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Your Guide to Liver Cleansing

Part 3: How to Cleanse Your Liver - A Nutritional and Herbal Liver Cleanse Program

Outlined below are all the parts we recommend for a full liver cleanse including herbs, foods, and further steps.

Herbs Specific for the Liver

liver cleanse tea herbs ingredients

One of the key products in any liver cleanse program is a combination of specially selected herbs that encourage your body to heal damaged liver cells, strengthen your liver's ability to provide vital functions and stimulate flushing of wastes from your liver and gallbladder.

Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Burdock root, Gentian root, Parsley root are some of the traditional herbs proven to enhance liver function. Different properties are extracted from herbs depending on if they are concentrated in alcohol, or in water infusions. We recommend using both in formulas that are alcohol extracted and made into a hot herbal tea thereby getting the full spectrum of benefits.

Our Liver Cleanse Concentrate comes in liquid tincture form and is taken throughout the day while cleansing your liver to target areas that need support for healthier liver function. We recommend putting the concentrate in the Liver Cleanse Tea to get the full effect from the herbs. The herbs in this tea stimulate, cleanse and protect your liver and gallbladder while making an unfriendly environment for any parasites that might be living in those systems. Plus, this tea smells and tastes great, and can be used as a wonderful coffee or black tea replacement!

Best Foods for Your Liver

There are certain foods with a well-earned reputation for supporting and cleansing the liver. Adding any of these to your daily diet will provide extra nutritional support for this cleansing program.

best food for your liver
  • Lemons Fresh lemon juice is the best food for helping your liver make more enzymes. The fresh juice has a chemical structure very similar to many of the body's own digestive enzymes so it is great in providing raw materials for the creation of liver enzymes. As an antioxidant, lemon juice can work on and stabilize free radicals that are released into the bloodstream during digestion. An antiseptic, it also helps neutralize harmful bacteria. Fresh lemon juice squeezed into water is easy to take and is the top daily diet addition for cleansing and stimulating the liver.

  • Beets and beet tops are excellent for toning and rebuilding the liver. Beets are the richest food source of betaine a natural liver detoxifier and bile thinner. They also increase the liver's efficiency in processing fats. Beets are good sources of easily assimilable iron, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Shredded raw beets combined with a little lemon juice daily make a fantastic liver support dish. Beets can be boiled, roasted, grated raw or steamed in salad, or juiced with other vegetables.

  • Turmeric is spice strong in antioxidant lwhcih protects the liver and aids in liver regeneration. Use it in sauces, dips, stir fry, on vegetables and in stews and soups. A traditional Indian flavor.

  • Garlic activates liver enzymes responsible for absorbing nutrients and cleansing waste and toxins in liver tissue. The selenium and allicin in garlic are vital for correct liver functioning. Garlic also contains the amino acid methionine that aids the liver by cleansing pollutants through the urine.

  • Leafy Green Vegetables like chard, kale and collards, and Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussel sprouts are high in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals that the liver needs to produce enzymes for the detoxification process.

  • Avocados supply the liver with the antioxidant glutathione which it uses in detoxification and for repair of its own liver tissue.

  • Artichoke stimulates bile and contains antioxidants which help protect the liver.

  • Apples Gallstones can form from too much cholesterol in your bile which causes it to solidifiy. The pectin in apples is high in soluable fiber which binds with fats and cholesterol. Pectin also helps bind heavy metals thus lightening the load on the liver for their detoxification.

Blender with liver flush drink ingredientsAs part of the 10 Day Complete Liver Cleanse Program , we provide you with a recipe for a simple to make Liver Flush Drink that is consumed each morning for 5 days. The citrus juices in the Liver Flush drink provides your body with electrolytes, flush out mucus, are diuretic, alkalize the blood and help dissolve gallstones. It also contains garlic olive oil and ginger. A traditional home remedy for removing fat-soluble toxins such as pesticide residues from the body. The liver flush has also a reputation for expeling gallstones.

Keep in mind you are trying to clean your body of toxins and wastes so it doesn't make sense to consume heavy unhealthy foods and drinks while cleansing. We advise eating light, raw fruits and vegetables, especially those above, the first and last day of cleansing with fresh juice and tea during the middle 3-5 days. Just by consuming all the liquid we recommend with the program including the tea, potassium broth and fresh juices, you will literally flush the liver out.

The more you lighten your diet and replace heavy processed foods with fresh whole foods the more benefits you'll feel. Increased energy, better sleep, and a clearer head are all effects of a healthier liver.

