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We provide educational information and high-quality herbal and nutritional products with organic and wild-crafted ingredients to help you successfully cleanse, detox, support your body and its good function, and discover how to feel healthier with more energy.

Hi, I am Ron Radstrom, the founder of Health Freedom Resources and Southern Botanicals. ... I became an intent researcher of foods and natural health, finding that natural foods and herbs can actually help one ...more

Our liquid herbal concentrates are made using the traditional alcohol tincturing method. The pure organic grain alcohol used for our tincture formulas is an effective solvent for extracting and preserving medicinal properties in herbs. Alcohol-based tinctures stay chemically active for many years.
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We combine complementary herbs that work together to best benefit specific parts of the body, like the immune system or heart. You can create formulas that include everything but the kitchen sink, but that doesn't make it more effective.
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We follow traditional herbal wisdom and trust the natural intelligence of plants when making our herbal formulas. Our herbal concentrates focus herbs known to work together to support and strengthen organs and systems in the body ...more

We also have a store in Clearwater, Florida where people can walk in and buy healthy high-enzyme, nutrient-dense super foods, including green juice supplies and healthy snacks & treats, as well as our herbal concentrates and teas, and specialty supplements.


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