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Intestinal Cleanse 1 for Healthy Colon & Bowel Movements
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Need to Cleanse?

A sluggish bowel can make you feel tired and think less clearly. Other body functions tend to slow down also when your intestinal tract is backed up. The simple action of restoring your bowels to activity can in itself change your life for the better.

This is a gentle but effective remedy for a sluggish, toxic colon. It is the perfect catalyst to help make changes in your lifestyle which improve your overall energy and health.

What Can Cause a Slowdown of Bowels?

Several causes may include:

  • A lack of high water content, high-fiber fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Eating excessive amounts of low-fiber animal proteins, white flour and sugar, and other processed foods, all of which contain too little natural fiber, and many unnatural substances added that the body finds difficult to process.
  • Dehydration - lack of sufficient water overall in the diet.
  • Lack of enough exercise to keep muscles toned for moving the bowels.
  • Not enough natural, unadulaterated fats & oils to lubricate the colon.
  • Unhealthy fats and oils - transfats that are hard to digest and clog the system.
  • Taking medications that cause constipation and dry stools.
  • Exposure to mold or fungus which takes hold in the intestinal tract and upsets the balance of natural beneficial gut flora.

When foods remain too long in your body they start to ferment and putrefy, creating acidic wastes, and allowing toxic substances that should have been moved out to be reabsorbed back into your bloodstream, making you feel and function less well.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 by itself is a natural herbal remedy that greatly assists elimination, giving you a chance to feel better while you make other changes to your lifestyle.

The herbs in Intestinal Cleanse 1 work together to cleanse and strengthen your intestinal tract. These herbs stimulate peristalsis (the intestines' muscular wave-motions), boosting the ability to move wastes out of your body, and help reduce toxic fecal deposits and the overgrowth of unwanted microbials and rebuild your digestive tract.

This product can be used as Step 1 of a complete intestinal cleanse program that can help to restore and renew your digestive & eliminative tracts, assisting you as you move to a healthier diet and lifestyle. Continuing to do more steps for a full cleanse for your stomach and intestinal tract, including small intestines and colon, can result in deep detoxification for a full fresh start with a feeling of rejuvenation and reduced cravings.

Success Stories

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Individual results taking herbal preparations vary, and similar results are not guaranteed. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem before using this or any dietary or herbal supplement.

Intestinal Cleanse 1

Thank you for your recent concern about my order. It's the 'Best' Colon cleanse I’ve ever used! My nutritionist put it me on it about eight years ago. I was stopped up from years of wheat/gluten. Within six months I was completely cleared of any buildup in my intestinal walls. The intestinal cleanse does not cramp my stomach and I do not have to take every day. If I occasionally have too much wheat/white bread or white rice within a short period, my digestive system gets slow. The intestinal cleanse works overnight. One capsule makes for a gentle cleanse. Two capsules are a little faster. Three work best when your problem is severe. I had to start out with three capsules every night for the first couple of months I started taking it. Now I keep it on hand for occasional use. I usually will take two a few nights and then one each night until my digestive system gets regulated. Other stuff always cramped my stomach and never really fixed the problem. ~ Donna J.

I have had severe back problems since I was 14. Six major surgeries later, I am still having to rely on pain medication and with that, comes intestinal problems. My sister-in-law gave me some Intestinal Cleanse 1 and I am so happy at how well they work for me and would recommend them to anyone who has this type of problem. I have tried everything and this is the only things that helps me! ~ L.W.

I have always had issues with my bowels. I have tried other things but they cause me to have gas and the runs and to become dehydrated. Since I started taking your product about six months ago, I am feeling much better and the bloating in my midsection has gone away. I love that with only 2 capsules a day my body feels better and there are no side effects on my body. My life is not interrupted when I am taking Intestinal Cleanse #1.
~ Anne Marie P., Ausable Forks, NY

I was backed up for a few days; ___ recommended I take IC #1. I had already taken 3 other products that didn't work. I took this, and it worked in a couple of hours. I felt relieved. It cleaned everything in a couple of days and I was able to work the whole time. ~ Katrina

About the 3rd or 4th day I noticed that I had lost weight and my stomach is flatter. I weighed myself and I had lost 4 pounds. I don't feel that bloated feeling which I usually have. I feel more alert and have higher energy levels. ~ D.M., Clearwater, FL

When I get backed up or eat anything I shouldn't, I take an IC #1 capsule at night, and the next morning I go to the bathroom fine. It doesn't cramp up, doesn't do anything bad. It's wonderful. I give it to friends. I gave a couple of capsules to an 85 yr old who did fine with it, had no problem, and enjoyed it. I'll give my extra bags as gifts to friends because they ask me what to do. ~ M.K.

