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A directly quoted headline from National Geographic on parasites is "Our bodies become a sinister world of monstrous creatures that feed on living flesh: Parasites". The problem of parasites is so rampant that Discover Magazine dedicated a feature article on it. Then, to cap it all, showing just how serious it really is, Dr. Bernard Jenson, best-selling author of Foods That Heal, said that parasites are the number-one health enemy in the world and that they outrank cancer as mankind's deadliest enemy worldwide.

Me? Worms?

How dare you to imply that I, a modern person, living in a modern world, could have worms! Well, every generation prior to modern times made de-worming a regular part of their lives. We once recognized them as reality and used an old-fashioned parasite formula that simply scourged them from our system on a regular basis. People had to work. People couldn't afford to be sick and inherently knew that worms caused sickness.

What happened?

Modern medicine happened, and parasites were overlooked, neglected and generally looked down upon. There are many more medical specialties that are sexier and more lucrative than parasitology. As a society we were made to think we had whipped this shameful, degrading state of body affairs, and the older folk medicine was ignored. Modern doctors began treating the symptoms assuming they were maladies produced by an assortment of other causes. They misdiagnosed and failed to get to the heart of the matter with such a simple remedy as it didn't make money for them.

Three Red Flags

There are three red flags that may indicate that a person has parasites

1. Chronic digestive issues.

These parasites create intestinal inflammation and destroy the lining of the gut. When one has done everything doctors and others say to fix these various problems, but nothing has worked, you may be dealing with parasites.

2. Mental problems and chronic distress.

The brain and gut are integrally related both through the nervous and immune systems. Inflammation in the gut can lead to Inflammation of the brain, and vice versa. This can cause mental distress and difficulty thinking clearly, headaches, eye aches, even depression and anxiety. Did you know that crime is up and there is a tendency to have mood changes when the moon is full, and this might be caused by parasites because many types are more active and reproducing around the time of the full moon.

3. Autoimmune disorders.

The autoimmune flare-ups that have been documented to be specifically related to parasitic infection are gut and joint related. An inflammatory cascade within the body can be ignited by parasites infecting the gut.

How do you get infected?

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 3.5 billion people worldwide infected by internal parasites.

• Some may be contracted by walking barefoot in soil that has been contaminated. Swimming in contaminated water also exposes one to parasites.

• Eating contaminated, unwashed raw fruits or vegetables is another common way. Salad bars are notorious for this where raw produce is poorly washed.

• A person may become infected through unintentional contact with the feces of the host, then touching the mouth after contact with feces containing the organism. This may happen when changing a diaper or doing laundry, or contact with bedclothes used by an infected person.

• One common way is scratching one's anus that was caused to itch when a female pinworm thrashed around laying eggs there. The person then unintentionally put his or her hand on the mouth or nose or food.

• Dogs and other animals often are infected and the owner picks up the eggs through close contact with the pet.

How can I know if I have them?

Samples of feces are examined for evidence of eggs, larvae or adult parasites. Blood samples are taken to determine certain types, and there is the endoscope which is an instrument that allows inspection of the intestines. But in general, for most parasites, there are no specific accurate medical tests. Symptoms may make you suspect you have parasites. It would be a smart move just to do a natural parasite cleanse periodically to make sure. Old time farmers used to deworm their livestock and their family members twice a year, as a matter of course.

What can I do about it?

The Holy Trinity of Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood and Clove will rid your system of many parasites. These three herbs must be used together in a single treatment, for they handle different stages of parasitic life. Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of growth. Cloves kill the eggs. If you kill only adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, a million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They could also be called the deadly trio.

This triumvirate of power has other revitalizing and supportive effects. Black Walnut is slightly laxative, oxygenates the blood, supports normal blood pressure, and supports the thyroid and lungs. Wormwood and Cloves likewise have their individual healing properties for other conditions, but taken as a trio they are a well-known and effective parasite detox. Additional herbs in our Anti-Parasite formula support the expulsion of parasites and meanwhile calm the digestive tract. This is a natural and organic parasite cleanse.

The Program

Southern Botanicals has a variety of Parasite Detox programs from inexpensive and easy-to-take if you think you were recently infected, or comprehensive programs with maintenance for some months if you have been plagued with chronic symptoms that seem like they could be parasitic infestations. A thorough and periodic address and watchful vigilance to source of exposure can clean your body of these vicious invaders and return you to the vibrant health that you deserve.

Anti-Parasite Concentrate

Parasite Cleanse Duo

Candida & Parasite Cleanse Super 4-Pack

Parasite and Intestinal 6 Week Cleanse Kit

Whole Body Parasite Cleanse


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