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What Can You Do To Maintain Healthy Cleansing Bowel Movements?

Our flagship product is Intestinal Cleanse 1. This is used in all our 10 Day and Total Body Cleansing Kits. Many people take it by itself as well. The herbs are combined to support movement when you need it, such as when doing periodic cleansing as part of your lifestyle routine, or when you are trying to change your diet and handle some health factors and need support while making the change, ... or even when you've overindulged in system-clogging foods and need a short term boost.

However, it can be beneficial to take a short break from time to time with any herbs you take, so your body doesn't get too used to them, so here are suggestions to help you with alternatives:

  • Intestinal Cleanse 3 - it's a liquid. Intestinal Cleanse 3 has a bulking and softening effect on the stools from its major ingredient, unsweetened fig syrup. It also has a small amount of two herbs that are in Intestinal Cleanse 1, enough to create peristaltic action in the muscles of the intestinal tract. It is gentler than Intestinal Cleanse 1, but has been used for cleansing by adults as well as by children, seniors and pets. Many people can substitute it in our cleanses for Intestinal Cleanse 1.Read more about Intestinal Cleanse 3 and order here.

  • Bitters! We are happy to offer you herbal bitters to promote the flow of digestive juices which can help both digestion and elimination. These increase production of your own enzymes from the salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, liver and gallbladder and other cellular tissues. Bitter taste receptors are located all through the gastro-intestinal tract, not just the tongue. When these receptors are stimulated, this also helps you feel satisfied so that reduces carb cravings!
  • Our Cider Vinegar Bitters are especially effective at stimulating bowel activity.

    You can try all our other 4 flavors if you would like the increase in enzymes and improved digestion, even without directly stimulating bowel movements: Original Digestive Bitters, Citrus Digestive Bitters, Maple Digestive Bitters, Healthy Liver.

  • Apple cider vinegar in a few ounces of water by itself may induce bowel movements in some people. So will coffee, but coffee also stimulates urination and is dehydrating, so it can dry out stools making them harder to pass.

  • Probiotics! We have probiotics that have proven good for cleansing. Take two of our Southern Botanicals Probiotic capsules between meals with water to promote bowel movements. People doing our 10 day or 1 month cleanses use these throughout their cleanse.

  • You can also eat more fermented foods and drinks to help. Many people find that eating unsweetened yogurt, plain or adding their own fresh or frozen fruit, keeps their bowels moving.

    Our human ancestors all over the globe made and ate fermented foods daily. Fermented vegetables commonly used then and now include sauerkraut, Korean kimchi, beet soup, pickles of all sorts (although now these may not really be fermented naturally, but just have vinegar added). Fermented dairy includes foods like yoghurt, kefir, sour cream, crème fraiche, and cheeses.

    Miso is also a probiotic food that can gently enhance eliminative functions over time. It usually contains both fermented beans and a fermented rice called koji, or another fermented grain. We carry several flavors of traditionally-made Miso, some are made with organic chickpeas or aduki beans, and others made with organic soybeans and wild-harveted herbs! We love our South River Miso, and we have a little booklet of recipes for miso too.

  • Whole plant foods feed good intestinal bacteria with their fiber, especially roots, tubers and bulbs like sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, rutabagas, beets. So do asparagus and oats. Eating more natural fiber foods will grow your intestinal flora which feeds on fiber, and that helps promote healthy bowel movements, especially over time. Whole grains provide fiber as well and, especially when soaked and slightly fermented overnight the traditional way before cooking, can stimulate healthy bowel movements.

  • Drink pure, non-chlorinated water before and between meals. Be alert to thirst and drink some water 15 minutes or so before meals, and afterwards too if you feel thirsty later. Grains, meats, dried foods (including chips and nuts, and processed foods with additives are concentrated and require more water in your system to digest them. Sometimes people mistake hunger for thirst and eat more instead of drinking. Pure, non-chlorinated water won't kill off your intestinal flora, like chlorine and other chemical treatments in tap water will.

  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits that have a high water content. This can make a big difference, and these also contain fiber. The combination of fiber and water is excellent for intestinal motility.

  • Best to stay away from unhealthy fats like generic "vegetable oil" which is processed and often rancid, or margarine and highly heated trans-fats. These clog up the system, cause inflammation, and can kill off good intestinal flora. Coconut oil or real olive oil or added black seed oil can "grease the tract" and make bowel movements easier. We carry a good organic Black Seed oil and real extra virgin Olive Oil.

We hope you find this helpful and can use the information to maintain more regular bowel movements. Keep in mind that diet and physical movement are major factors in maintaining normal bowel movements. If you can be regular with diet and a more active lifestyle alone, so much the better for your health! Ask for our info sheet "Recommendations for a Healthy Diet to Help Eliminate Constipation".

We do know there are circumstances, like medications and other long term conditions that may not respond to diet therapy. Also, some just need a strong short-term intestinal herbal product to cleanse periodically, or to help kick start a new diet and lifestyle. So we carry a variety of items, including our time-proven standards, Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 3.


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