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Cleansing your internal environment for Natural Hormonal Balance Part 2

Cholesterol Levels and Hormones (V4-I11A)

Cholesterol Levels and Hormones

High cholesterol levels not only clog circulation to the arteries of the heart, but also the blood-flow arteries to the ovaries, the prostate, the uterus, the testes, the penis and other needful areas of the hormonal system. Those eating regular meats from beef, chicken, turkey and pork are also loading their systems up with the growth hormones used in these animals to gain maximum pounds in the feed lots.

A Vaginal Bolus For Cleansing The Vagina.

QUESTION: What natural means are there for effectively handling such conditions as vaginal itching, fungal infections, etc.?

ANSWER: Assuming you are embarked on the foundational program described in Part 1 of this series, there are several procedures which can be followed to directly address persistent bacterial fungal, viral and even cancer tumors in the vaginal area.
The first remedy consists of a garlic implant - just a simple insertion of a garlic clove. It is done in three stages. The first night you insert a large clove with the paper taken off and remove it in the morning. To remove it, you first stand up; it drops down and you pull out the garlic clove.
The next night, you peel a big clove, press on it to bruise it and insert. A compound called allicin is made when you bruise, cut or crush garlic. The allicin is created by the acid cells being ruptured and making contact with the dry fiber cells. Until this mechanical action takes place, allicin does not exist in the garlic.
The third day, continue to bruise the garlic and additionally make some lateral cuts into the clove in order to release more allicin. This stronger clove of garlic may cause a slight tingling for for the first 5 minutes. If it is too extreme, you can pull it out and use a clove with less cuts in it.
Do this for six days. Make sure you use very large cloves so as to be able to remove it easily the next morning. Should you use one which is too small and the next morning it seems lost in there, you can douch until it comes out.

QUESTION: I've never heard of this. It seems weird. Is this really effective?

ANSWER: The chemical properties of garlic are powerful broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agents. There is no other herb as effective in cleansing and healing in the vagina.


Another effective procedure for cleansing one's internal environment is the use of Castor Oil Packs. This can be used over any area of the body that need help - liver, kidneys, lungs, gall bladder, stomach, genitals, etc. The Castor Oil Packs draw toxins right through the skin from inside the body. People using them most often see improvements with each treatment.


1 - Start with a CLEAN, natural, unbleached 12" by 27" piece of wool flannel.

2 - Dip the cloth in castor oil so that it retains the oil but not so much that the oil drips out of the cloth.

3 - Fold the cloth at least once and place over the afflicted area.

4 - Cover the flannel with plastic such as saran wrap.

5 - Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle on the plastic and flannel. Leave it on for at least one hour. Some people go to sleep with it on.

6 - A variation is to leave it on as hot as it can be tolerated for 20 minutes, and then put on an ice pack for ten minutes. Alternate the hot and cold for an hour or two. This procedure can also be used for hepatitis, internal inflammation, internal tumors, etc.

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For men: A heavy meat diet can cause impotency from too many animal hormones and steroids used in the growing of the animals. This is most obvious with body builders who use testosterone, growth hormones and steroids. Just about all of them suffer serious of impotency or a complete inability to achieve erections. The prostate gland also becomes congested from a diet too rich with animal flesh and fluids.

Dramatically reduce your meat intake and often your ability to achieve an erection and a swollen prostate will reduce in size. Most people think that meat is a good source of protein and energy however, it is actually a very poor source. Pick up any calorie counting book and look up the various kinds of lean meat. You will be surprised to learn that after all the fat has been trimmed off, lean beef and chicken are still mostly fat, not protein. The ratio is usually around 70% fat to 30% protein. This means that in order to get protein from the meat, your body has to process two to three times as much fat. This is heavily stressful to the intestines, colon and liver. And, by the way, nearly all of the steroids and growth hormones are stored in the fat tissues.

There is a far superior source of protein in the form of Vital Nutrition Plus. It is 65% protein and 35% carbohydrate and no fat. All of the nutrients are plant derived and therefore extremely easy for the body to assimilate. VNP is truly a great factor in ones nutritional plan each day. The label recommends four tablespoons daily which makes the product last about a month. If you want to greatly reduce the intake of meat, dairy and poultry; and at the same time increase your efficient uptake of nutrition, try 8 to 10 tablespoons of VNP a day. You will be quite pleased to see more energy, alertness, awakeness, feeling of well being and other benefits within three consecutive days of taking 8 - 10 tablespoons per day. This product is the best of the best for creating big improvements in health from the inside out.


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