I was referred to Southern Botanicals by a coworker of mine when we were talking at lunch one day. She had started taking Intestinal Cleanse 1 and was feeling so much better. I started taking IC #1 and was amazed how quickly and effectively it was working. It does what it is supposed to. ~ C. F., IL

I started taking Intestinal Cleanse 1 after I went to a natural chiropractor for problems with bloating and being backed up. It is an awesome product, in 2-3 days I built up to 2-3 capsules and it worked! I've been taking 2-3 every day and it's been perfect for me, no side effects. I love that it's gluten free and I have more energy now that I'm eliminating on a daily basis. I take the capsules with supper and in the morning I have no problem. It's helped me maintain a good weight. I like the convenience, it's not a powder or liquid. The capsule is very easy to take. How much I take is easy to adjust so if by chance I didn't eat right on a certain day, I can bump it up by 1 capsule that day and the next day I go back to a lower amount. ~ Mary K. B., Coon Rapids, MN

Before using any products with my patients I test them on myself first. I had been stopped up and always needed to take something to relieve it. I tried a diet change but it didn't make enough of a difference on its own. I've been taking Intestinal Cleanse 1 for 4 years now and it always works. It's very gentle and I can predict the result. If 1 capsule doesn't relieve my situation, I take 2-3 which can feel more intense on my digestive system but brings regular movements by the next day. I normally take 1 capsule before going to bed. Since I started taking it I feel better and have more energy. It's the best product I've used of its kind; I used other elimination type products but Intestinal Cleanse 1 is much gentler and works very well. ~ Dr. Jeffrey S.

My 92 year old uncle takes IC #1 three times a week for the last year. He feels better when he is taking it and is able to go to the bathroom regularly with no problems.
~ B. K., Sarasota, FL

I went to a natural health practitioner a few years ago. I had problems with my intestinal tract for years. I had taken the suggestions of regular doctors, many different products to handle my sluggishness and uncomfortable feeling in that area. Nothing worked. After going to a natural doctor and getting checked out he put me on Intestinal Cleanse 1. This started working almost immediately and has been working ever since.

I just wanted to let you know that I have used your IC #1 product for a long time. Over the years, I have tried other versions - all using the Dr. Christopher formula.

Although some of these other brands claim to use the same formula, none of them compare with your product. I have used your product for over 15 years and the consistency of quality has never changed. There is a marked difference in quality with your product over all of the others I have tried. The ingredients appeared to be the same.

Your Intestinal Cleanse 1 product is substantially superior. By the way, I have no intention of trying any other products in the future. ~ Sincerely, Garrett J., Alamo, CA

From a cancer survivor: She says she has been on medication including thyroid that was too harsh and has made her bowels a mess. She also suffered from severe bloating and hemorrhoids from giving birth. Her sister referred her to IC #1 and it has been a lifesaver. She has been using 1/3 capsule daily of the IC #1 for the last 4 years and it has kept her regular and solves her bowel problems. She loves it because it is all natural and very gentle. ~ M. E., Poland, OH

I had a prolapsed uterus that got more complicated as a prolapsed abdomen (and the organs were rearranged). I had to have the surgery, and there's always gas and getting backed up after surgery. But my chiropractor got me on the Intestinal Cleanse 1 and I have NO issues with being backed up and no gas. You have wonderful products. ~ C. C.

I never had any evacuation issues until a life threatening diagnosis and the ensuing experimental med treatment. The problem of not eliminating happened during the second of three drugs. I have pretty much used Intestinal Cleanse 1 since then. I have tried other aides but didn't find them as effective or predictable. ~ S. G., Oberlin, OH

I feel 20 years younger after using Intestinal Cleanse #1 and Intestinal Cleanse #2 (all capsules) for only 2 weeks. I feel this intense energy that I have not felt before. I am full of pep all day and not as sleepy after work. I am able to remember things from way back when, and my mind is much clearer. I know I am going to the bathroom more but its not like other cleanses that have caused many bathroom visits all day long. Since I am a mail carrier this is very important to me. I feel happy and don't feel any stress from the Intestinal Cleanse, it's weird. I used to have problems all the time with moving my bowels. Now, three months after completing this Intestinal Cleanse, I still have no problems at all anymore. It is just great! ~ C.S., Clearwater, FL

I am really amazed with Intestinal Cleanse #1. (Another holistic Dr. had me use disodium phosphate and it didn't do anything.) I am now going 1-2 times a day with less bloating. Now that I am regular I am purchasing Intestinal Cleanse #2 for the real deep cleanse!
~ D. L., Knoxville, TN

