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Cayenne Powder
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Cayenne Powder

Cayenne Powder (V4-I5A)

With summer approaching, we and our kids are far more active and thus much more likely to scrape, bang, collide, crunch, burn, exhaust or otherwise stress our bodies. We'll likely need some kind of first aid before the hot weather is through. And don't forget our little friends like insects and spiders and ticks (oh, my!). It's feasting time for them when we venture outdoors. And some of us have ongoing health conditions that may make emergency assistance needed no matter how calm we are, even if we are total home-bodies!

Here is a brief outline of some excellent natural and herbal first aid approaches and tools to use. (As always, we are not doctors and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat any medical conditions. Consult your licensed health care practitioner.)

The information below is based upon our study and understanding of the works of Dr. John Christopher, world famous Master Herbalist, Herbal Pharmacist and Naturopath, as well as other effective natural healers. In his many years as a natural healer, Dr. Christopher helped thousands regain their health, many of whom had been "written off" by the conventional medical profession as "incurable" ("Incurable" is the medical code word that actually means "WE, the medical doctors, don't know what to do, so of course nothing can be done for it.") Dr. Christopher thoroughly debunked this incurables myth in his lifetime. In the course of finding solutions for all manner of health challenges, he also built up a great body of knowledge regarding natural emergency and first-aid methods and herbs.

You can get any of these herbs and chop them up or make them into teas or powder them and use them. You should know, however, that the sources for most herbs easily obtained in herbal outlets are imported from third world countries where they still use DDT and other toxic pesticides. To ensure your own safety, and save a lot of time and effort as well, spend a little more and get herbal formulas made from organic or wild-grown herbs. (Source listed below.)

CAYENNE POWDER - Universal Healer

Cayenne has the broadest imaginable use as an herbal healer and first aid tool. Cayenne can help boost circulation and improve oxygen and nutrient intake into the tissues, and assists the removal of toxins. In an emergency situation, this can tip the scales toward life and away from death. Used externally on wounds, cayenne powder has been observed to dramatically slow bleeding. A person subject to fainting can often be revived with a jolt of cayenne in the mouth. It is very smart to keep a bottle of Cayenne tincture and a small jar or baggie of Cayenne powder in the glove compartment of your car or in your handbag or briefcase.


HEART ATTACKS: In 35 years of practice, Dr. Christopher lost not one person to a heart attack. Any patient still breathing he would have drink a cup of cayenne tea immediately. That's a cup of hot water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. The hot water helps the cayenne go to work very rapidly, feeding the heart with excellent nutrition and boosting circulation. (Note that a cayenne tincture is also available which may be useful in the case of a person not able to drink a cup of tea. In addition, a tincture containing Cayenne and another wonderful heart boosting herb, hawthorne berry, is also obtainable.)

STERILIZE AND STOP BLEEDING: Dr. Christopher relates how a long tradition of herbalists suggested that cayenne could sterilize and help stop bleeding, being poured into an open wound.

CAYENNE TINCTURE - Used to heal wounds, alleviate sore throats and tonsillitis, and in milder solutions used to cleanse and improve circulation in eyes, nose, ears etc. Combined with Eyebright herb, it makes an excellent eyewash formula. Cayenne is also wonderful used in salves or oils for external use for sore or aching muscles, joints and ligaments, stiff necks, backaches, etc. Note that use of cayenne tincture on open wounds may sting due to the alcohol; cayenne powder is often a better choice.


A person in the audience at one of Dr. Christopher's lectures related how he had cut himself badly on the fingers, palm and hand. Blood spurting out, he poured a lot of cayenne pepper into the wounds, and in just seconds the blood slowed, then stopped flowing. The area then healed with NO scarring! Another healer related how he treated an accident victim with a very deep gash on his knee. The doctor poured into the wound a whole bottle of an anti infection herbal tincture containing cayenne, garlic juice, golden seal, pine resin and other ingredients. The bleeding stopped, the wound began to close on the way to the hospital, and the wound soon healed completely with no scarring.

GARLIC & ECHINACEA - Nature's Infection Stoppers

Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Garlic has been used effectively for centuries and should be on hand in every home, and every hospital, for that matter! Echinacea is a powerful general immune-system stimulant. Taken together, garlic and Echinacea form a powerful knock-out punch against microscopic invaders. Next time you feel a cold or flu coming on, hit it hard and frequently with Garlic and Echinacea! This writer has experienced many a cold stopped dead in its tracks with this routine.


"For the past two weeks I have been doing the Candida program. This involves taking your Tonic containing Garlic and other herbs every 15 minutes and Echinacea every hour plus ¼ cup of yogurt with live bacteria every hour. (You take the Echinacea for one week then don't take it for one week.) The results from this program were unbelievable. Within about 5 days I was sleeping much better. I had been waking up 2-3 times during the night and not sleeping very soundly. This changed to me sleeping very soundly and all through the night without waking even once. In the morning I wake up refreshed. I am also sleeping less."