Chemicals in certain foods and medications can affect the liver's ability to detox, slowing down the process. For example, grapefruit juice is metabolized by the same enzyme in the liver that breaks down many drugs, so it can keep the liver busy, blocking the breakdown of the drugs. These then can remain in the blood at unhealthy levels, so many older people on medications are instructed to avoid grapefruit. Lemon juice, on the other hand, helps to produce liver enzymes, aiding detoxification.

There are other factors in Liver Cleansing beyond just stimulating
your liver to release toxins and wastes.

Rid Your Body of Parasites

A congested, polluted system attracts hundreds of forms of parasites. It is possible to harbor unwanted "guests" without knowing it! Just eating out at a fast-food place can pass parasites to you on the greens or other fresh vegetables, fruits or meats. Or you can get them from your pets. Old-time farming families used to routinely do parasite cleanses twice a year to maintain their own health, as well as their animals'. Traditional parasite cleanses include time-tested herbs such black and green walnut hulls, cloves, wormwood, garlic, among others which kill and expel parasites. These wonderfully effective herbs are included in our Anti-Parasite Concentrate The Liver & intestinal 10 Day Package is an excellent way to target parasites and relieve internal stress from metabolic excretions of parasites, allow damaged tissues to heal and to benefit from the nutrition of what you eat instead of feeding it to these macro- and microorganisms!

Ensure Regular Eliminations With Intestinal Cleanse 1 While Cleansing Your Liver

Your liver and gallbladder directly connect to your small intestines through bile ducts, relying on regular eliminations of waste and toxins for optimum health. When you do a liver cleanse, it's important to make sure anything that is released by the liver and gallbladder can easily move out of your body to prevent toxic backup. Intestinal Cleanse 1, available in capsules for convenience, is a natural, effective way to stimulate your intestines and colon to easily move excess waste from your intestinal tract.

Safely Absorb and Remove Toxins Released From a Cleanse

Detoxifying and soothing the intestintal tract is an important part of any cleanse program. That's why we created Intestinal Cleanse 2 . It includes bentonite clay, activated charcoal and other natural purifiers absorb and neutralize residual wastes and toxins as they are released from your liver and gallbladder into your intestines. This keeps you feeling good while cleansing since the wastes don't have a chance to reabsorb into your blood stream. Intestinal Cleanse #2, available in powder or capsules, works with Intestinal Cleanse #1 to absorb cleansed toxins and easily remove them from your body. Or you can buy the two together in our Intestinal Cleanse Duo.

Get an Organic Whole Food Nutrition Boost with Vital Nutrition Plus While Cleansing

Your body works hard to release old waste and toxins while cleansing. Taking an organic whole food nutrition supplement makes it easier to get an infusion of vital minerals and vitamins to support your cleanse. Since your liver is a key part of your metabolism, you can feel more energy from better nutrient absorption while still cleansing. Vital Nutrition Plus , available in powder or capsules, is a powerhouse of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and vital trace nutrients made from whole foods and herbs.

Increase Beneficial Bacteria for Immune Support and Healthy Digestion

Adding the Southern Botanical's Probiotic to your cleansing program ensures that any helpful bacteria removed while cleansing is replenished in your intestines. We offer a high quality probiotic supplement with 16 strains of essential beneficial micro-organisms your body needs for optimum health. Your immune system depends on the support of friendly bacteria to keep it primed and ready to handle invaders. While cleansing, since toxins and pathogens can be released into the intestines, having a good balance of helpful bacteria ensures your immune system stays in top form.

Doing a Liver Cleanse 1-4 times a year is a great health boosting, preventative maintenance plan.

You can do a basic, mild cleanse just by drinking Liver Cleanse Tea for a week every month or so, or drink it for a day anytime for improved digestion.

Completeing our 10 Day Liver & Intestinal Cleanse once or twice a year is beneficial to anyone, regardless of their state of health, to support your liver and rejuvenate its functions.

Liver & Intestinal 10 Day Cleanse Kit

Liver cleansing can also be done periodically as part of a dedicated Total Internal Body Cleanse for improved quality of life if ther is chronic illness. When you want a more serious cleanse for your vital systems (intestines, kidney, liver, and blood), including a liver cleanse is a key part of your health regimen. Along with following a cleansing nutrition program, a liver cleanse can repeated quarterly along with cleansing other elimination systems for a Total Internal Body Cleanse.

Your Guide to Liver Cleansing
Part 1: How Does Your Liver Function to Cleanse and Detox Naturally? | Part 2: Symptoms of Liver Problems | Part 3

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