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Emergency (Non-Toxic) Sedation 2 plus Infection Fighters


For strongest effect used in tinctures - seeds and seed pods.For a milder effect used in teas -leaves, stalk and root. Lobelia contains fourteen different alkaloids, (one of the strongest phytochemicals found in plants), and only one other plant on the planet has a comparable amount.

BENEFITS: Anti-Spasmodic, Emetic and a whole body purgative in high doses. Used to reduce the severity of seizures, fits, convulsions, spasms, asthma, bronchial constriction, cramps, nervousness and restlessness.


1 - 5 Dropperfuls. A natural healing physician relates that he was treating a man who was dying of asthma and supposed to be dead by the next morning. He was administered a tablespoon of lobelia every ten minutes. When that didn't seem to produce results, he was given an entire 2 oz bottle all at once. Within a few minutes, the patient's eyes widened and he leaned over and vomited multi-colored puss and blood clots from his lungs. Fourteen years later he was still alive.

When you don't know what else to do, when nothing else works and you are running out of time, try Lobelia. Try Lobelia when up against the wall, even if it doesn't seem to fit the case. It has been used to save people from heart attacks when no cayenne was available. It saved an infant when the mother's cervix would not dilate properly and the child was about to suffocate. So... when at a loss for what to do, turn to Lobelia and use it intensely.


Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. Echinacea increases all immune system functions and actions.

Effective in all cases of infections, internal and external. Essential natural healing component in acute and chronic diseases from Cancer to Aids. To get results in severe cases, the echinacea root preparations and raw garlic must be used in large quantities. One can also make and take quarts of echinacea root tea. Herbal teas, using hot water as their solvents, contain compounds which are not found in tinctures made from the exact same ingredients in a solvent of alcohol and room temperature distilled water. Teas and tinctures should be used in combination when applied to severe cases.


One to two ounces to kick-off the therapy; followed by 2 to 4 dropperfuls per hour, thereafter.


One to two cups per hour. The two to four dropperfuls of Echinacea Tincture would be best added to the cups of hot Echinacea Tea.


One 75 year old lady with breast cancer heard of the natural healing principle of increasing intensity and dosage to accelerate the healing process. She decided to increase the dosage of raw garlic cloves from 10 to 20 per day, to an average of 70 cloves per day. Eight weeks later the tumor in her breast was gone!

Start with 10 - 20 cloves a day and increase accordingly until benefit is discernable. Cut up the cloves into small pieces, spoon portions into your mouth with a teaspoon and wash down with juice, tea, broth or water. Always take large doses of raw garlic during or immediately following a substantial meal; or with at least 16 ounces of liquid.


Fill a shallow bowl or soup dish with finely chopped raw garlic cloves. Lightly cover the garlic with extra virgin olive oil. Then cover the bowl with cloth or paper towel. Let it sit for several days. Strain by squeezing through a clean cotton cloth and then bottle it up. You now have a mild garlic oil that you can use for such afflictions as ear infections, athletes foot or sore throats.


Cut a piece out of a clove of fresh, raw garlic which is exactly the same size as the wart. Place the piece on the top of the wart and secure in place with a band aid or tape. Remove the tape every 3 or 4 hours to check the progress as the garlic dissolves the wart. Don't leave it on too long between peeks, lest it continue working its way below the wart into your good skin cells.


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