Since I can remember I have had a problem with elimination. There are times when I have went up to 10 days without having a bowel movement. Since I have started using Intestinal Cleanse # 1, I have 2-3 movements a day depending on how much I ate the day before. My average dose was 5-6 capsules a day. I recently started using Vital Nutrition Plus on a daily basis in my smoothies or in juice for energy. What I've realized is that with the VNP I do not have to use as many of the IC #1. I am now using 2-3 capsules a day. The VNP provides energy and nutrients as well as fiber, which assists my movements. The combination of Intestinal Cleanse #1 and Vital Nutrition Plus has been a great benefit for me. ~ AMG

I found them to be very successful. The dark grey powder (Intestinal Cleanse #2) took some getting use to. The capsules (Intestinal Cleanse #1) I have used for some time and they definitely help to keep me regular without the normal habit forming side effect of having to increase dosage. ~ R. L. Marietta, GA.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 works great. Some people who have not continued as our regular patients still show up at our office every few months for another bag of Intestinal Cleanse 1. We use Intestinal Cleanse 3 with our children patients for difficulty with elimination and haven't heard any complaints. ~ Brian, Office Manager for Dr. Jennifer, Easley, SC

I use Intestinal Cleanse 1 for my adult patients who struggle with elimination difficulty. Intestinal Cleanse 3 is more for kids and the elderly since it is a milder liquid version of Intestinal Cleanse 1. You have to make sure patients are using it correctly which takes a few days. After we find the right amount, the patients don't have any trouble at all with the product. They're good products and really work. ~ Dr. Bob T., Manderville, LA

I'd like to tell you about the dramatic and effective results my father achieved while using your formulas, specifically: Intestinal Cleanse #1 and #2, Heart Tonic and Heart Tea, and Vital Nutrition Plus. Before taking these herbs, he was told that he would need an operation to unclog his arteries (14 years ago he had a triple bypass). After being on a modified program of one month of the above herbs, and after a stress test, the doctors were amazed that a sufficient amount of the blockage was gone. Thus, he would not require surgery. He no longer gets pain in his chest and he is doing more exercise than in the past. In addition to the herbs, my father is faithful in doing the hot and cold hydrotherapy that is recommended in the Incurables Rescue Program as well as fruit and vegetable juicing.

Thank you very much. We use your products too, foremost of which is the Vital Nutrition Plus, and we are receiving wonderful results. ~ T.P., Middleton, MA

I feel a lot lighter and my mental faculties are clearer from using formula Intestinal Cleanse1 & Intestinal Cleanse 2 twice a month, one week and then two weeks later.

I am a spiritual counselor and have the given people I work with this too. Atonement of the body helps, it gives me more energy to move and loosens blockages. ~ J. H.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 works incredibly well. I ran out and didn't go to the bathroom for a week. I tried just about everything else but they don't work for me.
~ T. C., Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

The capsules are working perfectly. I take two a day with my largest meal and it works. It's the best thing that ever happened to me. ~ R. F. Orlando, FL

I have tried millions of things to help with my bowel movements. I have even tried doctors and this is the only thing that has helped with my bowel movements. ~ P.D., Stanhope NJ

My friend went to a Holistic doctor who recommended Intestinal Cleanse #1 and she told me about it. I love it! It works great, with no bloating or nausea. ~ J.K. Lafayette, IN

I use Intestinal Cleanse #1 when clogged up at random times, like flying, and my husband also uses it.

I also take aloe vera when taking #1 to stay regular and it keeps it softer. One capsule of #1 at breakfast is what I normally take for maintenance. ~ L.W. Philadelphia, PA


Ingredients (*Organic, +Wildcrafted): Turkey Rhubarb root*, Cape Aloe extract, Garlic bulb+, Senna leaf*, Barberry root bark+, Cascara Sagrada bark+, Cayenne Pepper fruit, Fennel seed*, and Ginger root*. Kosher Gelatin capsule.

90 capsules per package in a re-sealable, bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly bag.

Contains no sugar, no GMOs and no fillers.

Turkey Rhubarb Root has strong yet gentle properties. It has an astringent effect that aids in tightening tissues. It stimulates and tones the digestive tract, while purging the colon of irritating wastes and toxins.

Cape Aloe, Senna
and Cascara Sagrada all contain anthraquinones, plant chemicals that stimulate peristaltic waves in the colon, which help move digesting food through and out. Along with proper diet and lifestyle, the increased bowel function can help improve overall health and energy tremendously.

Barberry Root cleanses and lubricates the entire gastro-intestinal system, while acting as an internal antiseptic. It also contains the bitter plant alkaloid called berberine, which helps stimulate the production of bile and flushes the gall bladder. Barberry starts to gently open the liver for a liver cleanse as well. Barberry stimulates peristalsis and detoxifies the colon, while also soothing and healing the intestinal membrane lining.

