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Our Natural Health Guides to Cleansing, Nutrition,
Herbal Support, and Natural Remedies

Solving the Health Puzzle: Your body reacts and responds differently than others' do. Your body may also change in responses at different times in your life. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for health for every individual individual.

Learn about the various elements of health to use on your journey to understanding your needs and optimizing your health. The most important elements are Toxicity, Deficiencies, Lifestyle and Stress (both physical and non-physical), and Circulation/Movement. Learn more about these below.

Cleanse & Detoxification Guides and Articles

Eat Your Way to Good Health - Nutrition & Digestion

Natural Remedies

  • Southern Botanicals' Favorite Recipes

  • We are not the diet police. We do know processed foods will ruin your health eventually,
    and whole foods can help by giving your body what it needs to heal itself naturally.
    Whether you eat paleo, raw vegan, keto, plant-based or somewhere in between, we have some recipes for you to expand your meals,�and learn new ways to add more spark, flavor and nutrition to your foods.

    Here is one old staple recipe for making your own Nutmilk so you do not have to drink store-bought! Homemade nutmilk is rich and delicious and no additives. You control what goes into it!

    Here also are some recipes for Smoothies and Salad Dressings using Vital Nutrition Plus and some of our other products for a delicious boost of nutrients.

    We have moved our recipes section to our blog with new and updated recipes for cleansing, healthy eating and tips for boosting nutrition & flavor. We are rolling out our recipes week by week, so come back often to find new recipes we have added, including cleansing and nutritious soups, yummie smoothies, paleo recipes, vegan recipes, veggie dishes, egg dishes, nut and seeds recipes, delicious salad dressings, and healthy�gluten-free desserts. Visit Recipes Blog

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