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Start your Spring off Cleanse - Juice Cleanse Starter Pack

- April 15, 2013

Hello my fellow readers and health enthusiasts! Spring Time is finally here. Besides re-organizing your home and alphabetizing your spice rack, there is a better thing called "your health", that needs a spring cleaning, too! Not only would you get to feel better from the inside, you will get to look great on the outside, too. Hey, feeling great, being healthy and the consequence is having a better beach body? Sure not all of us do it for the benefits of wearing a bikini or getting into some nicer swimming trunks, but having that by cleansing your body wouldn't hurt.

Don't have a very expensive blender, but still want to juice and get the benefits as those who do? No problem. Don't have enough energy during your juice cleanse? No Problem. I am actually really excited about presenting this because not only is spring time my favorite time of the year, but I get to share something that's going to make your life easier and healthier. Our customers realized that while juicing, they felt more energy using our Vital Nutrition Plus, which made the juicing process even more delightful.

You can visit our blog for the complete directions. As if that isn't enough of a super inexpensive fun project , we are going to provide you with delicious juice recipes as well. And if you want to take it over the edge a little, you can also do our gentle and herbal Intestinal Cleanse Duo as the cherry on top!

Here is what some of our other customers have said about our products:

"I feel good taking the Vital Nutrition Plus green powder. When I drink my shake in the morning, I don't have an appetite until lunch. I know that I get what I need from it. I work in construction and it takes a lot of energy. If I don't get what I need, I really notice it. I put in eggs, yogurt, and fruit, too, but I can tell the difference if it doesn't have the Vital Nutrition Plus powder. If my shake doesn't look green, it's not the same!" Jason E

"I feel 20 years younger after using Intestinal Cleanse Duo for only 2 weeks. I feel this intense energy that I have not felt before. I am full of pep all day and not as sleepy after work. I am able to remember things from way back when, and my mind is much clearer. I know I am going to the bathroom more but its not like other cleanses that have caused diarrhea all day long. Since I am a mail carrier this is very important to me." C. S.

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Valid through 04/30/2013

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

~ Hippocrates


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