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Cleansing your internal environment for Natural Hormonal Balance Part 1

Liver Cleansing (V4-I10D)

People think that creams, patches, pills or herbs handle hormonal imbalances; and food programs and cleansing therapies are optional. This misconception keeps folks sick.

Greatly improve your nutritional intake first, repeatedly go through and cleanse the colon, kidneys, liver and blood, and then use herbs or creams, if now needed. Building a skyscraper from the 10th floor up, is not as workable as putting in a deep foundation first. The foundation consists of correct diet, detoxification of accumulated waste and enough exercise to circulate the whole business.

Without cleansing and effective nutrition, the creams and herbs will not usually continue to work. A polluted colon can and will effect the proper functioning of other organs and the hormonal secretions of glands. The same is true of a dysfunctional set of kidneys. The blood is contaminated with excessive waste matter and thus interferes with the effective distribution of hormones throughout the body. Without adequate hormonal management, the sex organs, heart, brain function, eyes, etc., are all adversely affected. Allowed to go on long enough, and body parts can cease to function.

Most people's blood is entirely too thick. It is thick with cholesterol, fat and waste particles. The liver's job is to remove fat from the blood. When the liver is congested and the gall bladder is stuffed with stones or mucus, then the circulation is greatly diminished. The liver thins the blood. If it can't do its job, the circulation to the sex organs, lungs, digestive system and all other areas of the body, is poor.

The solution is to reduce the polluting effects of a poor food program and stimulate the tired liver with a liver flush - rejuvenate it and get the blood sent along in proper condition.

Food program improvements and organ cleanses have a positive effect on female problems and male difficulties. The bottom line is to get the blood in proper condition and flowing to where it needs to arrive.

The liver controls your energy level by regulating the amount of glucose available for your brain and the rest of your body. Naturally, when your liver is sluggish, tired and sickly, you will not get the glucose release needed. All of the glands of the endocrine system use the blood to carry hormones to where they need to go. The liver's job is to also cleanse out unnecessary hormones from the blood system so that communication can occur more efficiently.

Liver cleansing is second only to colon cleansing for getting results in most people.


QUESTION: What is the very first thing a person should do to start cleansing themselves internally?

ANSWER: To begin with, stop eating the diet you have been on. One of the most effective means to heal and strengthen the body is to do a juice flush. At the same time, you dramatically increase your nutrition by using Vital Nutrition Plus. You take 8 to 12 tablespoons a day, depending on body size or desire to get well quickly.

Once you get the juicer working, the canning jars filled (at least 2 quarts consumed daily - (see the Colon Cleanse Program), and VNP powder used in volume in place of meat, dairy and poultry; now you have to make sure your bowel is working. This means two to three bowel movements daily. If an MD has told you one every three days or so is normal, he's right, this is normal for constipated, standard american diet people; not toxin free, healthy people. In order for your body to create hormonal balance it needs to eliminate waste about as often as it creates it from processing meals. Three meals a day equals three bowel movements a day. Less than this and your colon, liver, kidneys and blood are being stressed.


QUESTION: Don't you feel weak and sick when you do a cleanse?

ANSWER: Not if it is done correctly. Change the food program; then make sure the colon is cleaned out and working; then detox the other internal areas of the body. Done in proper sequence, and degree of intensity, the cleanse programs should not reduce ones ability to confront and handle their functions in life. On the contrary, you should feel more alert and energetic, overall.


QUESTION: What's all this talk about the colon? How can it effect people so much?

ANSWER: It is the number one waste elimination organ of the body. When the bowel swells up from constipation or impacted fecal matter, it can put pressure on the veins returning from the legs. The result can be headaches, varicose veins, painful periods or prostate problems. When the colon is clogged up , the rest of the body's detox functions cannot occur until the body knows the colon can move the stuff out.


QUESTION: Is there a "biggest mistake" people make when doing a cleanse or juice flush?

ANSWER: They don't consume enough. Nearly all people think of it as a deprivation program. Something they do for a few days or weeks while they starve. Like on a fast. Our programs are not fasts. The more you consume of the juices, raw foods and Vital Nutrition Plus, the better the program works. You cannot drink too much fresh squeezed juices, or eat too much salad, or consume too much Vital Nutrition Plus. If you try a cleanse and you are overweight, your weight will reduce, and you will feel great in the process. If you are underweight and you "pig out" all day long on the three food items above, you will slowly gain weight and health improvement, but not fat. Your weight gain will be in terms of lean muscle mass or other tissue strengthening, but not "unsightly chub stuff."


QUESTION: How much is enough?

ANSWER: If you are strictly doing the juice flush, you must consume a gallon of fresh squeezed juices, teas and 8 tablespoons of VNP a day, MINIMUM. When eating raw foods, make the meal gargantuan. Start with a large salad tossing bowl and when you are done making your salad, take it to the table and eat your meal from it. The volume should be too much to eat in one sitting. Put the remaining portion in a large zip lock bag, squeeze out all the air, and put in the refrigerator to eat later in the day.


QUESTION: I'm sensitive to sugar. All this juicing could not be good for me, right?

ANSWER: The sugar content of fresh-squeezed juices a very different form of sugar and the body will quickly adjust to handling it as the organ functions are strengthened. Meanwhile, one can mix their fresh-squeezed juices with 30 - 50% purified water to make the juice O.K. to digest.


QUESTION: What can everyone expect from doing a cleanse program strictly according to the book for the first week or two?

ANSWER: More energy than they've felt in years, probably. They'll feel lighter, more awake for a longer portion of the day. Fifty to seventy percent of the bodies energy is taken up in the process of digestion, assimilation and elimination each day. Raw foods, juices, and VNP will require only twenty to thirty percent. the extra dividend in energy will go to healing, repair and you, for whatever needs creating in your life.


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