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Brazil Nut Wafers - Raw & Organic Gluten-free
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Great Gift Idea!
Enjoy the naturally sweet taste of these wafers or pair them with our other healthy snacks to create the perfect deliciously tempting gift basket.

4 wafer bag or 6 oz. bag

We make these delicious wafers ourselves to combine the creamy crunchiness of Brazil nuts with the sweet fruity taste of strawberries and bananas with just a hint of warmth from cayenne for an excellent snack! They are truly raw - never heated above 110 degrees in our dehydrators so they retain their nutrition and enzymes.

Brazil nuts are rich in varying amounts of the essential trace mineral selenium, excellent for detoxifying and removing heavy metals. They go great with any cleansing program! Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which protects cells from damage and supports the thyroid. Selenium is lacking in the soils of our state, Florida, so we like to supplement with this whole food snack naturally high in this essential mineral.

No gluten, no flour, no eggs, no sugar, vegan. Just goodness.

Ingredients: Organically grown Brazil Nuts, fresh Bananas, fresh Strawberries, and Cayenne


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