LOBELIA - Powerful Breathing Aid and Relaxant

Lobelia was one of THE two herbs that Dr. Christopher never failed to carry with him. (The other was Cayenne). It is truly a miracle herb. A powerful anti-spasmodic, it can relax any area of the body, open the flows of oxygen and blood and bring life where death once loomed. It can cause immediate and dramatic expansion and relaxation of the respiratory system and allow easier breathing.

In cases of severe muscle spasms or cramping, lobelia can relax the muscles and give relief. A famous 19th century healer, Dr. Thompson, relates its use in relieving "lock-jaw" (tetanus) and such extreme spasmodic conditions. Thomson writes: "In cases where the spasms are so violent that they are stiff, and the jaws become set, by pouring some of this liquid into the mouth between the cheek and teeth, as soon as it touches the glands roots of the tongue, the spasms will relax, and the jaw will become loosened so that the mouth will open..." Such swift and effective action can easily restore itself in such a case.

In larger doses, lobelia can also be used to induce vomiting where needed, to help clean out the stomach in a hurry. In many cases this can save a life, and Dr. Christopher had many opportunities to witness miracles from use of Lobelia in this way.

Dr. Christopher used Lobelia when dealing with pneumonia, convulsions, asthma, difficult labors (childbirth), earaches, cramps, etc. to great effect.

Lobelia belongs in any herbal first aid kit!

JOJOBA & TEA TREE OIL - Soothing and Anti-Microbial Wonders

Jojoba is an ancient plant remedy known to the Indians in the desert southwest of America. The hardy plant can live 200 years in salty, dry soils and is an excellent food source. The real value of jojoba is its oil, protecting skin from the Sun, cleansing the scalp, soothing rashes, etc. Tea Tree oil comes from a wild bush from Australia, a relative of the famous Eucalyptus tree. It is a natural anti-bacterial and ante-fungal and is even used by medical professionals in Australia. Mixed with Jojoba oil, we find a potent solution for diaper rash, as well as help for athlete's foot, even warts.

Here are some excellent herbal formulae that use the above herbs. These formulae make up a powerful herbal first aid kit. No one should be without them:

CAYENNE BLEND POWDER - make cayenne tea or add to foods for a powerful nutritional boost.

CAYENNE CONCENTRATE - use straight in an emergency, add to teas, etc.

LOBELIA CONCENTRATE - anti-spasmodic, relaxant and purgative (can induce vomiting) A powerful, life-saving tool!

MUSCLE & JOINT REPAIR OIL - whether you are just tense from work or just participated in a WWF wrestling match, this is for you. Aching, sore, pulled, sprained or strained muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints can be soothed and soon feel better. Speeds healing while offering relief. Formula: Wintergreen oil, Peppermint oil concentrate, Cayenne peppers, Ginger root, Arnica flowers, Saint Johns wort flowers, Marigold (Calendula) flowers, and Organic Virgin Olive oil.

HERBAL FIRST AID SALVE - rashes, bugbites, cuts, burns, scrapes and more surrender to this soothing and healing salve. Also great for chafing such as some runners get on the thighs.

ORAL REMEDY CONCENTRATE - we've heard of root canals suspended, toothaches halted, gum problems erased, amazing!

TONIC SUPREME - Powerful anti-microbial and immune booster. Includes Garlic and related powerful fresh herbs- onion, horseradish, ginger, and, of course, cayenne!

ECHINACEA EXTRA - Echinacea with cayenne and garlic that work together as a potent immune booster. Formula: Echinaceou agustifolia root, Echinacea purpurea seed, fresh juice of Garlic and Habanero Pepper.

TOPICAL INFECTION REMEDY CONCENTRATE - With a variety of anti-infection herbs, circulation stimulants and protective plants. Pour it on! Contains: Garlic juice, Goldenseal root, Usnea lichen, Myrrh gum, Pine resin, Echinacea root juice, Tea Tree oil, Kelp, Black Walnut inner hulls, Oak galls and Cayenne pepper.

ORGANIC TEA TREE & JOJOBA OIL - Soothing, anti-rash, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial gentle enough for baby's bottom.


We suggest preparedness. An emergency can be handled and the effects minimized with careful planning and preparation. The difference between a mere challenge and a total disaster lies entirely in whether or not one predicts and prepares for a situation.

Read the above information about the herbs and formulas.

Contact Southern Botanicals at (727) 461-5455 and request their Herbal First Aid Kit, which contains each of the 10 formulas mentioned above.

Take a basic CPR and First Aid course, sponsored by your local Red Cross chapter, so you know what to do physically in an emergency situation.

Add to this First Aid training your toolbox of Herbal First Aid remedies and so BE PREPARED for anything!

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