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The Lemonade Cleanse

Jun 4 2010 - Master Cleanse Kit & Lemonade Diet
The Stanley Burrough's "Master Cleanser" text, also known as
the Lemonade Diet, was originally intended as a new and more
effective method to treat ulcers. A pioneer of alternative
medicine, Stanley Burroughs is also known for his other classic
alternative medical text, #Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.Ų

Burroughs developed the lemonade juice diet as a liquid mono-diet
that produces a detoxifying and cleansing effect to the body. Based
on his medical observations, Burroughs saw that the lemonade diet
aids the stimulation of healthy tissue growth.

The Stanley Burrough's Lemonade Diet is a dietary program that should
be followed for at least ten days and can be performed for forty days or more.
Unlike other diets, the Stanley Burroughs Lemonade Diet is not designed
primarily for weight loss but for body cleansing. Also known as the
Lemonade Fast, the Lemonade Diet is recommended for individuals
who are suffering from a serious medical condition. Although the Lemonade
Flush Diet is viewed with skepticism in the medical community, tens thousands
of users of this treatment in the last several decades vouch for its validity.

"Thanks again for the inspiration and information.
I've lost about 12-14 pounds. Waist is down 2.5
to 3 inches. Have to get another belt because
the ones I have are all last notch. I've walked 46
miles since starting. Rode the bike 14 miles. Have
worked each day (some better than others). I have
a great feeling of peace, even though I hit some pretty
stressful events head on. I am also giving serious
thought to other work/life things. I guess the clarity
and focus come from not eating stressful foods. It
is also a time to look at priorities.Can't wait to see
you guys next week."

by Stanley Burroughs

The lemonade diet, about to be described, has successfully and consistently
demonstrated its eliminative and building ability.

Lemons and limes are the richest source of minerals and vitamins of any
food or foods known to man, and they are available the year round. Thus
the diet may be used successfully any month of the year and virtually
any place on earth. Its universal appeal and availability make it pleasant
and easy to use.

The lemonade diet first proved itself in the healing of stomach ulcers over
forty years ago. Permission was given by Bob Norman to share this
incident of my first experience with the diet.

One day, shortly prior to my first meeting with Bob, I was inspired to write
this diet in complete form as a means to give relief and to heal stomach
ulcers in ten days. I rapidly wrote it down in detail and waited for a test
case - which always seemed to come when it was needed.

Bob Norman had suffered with his ulcer for nearly three years. During this
time he had tried everything then known to help, but nothing in the way
of medicine or treatment gave anything but momentary relief. He had to
eat something every two hours or he was in extreme pain. For the preceding
three months he had been living on little other than goats milk. His doctor
wanted to operate but he refused to have it done. He figured anything
would be better than that. He told me I was the last person he would go
to. If I couldn't help him, he would just go home and die, as life was
hardly worth living in this condition.

An explanation of the cause of an ulcer is necessary at this point. There
is sodium coating covering the entire inside wall of the stomach which,
if it remains intact, will prevent the digestive juices from digesting the
stomach itself. However, when any form of flesh food enters the stomach,
the meat attracts the sodium in the same way as the walls of the
stomach. Some of the sodium is drawn from the walls and gathers
around the meat, thus preventing the digestion of the meat in the stomach
and at the same time depleting the sodium on the walls the stomach.

As one continues to eat meat and a deficiency of sodium in the diet occurs,
the sodium lining is not being replaced on the walls of the stomach. The
digestive juices then start digesting the stomach, producing what we call
an ulcer. When this occurs, all orthodox methods to heal the ulcer fail

Sometimes meat can remain in the stomach for two or more hours and
begin to ferment and spoil. To be broken down and digested it must pass
on into the small intestine. All forms of meat take longer to digest than
do fruit and vegetables. Chicken and other fowl take the longest of all.
Just because meat is already a form of flesh, it does not follow that it is
readily usable to our bodies. In fact, just the reverse is true.

When one considers that flesh foods of all kinds are extremely toxic,
it becomes apparent that they are an extremely undesirable form of
nourishment. In the eating of meat, one must take into account all of
our eliminative organs. They are made primarily to take care of our
own wastes. When we add animal flesh, containing the wastes of its
cells (or drugs and other unusable materials), extra work is required
of these organs and various forms of trouble will eventually develop.

