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Intestinal Cleanses

Intestinal Cleanses (V11-I2)

Dear Deb,

Feeling "Blah", Low Energy? Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Or Colitis. Diarrhea. Crohn's Disease. Diverticulitis. Incomplete bowel movements. Periodic constipation. Immune Weakness...

Digestive problems can make life uncomfortable or even unbearable. If you have any of these conditions, it's time for a change.
- And I don't mean just taking drugs. Those just suppress symptoms and may actually do you more harm than good.

Did you know that nearly 100% of digestive problems can be fixed by adjusting what you take in? But how does one determine what his or her optimum personal diet is? It's not so easy. Bodies are different and have different needs and reactions to foods.

But one thing is for sure: The foods of our modern society are difficult to absorb. If you can't absorb what you put into your body, how are you going to gain nutrition from it?

Our foods are now deficient in mineral and vitamin content.

  • Modern farming practices have robbed the soil of these nutrients and have left most of our farmlands abused by toxic chemicals and deficient.
  • Heavily processed foods are essentially dead. It's no wonder your body rebels against such stuff, much less even tries to digest it at all!

Eating a more natural diet with fresh nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits, adequate proteins and healthy oils is important. But then how well are you able to digest even these good foods? This can be a problem for many.

If you don't have a good, strong digestion, you can't break down your food thoroughly. Then absorption of any available nutrients is less than adequate. The poorer your nutrition is, the less well your digestive organs function. This is a dwindling spiral as your health gets weaker and weaker. Don't land at the bottom!

What happens to poorly digested foods? They leave acid wastes in the body that make you feel sluggish, bloated and not feeling your tip-top best. The body tries to compensate by pulling alkaline minerals out of your bones and organs (calcium, magnesium, etc.). Oh boy, now you are open to degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis, but the list goes on. Hey, you start losing calcium and your teeth could even break and fall out!

What can be done to reverse this dwindling spiral? Three things are simple to start:

1. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, and eliminate the processed food. This will provide an alkaline reserve.

2. Give your digestion a fresh start by cleansing out the old acid wastes. This helps reset the body's tendency to maintain balanced acid/alkaline conditions (called homeostasis). You will speed things along the path to health as you make changes in your diet and get the results you want more quickly.

3. Learn more about alkaline versus acid foods and how your body works, and what it needs.

Intestinal Cleanse #2 - Powder

Intestinal Cleanse #1

Step Two, cleaning out your intestines with a good natural herbal formula greatly speeds up the balancing process your body really needs. By removing accumulated wastes that have been stuck to the walls of your intestines, you not only feel better, often with some accompanying weight loss, but you are able to now absorb nutrients from your food more easily. Start now on the climb up to optimum health!

"Our Intestinal Broom"
Our Intestinal Cleanse #2 is an herbal fiber broom which is designed to absorb and pull away years of accumulated toxic waste from your intestinal tract. It is also very soothing and healing. More about its ingredients...

For those with basically "normal" bowel function (not constipated), it works as a cleansing formula. It can also be used with Intestinal Cleanse #1. This is our Number One formula, which increases contractions [peristalsis] of the intestines to move waste masses through and out.

For those with bowel problems, such as irritable bowel or diverticulitis, Intestinal Cleanse #2 should be used by itself, offering soothing help. In acute situations such as diarrhea, Intestinal Cleanse #2 may help calm down the situation so that you can function more normally and even go about enjoying your day without worry

The result of cleansing, detoxifying and restoring the Colon can be real relief from suffering and chronic disease.

testimonialHere's what two of our customers had to say:


I feel so much better! Just the knowledge that one can clean up and clear out their dreaded illnesses once and for all gives a relief I was very pleased to have. I can't say enough about this program. But I can tell you that I'm going to do it again! Thank you, Ron, for your help and your very timely advice! This is the best, most workable body program I have ever done!!! - M.D. Clearwater, FL

" After using Colon Cleanse #2, I sweat less, muscles are more relaxed and don't cramp up since I have eliminated much of the toxins and garbage that was stored there." B.D., Boca Raton, FL

Intestinal Cleanse #2, Our Intestinal Broom works alongside Intestinal Cleanse #1 to do a really deep-cleaning job. Intestinal Cleanse #2 gets old waste that's stuck to the intestinal walls to unstick and move out. This is where you can really start to count on regaining your feeling of well being.

Keeping our intestinal tracts clean is paramount to our good health, because the toxins that accumulate weaken the intestinal walls. Small holes can develop that allow those toxins to seep into other parts of the body - leaky gut syndrome.

So, we need to be diligent about this cleansing step...because the buildup of toxic sludge only gets worse over time. Ultimately, if not ever cleaned out, some pretty serious diseases can result. Let's not play Russian roulette with our health, okay? Especially when it's so simple to handle using the right tools.

Our Intestinal Cleanse #1 is a potent herbal bowel-activator. If you have chronic constipation or even "normal" bowel function but want to do a cleanse program, Intestinal Cleanse #1 is for you.

Find out more about its ingredients and how it works....

Vital Nutrition Plus, A Raw

You should also add our concentrated organic superfood, Vital Nutrition Plus, to begin feeling a super-boost to your energy. The intense nutrient blast from Vital Nutrition Plus will help give your body the vitamins, minerals, protein and energy needed to cleanse, repair and rebuild during and after your formal cleansing program.
More about Vital Nutrition Plus and its ingredients...

Learn more about Intestinal Cleanse 2 and its ingredients...

Alkalize or Die: Dr. Theodore

This powerful book shares a vital message that benefits everyone, a simple principle that promises to revolutionize healthcare in the future - ALKALIZE YOURSELF!

Facing the greatest healthcare crisis in history, the world desperately needs a change. Dr. Baroody's thoroughly researched and clinical findings trace nearly all illness and disease to an over-acid condition in the body. Pollution and chemical exposures are just part of the problem. ALL forms of stress, emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual cause the body to produce excessive acid wastes - reducing our health, energy and longevity.

Following the advices in this book you can discover your acid/alkaline situation, take corrective action and attain health, vitality and strength.

Health Tip:

A cleanse program that cleans out both small intestine and large intestine (colon) should be done at least a couple of times a year to help maintain colon health and boost energy. You'll be amazed at how much better life seems when this becomes a regular routine.

I'd really love to hear from you as you move through your cleansing process. And you can always find someone at Southern Botanicals to advise you along the way. Just call (727) 443-7711, or email us.

Please visit our website Health Freedom Resources for more instructions and ingredient lists of all of our fine products.

Remember, it's what we do TODAY, not "sometime" or "tomorrow," that builds our best health.

Or, as a great philosopher once said:

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Here's to your EXCELLENT robust health!

See you next week,

Southern Botanicals


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