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Herbal Eyebright | Eye Supplements
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Herbal Eyebright - by Dr. John R. Christopher


This formula is excellent for supporting the eyes.


Eyes tlited upwardMake this into tea form and drink 1/2 cup a.m. and p.m.

Note: The FDA warns against any non-sterile application to the eyes as this may cause serious eye infection. The use of herbal dietary supplements for external application is prohibited by the FDA. This article is for educational purposes only.

Eyebright Concentrate 1 oz bottleFrom a question to Dr. Christopher: "I have been using the herbal eyebright for several months now. I have followed the instructions exactly. Is there anything else I can do to help speed this along?"

Answer: In order for any herbal combination to be effective, the body must be in good working condition. This would include using the lower bowel combination [Fen LB] and strictly following the mucusless diet. In addition it is also important to improve the circulation to the head area. This can be accomplished by laying your head down on a slant board each day. Gradually work up to 20 minutes twice a day. There is also a tendency for the eyesight to seem to worsen for a while. This is due to the toxins being released from the system and coming to the surface of the eye to be washed away. This also indicates that the lower bowel formula [Fen LB] should be used as a means for keeping the eliminative channels open. [NL 3-10]


One part each bayberry bark, eyebright herb, golden seal root, red raspberry leaves, and 1/8 part cayenne. [HHH p.190]

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