11.25")


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