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Natural Remedies that Work
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Natural Remedies that Work

Malnutrition is basis for all disease - VNP (V5-I2B)

Doctors have been taught by the medical establishment to discount any claims of therapies or cures not supported by "studies". The catch, generally unknown to well educated persons, is that the so-called clinical studies only apply to patented drugs. Studies take time and millions of dollars and then most of them are fabricated and slanted to give the results which will promote the sale of the drugs. Why? Simple! Because it's the pharmaceuticals who sponsor and pay for the studies they always refer to as "research".

There are darn few studies on natural remedies because they cannot be patented and prescribed. It's all about money!

If you run into an MD who's attitude is dismissive of natural remedies due to the lack of adequate studies proving it's effectiveness, (and you want to risk turning their complexion purple) ask if the MD is ware of the latest studies on how many doctor-drug induced deaths (iatrogenic deaths) occur each year!

Natural substances used for body support don't kill anything or accumulate as toxins in the human body. NO studies are needed to show that fresh, organic apples or garlic do not poison the body to the point of death no matter what quantity is eaten! On the other hand practically every drug sold will kill people in short order if too much is used (including those disguised as "food" such as coffee or soft drinks).

Who knows how many people are killed by the long-term accumulation of drug toxins. The distributors of drugs know this and they also know that you don't know this and they see to it you will never find out.

Don't bet your life (or that of a loved one) on the orthodox medical establishment when it comes to disease! Do your own research. There are natural remedies and products that work. They are simple, cost effective and they work with no destructive side effects!


Starvation is not just a third world problem. It's also an American tragedy in all economic classes. The people in Africa don't have enough food. Americans have plenty of "food", but it is largely empty of adequate nutrition vital to our long term survival.

Nutritional deficiency has long-term negative health effects and it is well hidden. If food tastes good, conceals hunger and produces calories and some energy, we feel okay for a time. How can this be proved? Well, the proof is that when nutrition is sufficiently supplied, therapeutic results occur. Nearly every human health problem has a nutritional remedy.

For example, it is universally known that vitamin A is eye food and without it there is night blindness.

Anemia is due to an iron deficiency along with B vitamin deficiency.

Heart problems are prevented and relieved by adequate vitamin E, vitamin B, using lots of cayenne and Hawthorne Berry.

So, if nutrition heals, then malnutrition kills. Even MDs recommend folic acid for pregnant mothers to avert spinal bifida. Folic acid is essential to unborn babies, as well as you and me. Folic acid along with B 12 prevents or cures pernicious anemia, a serious illness that can kill you.

A good diet promotes good health and prevents the onset of disease. Many seniors today die of pneumonia and the medical establishment often can do nothing because they do not know how to recommend adequate nutrition instead of drugs.

A second way that progressive malnutrition occurs over a period of time is with the common illusion and myth that synthetic vitamins and/or natural isolated vitamins will supplement one's diet and support the immune system and promote general strong health. An isolated food factor or so-called "vitamin" is a product of pharmacology and chemistry, not a product of nature. Whether synthetic or "natural", an isolated food factor is not food and certainly not complete nutrition.

The "science" of food today is based on chemistry. There is a commercial vitamin industry in America producing and selling counterfeit vitamins. They capitalize on public gullibility with the deception that isolated food factors of synthetic vitamins are nutritional and healthy. It's all part of the "fully bellied starvation scam" run on an unknowing public ruled by the conditioned cravings of their taste buds.

The simple answer to the lack of nutrition in the American diet is supplementation with whole food complexes. The powders in such products as Vital Nutrition Plus (formally know as Superfood) are thirty (that's 30) times more concentrated than eating the green plants themselves. It also consists of 65% entirely plant derived protein - no fat. Other, far more common sources of protein such as meat, dairy and poultry, come with huge amounts of fat in the bargain. A hefty source of protein from the grass plants and non-fermentable yeast powders is much more easily assimilated nutrition for the body.

A therapeutic dose of VNP is six to eight tablespoons per day. All those who try taking this amount for three consecutive days or more, see the benefits of consuming adequate nutrition with their own eyes. More energy, alertness and awakeness each day from one's food. What a marvelous discovery for those wanting to create stronger health or those needing to repair a departure from good health.

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