Remember that all solid food must be broken down into a liquid form
to be carried by the blood before it can nourish the body. Flesh foods
of all kinds (including fish) take much longer to reach this state and
are less useful to the body than fruit, vegetables, and seeds.

Back to our story. After all of Bob's explanation, I asked him if he
would like to have his ulcer healed in ten days. He answered "Yes"
so I handed him the paper with the diet on it. He read it over carefully
and handed it back with the explanation that he could never do that
as all expert advice for three years had told him to never use citrus,
and this was nothing but lemonade.

Since orthodox methods had failed completely to heal his ulcer, I
reasoned that their advice could be wrong. And since the lemonade
diet was contrary o the accepted practices (which had failed),
logic told me that it might do the healing. I knew it could do no harm
and was confident only good could come from it.

I explained to Bob that if all of this expert advice was correct, his
ulcer would have been healed years ago! It was just possible that
the very thing he was told not to use might be the one thing he
needed. He thought it over and decided, "All right, I'll try it...
even if it kills me!" He was assured that this would not happen.

After five days of the diet Bob called me. Even though he had no
pain from the beginning, he was afraid that suddenly all the pain would
return and he would be miserable again. Formerly he had to eat
something every two hours or he would be in pain, and the
previous day he had gone eight hours without food or drink - with
no pain, yet he was still apprehensive. I assured him that since he
had no pain for five days, he would be all right and to continue
for the full ten days.

On the eleventh day he was examined by his doctor and the ulcer
had been completely healed. Needless to say, his doctor was the
most amazed because he had given Bob a complete examination,
including X-ray, prior to the diet and had recommended an immediate
operation because he would not have long to live otherwise.

Many other cases of ulcers followed with the same constant results
in only ten days. Numerous other disorders were also corrected
during the ten day period, in person after person.
by Stanley Burroughs

As a reducing diet it is superior in every way to any other system
because it dissolves and eliminates all types of fatty tissue. Fat melts
away at the rate of about two pounds a day for most persons - and
without any harmful side effects.

All mucus disease such as colds, flu, asthma, hay fever, sinus and
bronchial troubles are rapidly dissolved and eliminated from the body,
leaving the user free from the varied allergies which cause difficult
breathing and clogging of the sinus cavities. Allergies exist as a result
of an accumulation of these toxins and they vanish as we cleanse our
body. People who are over-weight often experience these difficulties,
and the more they continue to eat the toxic fat-producing foods which
cause their obesity, the more their other ailments multiply.

"I was 6' 1" and weighed a little over 230 pounds
about June of 2002. I felt terrible, too. My wife
went on a 100% raw vegetable and fruit diet about
3 or 4 months before and after watching her getting
healthier and younger looking and happier, I decided
I wanted to feel that way too, even if it meant giving
up foods that I really wanted (read "crave"). I spent
6 months eating only raw food and dropped to about
198 eating as much raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and
seeds as I wanted. Then on 4 Jan 2003, I started a
20 day Master Cleanse. On January 24, I weighed
175 pounds. I still eat 90%+ raw and have done the
cleanse 4 times since then and now weigh about 165.
(By the way, originally I couldn't fit in my 42 inch waist
pants. Now I am a little less than my 34 inch waist pants.
P.G. Clearwater, FL

Mucus disorders are brought about by the eating or drinking of mucus-
forming foods. In other words, if you have these diseases, you ate them!
As we stop feeding our family mucus-forming foods, we can eliminate
their mucus and allergy diseases for the rest of their lives.

The types of disease which are a result of calcium deposits in the
joints, muscles, cells and glands are readily dissolved and removed
from the body. Cholesterol deposits in the arteries and veins also
respond to the magic cleansing power of the lemonade diet.

All skin disorders also disappear as the rest of the body is cleansed.
Boils, abscesses, carbuncles, and pimples all come under this category.
These conditions are, again, Nature's effort to eliminate poisons
quickly from the body.

All types of infections are the result of these vast accumulations of
poisons being dissolved and burned or oxidized to produce further
cleansing of the body. Therefore, rapid elimination of the toxins
relieves the need for infectious fevers of all kinds. Infections are not
"caught," they are created by Nature to assist in burning our surplus

Yes, the lemonade diet is a reducing diet, but much more. Just as
many other disorders also cleared up at the same time when it was
used to heal ulcers, when it is used as a reducing diet other ailments
are also corrected in the process.