Garlic stimulates digestion and discourages all sorts of invaders of the digestive tract, with its strong antibacterial and mold/fungus inhibiting properties.

Cayenne and Ginger stimulate circulation which increases the speed with which toxins are removed from the colon through peristalsis. They also activate enzymes that soften stools for easier  elimination. They each inhibit mold/fungus and have anti-parasitic properties for cleansing the intestinal tract. Ginger also is settling to the stomach.

Fennel seeds are promotes bowel movements without side effects. These also help to expel worms and intestinal parasites.

Suggested Use

Directions: Take one capsule with your largest meal (usually dinner). Increase as necessary by one more capsule per day at the same meal to achieve desired number of daily bowel movements. Once you have your proper dosage you can continue this for as long as needed.

This product has been formulated so it will work mildly and not cause too many bowel movements if taken per the instructions. The user can carry on his normal life without interruption.

I was not feeling right, the Doctor mentioned Intestinal Cleanse 1 and I took one capsule and within 24 hours it worked well. I didn't bloat at all. My whole system felt like it had been cleaned properly. It wasn't uncomfortable at all. I was able to work as usual. We had another product that I tried but it didn't work well, I felt bloated. You just feel really good after taking it. - Marie.

You can count on this to keep your bowels moving.

Note: If you've had years of poor eating habits, we recommend you follow up with Intestinal Cleanse 2 and the Intestinal Cleanse Duo to sweep your intestines clean of old impacted fecal matter and toxins.

If you feel your intestines and colon need a full and complete overhaul, consider doing our Complete Program under the Related Products tab.


CAUTION: Not for use by pregnant women, as it may cause uterine contractions. The herbal components can pass through breast milk, so it is not recommended for nursing mothers.

Do not use in cases of diarrhea or inflamed bowels.

Consult your healthcare professional before use if you have a medical condition.


  1. When should I take my capsules of IC 1?

    We recommend taking Intestinal Cleanse 1 with or right after your largest meal of the day, usually dinner. You should see an increase in bowel activity in the morning.

    Some customers do vary that, and take their dose with breakfast. Or if they take more than one capsule, some people split it out over two meals.

    But start with it at dinnertime. Then once you know what it does and how many it takes to get the result for you, you can experiment with when you take it and move your bowels.

  2. How long can I take Intestinal Cleanse 1?

    As long as it takes you to find the cause of sluggish bowels and make changes that reverse that.

    The most common solution is to make changes in diet to include more fresh vegetables and fruits and less processed food. The fiber and water in fruits and vegetables help the bowels move, while fiberless foods including meats, dairy, eggs and low fiber foods like white flour pasta, breads and sweets slow down the bowels and make it harder. Especially, eat some fresh vegetables or fruit with every meal or snack that includes fiberless foods, and you may see your bowels go to normal. Read Recommendations for Diet and Lifestyle to Help Eliminate Constipation

    Another common reason for sluggish bowels is that the intestinal flora is disturbed. Exposure to mold can have allowed fungi to take over the intestinal tract so it doesn't function normally. Add a good probiotic. In fact you may have to try several before you get one that works for you to restore balance. Other things that disturb your intestinal flora are antibiotics, medication and tap water with chlorine. All need restoration of intestinal flora.

    Other ways to rehabilitate your gut:
    Exercise regularly to tone your muscles, including intestinal muscles.
    Do a deep bowel cleanse periodically to relieve overburden and get a fresh start. See Your Guide to Intestinal Cleansing

  3. I need some help moving my bowels regularly, since I normally go only once every 2-3 days, and I think going every day would be healthier for me, but taking Intestinal Cleanse every day is too much. What can I do?

    Many of our staff and customers who normally had bowel movements every other day, or every three days, found that taking one capsule of Intestinal Cleanse 1 every other day or so works fine to keep them regular. Our natural products can be used flexibly: take more when you need to, take less when you don't.

    Another option is Intestinal Cleanse 3. This is a gentle product used by children, the elderly and pets. Good also for anyone who can't take capsules. It is an organic fruity fig-based liquid, taken by the spoonful according to body weight. It has a softening action similar to prunes, but also has a tiny amount of the herbs to stimulate the muscles of the intestinal tract. Find out more about Intestinal Cleanse 3.

    A third way to encourage easy regular bowel movements is to get more beneficial intestinal flora into your system. Eat fermented foods like real sauerkraut (not made with vinegar), plain yogurt (not the sweetened kind which is likely to feed Candida and other unwanted microbes), miso, or kimchee (spicy fermented veggies). You can also take a good probiotic like ours, which has proven to assist bowel movements so we now use it with all our deep cleanse programs.

  4. The Differences Between Intestinal Cleanse 1, 2 and 3. Which one is right for me?

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