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Trace Elements

Minerals are absolutely essential for good health. Despite their known importance to
the body, 95% of Americans are lacking in at least one major mineral. In 1936, Senate
Document No. 264 identified that the soils used to grow fruits and vegetables were
seriously deficient in needed minerals. This document warned Americans that continuous
cropping and the ravages of pollution even then were robbing the soil of the minerals
needed to sustain life - and that was more than 60 years ago!

        "My work put me on the road a lot. I often
         drove 300 miles a day and worked 14 hours
         at a stretch. My food was junk food, taken
         when I have a moment. As I approached
         sixty, I accepted the increasing amounts
         of exhaustion, aches and pains as just the
         price for getting old. I started to cut back on
         my work load and head towards retirement.
         But I didn't really want to retire, being an
         active person by temperament.

         After starting on the Mineral Toddy, my aches
         and pains have just about disappeared.
         Nagging headaches are gone too. And best
         of all, after a hard day's work, I'm not exhausted.
         I can share some time with my wife before I
         have to go rest. I feel different. The Toddy
is really helping me." J.J., MD

Mineral Deficiencies Exact a Price

Research has shown direct correlations between mineral deficiencies and illnesses. For
example, Diabetes or Hypoglycemia involves Chromium, Zinc, and Vanadium deficiencies,
Cancer and Heart Disease involve Selenium, Copper, and more. Most everyone knows that
Osteoporosis involves a Calcium deficiency, but few know about the need for Magnesium
and Boron as well. The list of correlations goes on and on. You can't afford to be without
your minerals! They are the effective cornerstone of all health-buiding programs.


The Origin of Quality Minerals

Prehistoric plant life was incredibly rich in minerals. Scientists estimate that trees grew
up to 25 feet a year due to uncontaminated air and soil. The vast amounts of dense, lush
vegetation produced nutrients which were then recycled back into the soil - a fabulous,
mineral rich compost. Quality minerals are harvested from a dry deposit of these prehistoric


Did you know that minerals are more important than vitamins?

Lacking vitamins, the body can use minerals, but without minerals vitamins cannot be
utilized! You may think that you are getting your minerals in a "balanced diet". But chances
are, unless you are supplementing your diet, you are one of the 95% of Americans who are
lacking in at least one major mineral. Our grandparents had a much better, mineral-rich diet
than you and your children do today. Why?

Unfortunately, due to "progressive" agricultural methods introduced by big "Agi-business"
in the 50s, our soil, and hence our food, is getting depleted of its nutritional value. After all,
few farmers compost - it's too expensive and time-consuming. Instead, they throw on
pre-mixed fertilizers which often give only three minerals back into the soil - Nitrogen,
Phosphorus and Potassium. The result is that you are consuming fewer minerals and
missing the important balanced nutrition you and your family need to help manage stress
and stay vital!

         "Since taking the Toddy, I've noticed that
          my hair is thicker. Less falls out. My skin isn't as dry or
          wrinkled either. My family is on other supplements, but
          I've shared the Toddy with them." W.J., CA


Minerals are necessary for normal metabolism, add mechanical strength to bones, are a
component of enzymes and hormones, functions as buffers, and regulate the balance and
motion of fluids in and out of cells. Trace minerals are essential elements that occur in minute
amounts, each one making up less than 0.005% of adult body weight.

TRACE ELEMENT                  VALUE                             DEFICIENCY

Selenium                       Protects all membranes                 Heart attack
                                  Reduces risk of cancer                   Muscular dystrophy
                                  Enhances immune system              Cystic fibrosis

Chromium                      Required for glucose                      Hypoglycemia
                                   tolerance factor                             Diabetes

Vanadium                       Required for glucose                      Hypoglycemia
                                   tolerance factor                             Diabetes

Tin                                  Supports hair growth and              Symmetrical baldness
                                    can enhance reflexes                     Reduced response to noise

Lithium                            Reduces aggressiveness                  Depression
                                    violence & self-destruction               Mania

Gallium                            Modulates brain chemistry               Brain dysfunction
                                    Anti-tumor activity

Molybdenum                    Modulates calcium/                          Copper deficiency
                                    magnesium/copper metabolism

Boron                              Modulates calcium/ magnesium        Osteoporosis
                                    retention in bones                            Arthritis

Zinc                                Enhances immune system                 Birth defects
                                    thymus,  Protects against birth          Infertility
                                    defects                                           Chronic infections

Nickel                              Lowers requirement for B12              B-12 deficiency symptoms

Lanthanum                      Enhances cell growth                        Shortened life span

Praeseodymium               Extends life

         "After two months of Toddy use, I noticed my receding
          gums had stopped receding and had grown back. I'm not
          getting food in the pockets anymore. Last week, at three
          months, I saw my nails and said WOW, look at that. I
          actually had strong healthy fingernails. Not only are they
          hard, but they don't even bend! And I've had flimsy fingernails
          all my life, so I was impressed. Obviously my body needed
          minerals! I'm feeling healthier and dealing with stress better
          too. I can't wait to see what happens next month." J.R., TX


What does the term 'colloidal' mean?

"Colloidal" refers to the size of the particles of a particular substance. In the case of
minerals, colloidal particles are of a size that they will neither float or sink in water. Due
to their small size the surface area of these minerals is greatly increased, providing a larger
area upon which enzyme activity may take place thus increasing breakdown and eventual
absorption. Colloids also have further electro-chemical properties that make them unique.
Any form of mineral may be reduced to the colloidal it is important to also ensure
that the mineral source is organic, yielding a bio-electrical charge. When discussing
minerals, the size of the particle, the electrical charge and the pH of the substance must
all be considered (a low or acidic pH is best).

          "As a flight attendant, I work the international red-eye
           shift. After taking Oxy Toddy, I recovered faster from
           jet lag and smoky cabins. I also retained my energy
           and stamina. When I take two or three ounces a day
           of Oxy Toddy, my food cravings don't bother me and
           I have lots of energy." N.A., NV

Do Your Blood a Favor

Colloidal minerals are truly the most efficient way to get your minerals. You can absorb
98% of them. They are liquid. They have a small particle size. To give you a comparison:
a red blood cell is 7 microns. A colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron (or less): that is
1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

Minerals move around in our bodies through our blood, and we store minerals in our cells.
The small size of colloidal minerals is ideal. The negative charge means they stay in solution
or suspension- they don't settle out. They are very, very absorbable.

If you're going to spend money for minerals, you should get the highest value for your
dollar. Plus, it is far easier to get kids to take liquid Toddy than any big pills. Most kids'
products don't contain many minerals anyway. Read the labels they have maybe one
mineral, or five, or fifteen at most. And the other 40+ minerals humans need? In fact,
you don't get the minerals or the balanced nutrition you and your family need to help
manage stress and stay vital.


Mineral Toddy
1 Quart

Mineral Toddy contains the most complete, usable source of minerals this planet has seen for centuries. From the mountains of Utah come the 7 major minerals and up to 65 trace minerals. Add it to juice, stir into soups, sauces, beans. Saute vegetables in it. Taste the difference and feel the difference!

To order via phone call: (727)443-7711

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