Health Freedom Resources is the website of Southern Botanicals. We provide organic/wild-crafted Herbal Remedies for cleansing and detoxifying the body and supporting the heart, immune system, men's/women's hormones, liver, kidney, blood and intestinal system. We also offer superfood supplements improving health through nutrition and other natural methods.
  Herbal Medicine Cleansing


If you are a Health Care Practitioner or Nutritionist who needs natural products to enhance your practice, you have come to the right place!

Southern Botanicals has been manufacturing organic herbal cleanse products and herbal Medicinals for over 15 years. We provide these herbals wholesale to alternative health care practitioners: Chiropractors, RNs, Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Wellness Coaches, Holistic Veterinarians and many others.

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Our Aim

Our objective is to provide you with excellent quality, potent organic herbal products that help restore natural function to the body for a healthier life and results in satisfied patients/clients.

How to do we do this for you?

  • We provide information and support for best use of cleansing, herbal products and a healthy diet for natural health.
  • We will answer questions by phone about cleansing and our natural health products.
  • As continuing research and experience is achieved, updates on the information will be available.

We invite you to open a wholesale account and give your patients/clients the advantages of natural healing and revitalized health.

Product Successes

“We use different products to help our patients become more regular and Intestinal Cleanse 1 is the nuclear bomb to get the bowels moving when nothing else is working. We ramp up the dosage by starting each patient out at 1 capsule at dinner and increasing by 1 more capsule a day until they have a good bowel movement. One patient we were having trouble getting regular movements on is now on 1 capsule a day of Intestinal Cleanse 1 and doing much better.”

Dr. G.F.

“I have been using Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2 in my practice for five years. These products always work. You cannot properly balance the body without a fully cleansed intestinal tract. The metabolism and electrical balance are thrown off by an intestinal tract that is not functioning properly. So don’t waste time trying to balance the body unless you handle the intestinal tract. I have my patients do a deep cleanse two or three times a year using Intestinal Cleanse 2 for 15 days to thoroughly clean out all the old toxins and impacted areas. They don’t get backed up and are able to move their bowels with Intestinal Cleanse 2 alone if they have been having a daily bowel movement. Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2 always work.”

Dr. M.H.

“With kids, I find they handle Intestinal Cleanse 3 very easily. I like the fact that it is a liquid so they don’t’ have to take a pill and we get great results from it. Our older and younger patients muscle test well on it. I’ve never had a complaint that Intestinal Cleanse 3 didn’t work. I am well pleased with the results and make sure we have plenty of it available. It’s great for older people and children, they find it gentler and helps them transition easier to becoming regular.”

Dr. A.N.



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