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Cleansing Your Internal Environment for Natural Hormonal Balance Part 4
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Cleansing Your Internal Environment for Natural Hormonal Balance Part 4

A full-spectrum Hormonal Balance program works best in the long run. There are things which people try that may work for a while, but a true restoration only comes from rebuilding the functions of the body. If men want to be healthy enough to father children in their 80's, and the women want to have their hormones come back so there are no difficulties experienced with menstruation or menopause; nutrition and some herbal preparations will help all along the way. For 99.9% of the folks this requires a 180 degree natural healing program and changes in lifestyle.

Sections of the brain, and various glands, control hormonal conditions in the body. Cayenne and gingo biloba can see to it that more blood and oxygen get to these vital components of the system.

When the pitutary and hypothalmus glands are working properly they release hormones that go into your blood. When the ovaries or testes sense these hormones, they in turn produce more estrogen and progesterone or testosterone.

Cayenne works in this regard by increasing circulation throughout the body. Some people usually have cold hands and feet. This of course is from lack of adequate blood flow to the extremities. Such a person could use cayenne tincture on a regular basis, all by itself, and see improvement in the temperature of their hands and feet in several weeks. This would also mean that other parts of the body are getting increased circulation; such as the brain and glands. If this person did the other parts of the program having to do with nutrition and detoxification of the colon, etc., then the results would be even better.

Fresh cayenne, garlic and ginger will also bring a low blood pressure up and a high blood pressure down to normal, all by themselves.

Panax ginsing also increases circulation, warms up the body, and raises blood pressure.

QUESTION: What if you use the various herbs individually, and take the specialty formulas, colon cleanses, etc., and still a person has a dysfunctional condition?

ANSWER: When people don't respond as well as expected within the first few weeks, or, at the most, two months, they need to do the full Incurables Rescue Program. This is the program for incurable diseases, which includes a 30 day, straight, exclusive juice flush, nutrition program, taking immune boosting or blood cleansing preparations at least four times daily, and consuming large quantities of Vital Nutrition Plus each day and much more. [This is fully covered in the Incurables Rescue Program write-up.]

The infallible rule of Natural Healing is that everyone can be well if they want to. You just have to be willing to take the necessary steps. If you just completed Step #24, and so far it hasn't worked, take Step #25. It is never a question of whether or not a health producing program can or will result in greater health. Done correctly and intensely enough, the programs work each and every time - NO EXCEPTIONS HAVE BEEN OBSERVED EVEN ONCE SO FAR.

The classic Female Hormonal Balancing Formula for PMS and menopause is equal parts of Dong quai (angelica sineusis), chaste tree (vitex agnus-castus), and mexican wild yam (disorea villora). This formula balances all female problems except menstrual difficulties; there is another formula to use when actually having abdominal cramping and spasms. This will be covered in a later part of this series...

Around the world, mainly in the east, there are over a billion women using Dong quai root! It is considered to be the number one selling herb on the planet. It works by helping the blood to circulate better and improving the communication between the hypothalmus and petuitary glands in the brain and ovaries.

The chaste tree berries are a favorite in Europe for a balancer.

The third herb used is Mexican Wild Yam and, unlike the first two herbs, this one does contain hormones in the form of a sterol compound. It is a very slight amount, and not what medicine would consider a therapeutic dosage.

This Female Hormone Balance Formula comes in a concentrate - tincture preparation. You start out by taking 1 dropperful (30 drops) three times a day. After 5 days, if the results wanted are not there, increase to two dropperfuls, three dropperfuls and finally four dropperfuls, three times a day.

All the symptoms of menopause that women get stem from a lack of naturally produced estrogen by the body. Hair falling out, agitation of emotions, dry vagina and other symptoms of menopause and PMS. Most of the times it is not because the ovaries have quit, but rather they have slowed down due to bad circulation and communication between system parts. That's why this formula works wonders.

Many menopausal women have been put on Premarin (an estrogen source) or Provera (a progesterone source) and come to discover destructive side effects. Even in these cases, the female tonic plants supply substances the body needs to wake up its own glands, endocrine system and ovaries so that it can manufacture its own hormones. This can come about when backed up with a good nutritional program, healthy life-style and environment.

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