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Area of issue: Newsletter

You betcha I have something to say about the Newsletter you all put out!!!! I haven't saved every single Newsletter, but I have really saved several I thought was something I might use. In fact I started my own egroups for ladies and I told them what happened to me.

About a month ago, my father called my husband and me to get across the road to their house (we live in the country, and we do not have money for a hospital visit). He said if we want to talk to mama, he thought she was probably going to die. Her heart was barely beating. I walked in there so sad because I felt helpless, knowing that they both have said if anything goes wrong with them, they just want to die there in their home. I suddenly remembered a Newsletter about Cayenne pepper. Moms pulse was soooo faint, and she said she was not afraid and she thought maybe she was going to go. I went to the kitchen and got Cayenne pepper (just the powdered stuff from the store) I was thinking, yeah, this stuff might not be strong enough, because only God knows where it came from and if its still good, even. But at this point it couldn't hurt.

I told mom I was going to give her a teaspoon full of the Cayenne and it was gonna burn real bad, so she asked for a slice of bread and a glass of water. She made all sorts of faces, but she swallowed the Cayenne and the bread and the water. I'm not sure how long, but I think it was fifteen or twenty minutes later, mom told us she felt fine. We checked her blood pressure and it was more normal, and she had color in her face. She told us we might as well go home!!!! This happened one more time. Come to find out her doctor had changed her medication and it was causing her heart to slow down too much. She went to another doctor who changed her medication back to her old medication and she is fine now. You know what? Nobody could convince me that I did not save my mothers life twice in the past month!!!! I can't thank you enough for the Newsletters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you save one person, it is worth it. Thank God you were faithful to send that Newsletter!!!!

I hope you aren't mad at me. I copied the Newletter and sent it to my group of ladies. There are 72 of them. I have been telling them that this worked for me. I don't tell anyone to try this. I just tell them it worked for my mom and I would do it again if I ever need to. I keep Cayenne pepper around.

— E.D. Okeechobee, FL.

Area of issue: Newsletter

Just to let you know your newsletters are certainly some of the most newsworthy of any I have ever seen. It is evident that you truly care about people's health over and above running a business. I am a practitioner of the Hulda Clark Method, and I seldomly stray from the products or methods she recommends, finding that her work, especially her new work is truly revolutionary and will one day require an entire re-write of medical education. Your company and Southern Botanicals however are what I must consider to be some of the best in alternative health - your methods of educating the brainwashed public and your high quality products and business standards are to be commended.

— N.C., B.Sc., Dewey, AZ 6/12/00

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Area of issue: Newsletter

Excellent article (Canola Oil)! As a chiropractic and naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist, for almost 30 years now, I have taught people how to heal themselves of so-called "incurable" diseases. As the publisher of (a major newspaper) ... we are really getting the message out. Keep up the good work, my friend.

— Dr. C, CA 6/6/00

Area of issue: Newsletter

Please let me take this opportunity to tell you how much I love the Healthfree newsletter. Even though I haven't had any really serious illnesses, the information I gain from it is invaluable. The beginning of this year, I contracted the flu (not as seriously as most people) and ended up with a dry hacking cough that lasted more than a month, and a series of bouts with fever. I'm a firm believer in natural medicines (herbs, natural organic foods when I can get them, aromatheraphy, etc.), but I wasn't getting much relief. After reading one of the articles, I realized I wasn't taking enough herbal medication in terms of dosage, nor was I as consistent with it as I should have been. When I followed the advice in the article, in a matter of three days (really two), all signs of fever were gone, and the cough practically disappeared in under a week. Please keep up the good work. It helps me much in my study of natural healing.

— D. 5/11/00

Area of issue: Newsletter

You've all been unbelievably helpful and so encouraging. When I wrote to order your products, It never occurred to me that I'd get anything other than the products. Certainly not the kind, sweet, thoughtful and amusing attention you guys have given.

It really came at a time that I needed it. I have great friends, but, I needed someone knowledgeable in the area that you are experts in. The Spirit of Health Newsletter written by Ron Radstrom is just what someone like me, just entering into the exploration of this information needs. It isn't overwhelming! It's itemized and explained just enough to provide good solid information, but not so much that it intimidates you.

— C.R., University Heights, OH 4/10/00

Area of issue: Newsletters

Love getting the newsletters and am very grateful for the time and effort that is put into them.... keep up the good work.

— C., New York, 4/31/99

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Area of issue: Customer Service

Thank you very much for taking such time and thought to answer my e-mail. That in and of itself enhances my confidence in your products. ... I plan to order some herbal products from Southern Botanicals. I was intrigued before. Now I am inspired by your description of the care that goes into the production of these products.

— L.D., Kagel Canyon, CA 1/13/00

Area of issue: Customer Service

I am a repeat customer. This is my first time ordering from you on the web. I was ecstatic to find you. Love the products cannot do without them. Thank you so much for a great product and an easy to navigate website!

— K.B., Oberlin, KS 12/29/99

Area of issue: Website Content

Great web site. I practice alternative herbal consultation here in Indiana and get great results with herbal remedies including the ones you recommend.

— C.H., Indianapolis, IN 2/18/99

Area of issue: Website Navigation

... just wanted to tell you what an amazing site I think you have. It is so incredibly well put together, concise, clear, and oh so informative. I've forwarded your address to all my friends and colleagues as well as yoga instructor. Thank-you for all the time and effort that you put into this. I had fumbled my way through a five-month Candida program on my own then found your site. Wish I'd seen it before ... thanks again,

— A.R. 5/10/00

Area of issue: Website Content

I have found so much info that coincides with what I already know. I am itching to try some of the products ... I have experienced an excellent LIVER CLEANSE ... and it is so efficient I got rid of 110 gallstones and I'm only 23.... since this site has a Kidney Cleanse made up I'd like to try that as I couldn't find all the herbs in this country that I needed.... love this site and would like to chat to other health-searching people....

— A.H., Melbourne, Australia 4/12/00


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