People build strong, healthy bodies from the correct foods or they
build diseased bodies from incorrect foods. When disease does
become necessary, the lemonade diet will prove its superior cleansing
and building ability.

Pint Mason Jar -

-3 Tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup.

-Entire juice from one lemon.

-1/8 of a teaspoon of our Cayenne Pepper Blend Powder, or more.

-Fill the rest of the jar with purified water.

To do it according to Stanley Burroughs recommendation, make up a minimum
of 4 jars or a maximum of 8 jars for consumption each day. If you do not
know how much you will need in the beginning, make 6 jars for each day and adjust
this quantity as experience dictates.

You may not have the time and circumstances to make a 10 ounce glass of the
lemonade 6 to 12 times a day. What most folks do, instead, is make up one or two
quarts of it at a time and pour out of such large containers whenever it is time to drink
a glass. The disadvantage of doing this is that the enzymes in the lemon juice oxidize
- mix with the air in the container and are destroyed. The following is a procedure
for preserving the enzymes in the juice and at the same time provide enough juice to
last you for three days or more.

First you need to determine what your " liquid meal size" is - a cup (8oz) or a pint
(16oz). This means how much can you comfortably drink at one time, say within five
minutes. Most folks weighing 150lbs or less find a cup to be their usual limit. Larger
sized people can easily drink a pint at a time. Once you have this determined, purchase
two cases (24 jars) of the pint sized Mason jars or three cases (36 jars) of the 8oz
size. They run about 7.00 per case in grocery stores such as Publics, and 5.00 per
case at Big Lots.

Here is the advantage of using mason jars for your juices. When you fill them up to
the tippy top, screw down the disc and ring so there is no air to speak of inside,
and place in a refrigerator, the contents will now have its enzymes preserved for three
days or more. You then take out a jar, consume the contents within a few minutes
and know it is still "fresh" in terms of enzymes and other nutrients. So, now you can
make up a whole bunch of these these servings at one time and have them last for
three full days.

Amounts needed for each ingredient per jar are as follows:

8oz Mason Jar -

-2 tablespoons of Organic Maple Syrup.

-Juice from one half of a lemon.

-1/16 of a teaspoon of our Cayenne Pepper Blend Powder, or more.

- Fill the rest of the jar with purified water.

To do it according to Stanley Burroughs recommendation, make up a minimum
of 8 jars per day or a maximum of 16 jars for consumption each day. If you do not
know how much you will need in the beginning, make 12 jars for each day and adjust
this quantity as experience dictates.
By Peter Glickman

This is a cleanse as opposed to a weight loss diet. So, you need to ensure
you are eliminating the toxins that are being loosened in your system. Cravings,
aches, pains, mental irritability and tiredness will turn on as your toxins are mobilized. To eliminate these unpleasant sensations, you need to be sure you
have two, three, or more bowel movements a day.

Drink a laxative herb tea each evening. You can find it in your local health food
store.* I recommend senna tea blend with senna being about half of it by weight.
(Senna is an herb that promotes bowel movement.) The kind I've bought warn
you not to drink more than two cups per day.

Each morning on an empty stomach, add two teaspoons of non-iodized sea
salt to a full quart of water. Do not use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work
properly. Drink the entire quart of salt water first thing in the morning. "Chug" this -
drink it as fast as possible. Within an hour several bowel movements will likely
occur. (You'll need to be by a toilet for half an hour to an hour.) If you do not have
several bowel movements, try a little more salt in the water the next day until it works.

Drink the herb laxative tea at night to loosen and the salt water each morning
to wash it out. If you can't drink the salt water in the morning, drink the herb
laxative tea at night and in the morning.

*Laxative tea included in our Master Cleanse Kit.


Kit includes the following items:

1 - The Master Cleanse Book, by Stanley Burroughs
1 - Grade B Maple Syrup, 64 oz.
1 - Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper, 3.5 oz.
1 - Organic Laxative Tea (16 Tea Bags)
1 - Celtic Sea Salt (Light Grey Celtic, Kosher Certified) 1 lb.



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