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The Supplement Scandal

Truth about Supplementation (VNP) (V5-I12D)

The Truth About Supplementation
Vital Nutrition Plus VS Commercial Grade Vitamins

The idea for combining the ingredients of the original product later known as Superfood came from the late, great master herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher. For several years we put together this product under that name and now call it Vital Nutrition Plus. Everything else about the product is the same - ingredients, quality, organic sources, etc. Only the name is different.

From time to time, questions come up as to why one should take a product like Vital Nutrition Plus – a whole food supplement – rather than vitamin or mineral supplements? Here are some insights into the differences between raw, whole food concentrates and commercial grade isolated vitamin/mineral supplements in pill form.


Nearly all are synthesized by the same huge pharmaceutical/chemical plants that the material for drugs come from – coal tar, petroleum, discarded animal by-products, powdered rocks and shells. Practically never are they derived from fresh raw organic vegetables and organic grains, carefully dried and powdered, free from the additions of such fillers as starch, lactose, soy, magnesium sulfate, etc. Happily though, such is the way our VNP comes into being.


Vitamin B-12 comes from one of two sources – ground up cow’s liver which has been overloaded with steroids, antibiotics and the herbicides/pesticides in the feed the cow eats. The second source is activated sewage sludge – fecal matter. It’s high in B-12 and inexpensive to obtain. All such manufacturers and their lab people consider that a vitamin is a vitamin – where it comes from is irrelevant as long as the public doesn’t know and form an “emotional aversion” to it. The rest of the B vitamins are processed from coal tar and petroleum chemicals.


Nutrient manufacturers take mineral ore and pulverize it into a fine powder. These are known as metallic minerals. 98% of it cannot be assimilated by the digestive system. Only plant derived minerals are nutrients for the body – we can get our iron from grapes and green leafy vegetables but not from ground-up rocks!

There are deposits here and there on the planet of plant-derived minerals from ages past when lush vegetation was suddenly buried and preserved underground. The minerals in these deposits are water-soluble and that is why they are usually sold as liquid supplements. They are mostly valuable for all the many trace elements they contain rather than providing adequate supplementation of the main minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron that we need in fairly large amounts. These macro-nutrients can be gotten from a diet of plants, which also provide all of the other co-factors that enable the body to benefit from the minerals. Co-factors are enzymes, vitamins, and other minerals that must be present when the body needs certain minerals in nutrition.

Bio-chemists and nutritionists have recognized for some time that it is far more effective to provide the body with a broad spectrum of nutrients with no excessive amount of any one of them, rather than to administer mega-doses of one or several isolated nutrients. Mega-doses of individual nutrients can cause deficiencies in other nutrients and this practice is counter-
productive. It’s best to provide the body with a variety of whole, uncooked foods that retain their living enzymes and a full spectrum of bio-available trace elements. In this way the body can select from the diet exactly what it needs. The best “one-shot” product we have ever come across is the formula in Vital Nutrition Plus. On the other side of this article is an explanation of each whole-food ingredient used in Vital Nutrition Plus. Vital Nutrition Plus is economical- about $2 a day gives you nutrients you need to build your health.



This is a blend of raw, whole foods to supply you with the vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and trace elements that is often lacking in the Standard American Diet. There are no man-made synthetic ingredients in this product. A natural food supplement such as this is vital to any health program to ensure the nutrients needed to build and repair body functions are adequately present.

SPIRULINA BLUE GREEN ALGAE - Spirulina Organically grown in Hawaii using water pumped very deep from the ocean. This algea supplies high amount of the B Vitamin complex (particularly B12) as well as minerals, and a soft cell wall so it can be digested more easily.

CHLORELLA - Chlorella is another form of algae, to give you a further concentration of nutrition, especially protein. Its cell wall is cracked to aid digestibility.

ALFALFA, BARLEY AND WHEAT GRASS - These grain grasses are widely famous for being very high sources of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Each is a nutritional legend by itself.

PURPLE DULSE SEA WEED - Sea weeds provide minerals and trace elements in abundant supply that can be assimilated by the body. No fishy taste with this particular sea weed.

BEET ROOT AND SPINACH LEAF - Together these plants provide a great source of organic iron, calcium and vitamin K - all needed for such tasks as blood building and pH balance.

ROSE HIPS, ORANGE PELLS AND LEMON PEELS - These provide bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin, pectin and minerals needed to ensure the body can assimilate vitamin C and other nutrients.

NUTRITIONAL YEAST, NON ACTIVE SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE - This yeast is completely non active and therefore safe for people needing yeast free diets. As a matter of fact, this ingredient delivers a great nutritional boost for those with candida, chronic fatigue, and similar challenges. It is also high as a protein source (50% protein) and very high as a source of B complex vitamins.

Four heaping tablespoons of Vital Nutrition Plus, taken throughout the day, gives you full spectrum nutrition you can assimilate easily - within 15 minutes, as a matter of fact, if taken with fresh squeezed juice on an empty stomach. Four rounded tablespoons per day, and practically everybody notices benefits within a few consecutive days.

VNP comes in 14 ounce powder form and a canister of 600 capsules. The 600 capsule form also contains 14 ounces of powder. 8 capsules = 1 heaping tablespoon.


"From December 1999 till mid of April 2000 I had no "super food" anymore. When a friend of mine who had been in Clearwater brought me "superfood" in April I took immediately my used portion and felt the same day more fresh an more full of energy as the months before. For sure it continues feeling more awake because I still have superfood. Would be great if some European
person would make and sell (the) program." H.E., Munich, Germany 6/5/00

"I am well satisfied with the Vital Nutrition Plus. A good product. I have some every morning, mixed with fruit juice (usually a combination of orange juice & a little pineapple juice). The product performs as advertised - giving me a very good nutritional boost. No more "morning nerves" due to inadequate nutrition at the start of the day." B.S., Socorro, NM 6/14/00

"I've been using your Superfood occasionally over the last year and should probably use it more - because I really feel great when I use it."
D.M., Clearwater, FL 2/23/00

"You emailed me with great suggestions regarding a rash I had. I have used Superfood and Tonic Supreme for 5 days now. I feel great and my rash is slowly disappearing. I have not eaten any dairy, bread or sugar in the 5 days. ... I also put the Tonic Supreme directly on the rash too. Thanks for your help. "
N.M., Granby, MA 1/22/00

"Vital Nutrition Plus has given me a tremendous level of energy - all day and all night - just ask my girlfriend! It's a WOW for me!" -B.D.


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