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Candida Overgrowth: Recovery
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Candida Overgrowth: Recovery

Fifteen years ago a handful of medical doctors and health researchers began talking about candidiasis, a health condition caused by an overgrowth of yeast in the digestive tract. Today, this condition is widespread, affecting more than 80 million people. Unfortunately, many medical doctors do not effectively treat candidiasis and many people have this condition for years and are never completely free from it. Donna Gates, a nutritional consultant, lecturer and author, created the Body Ecology Diet, a complete dietary system of healing for Candidiasis and any other immune disorder. This system of healing is amazingly successful for many health conditions, but especially for Candida overgrowth.

What is candida overgrowth?

"It is actually an infection that can be chronic or severe. Many people have a low level chronic candida infection. It bothers them, but their immune system is strong enough to keep it under control. Then something happens, they go through a period of severe stress and the immune system is drastically impaired. Then the chronic infection can become acute. When people with cancer get treated with radiation or chemotherapy,the immune system is bombarded and severely weakened. It is very common for people with cancer to develop an acute case of Candida.

"Candida overgrowth can be caused by people taking anti-biotics, birth control pills and drugs such as cortisone. If you have friendly bacteria living in your digestive tract and you take a course of antibiotics, even for a short time, every beneficial bacteria may be destroyed. The yeast that did live controlled by the beneficial bacteria then start to grow rapidly. They go from a benign form into a pathogenic form. The actually change form and grow tentacles. They then are able to create holes in the mucosal lining of the intestines and cause a condition called leaky gut syndrome. This can cause other problems like allergies and digestive disorders. The yeast can leave the digestive tract and move into the body cavity. They get into the blood stream and colonize various places in the body.

"But drugs are not the only things that cause Candida. A more frequent cause is the high sugar diet.

"The symptoms of Candida overgrowth vary according to where the yeast is primarily colonized in the body. Because they interfere with the digestive system, people develop all kinds of digestive disorders: Chrone's disease, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, bloating any excess gas when a meal is eaten. Candida can cause hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, skin problems and nervous disorders. A person may have difficulty with memory and attention as well as; joint aching, psoriasis and blood sugar difficulties. All these conditions will clear up naturally and on their own when one uses the Body Ecology Diet (BED). The BED is excellent for thyroid, blood sugar and for cravings and eating disorders. These are all symptoms of a basic imbalance and the BED can return the body to balance.

"Some principles of the Body Ecology Diet are as follows: The first principle is that of cleansing. The ability to cleanse is embedded in the body, it's part of the healing phenomenon. Most people have a lot of toxins stored in their bodies, particularly in the liver. When you stop putting toxins in the body, the body is thrilled and begins to immediately push toxins out.

"This is cleansing. People say, 'I must be doing something wrong - I feel sick, I've got a sore throat, my head hurts and I'm tired.' So, they take medicine. This is a mistake because they're stopping the body's ability to push toxins out. We never want to suppress this ability because this is what keeps us going and healthy and vital well into old age.

"Natural hygiene, or Food Combining is another principle. Candida starts in the digestive tract and always causes digestive problems. Proper food combining means eating your protein with your vegetables. Eating grains (or carbohydrates) with vegetables, but not with protein. There are four grains used on the BED: millet, amaranth, guinoa, and buckwheat. Fruit is always eaten by itself. The food combining principle is important because it allows the digestive tract to easily digest the food. Anytime food remains in the digestive system undigested or improperly digested, it becomes toxic to the body. Even the healthiest food, improperly digested becomes a toxin. Also undigested food ferments and the fermentation produces sugar which feed the yeast. Food combining is one of the real secrets of staying young. Also helps people to naturally lose weight.

"There is also a principle called 80/20. This refers to how much food you eat. This principle says: eat until your stomach is 80% full and leave 20% open digestion. Leaving room in your stomach helping tremendously in getting your digestive tract to work well.

"By the way, different foods bring wonderful gifts into the body. For example, olive oil is great for the heart and has wonderful antioxidants in it. Flax seed oil has important omega 3 fatty acids. The different systems in the body - the brain, the nervous system, the thyroids - need different foods. Pumpkin seed oil nourishes the ovaries, it's very good for breast tissue and for the prostate. Each of the foods on the BED are there for a reason.

"That's why every one get well on the Body Ecology Diet. Many people say, 'I've been trying to get well for years and this is the first thing that's helped me. In all the years the BED has been out with all the doctors who have used it, it's never been criticized once. It's a flawless diet when used correctly."

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