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Your Guide to Intestinal Cleansing

Today, it is easy to accumulate more toxic substances from food, water and the environment than your body can keep up with in normal function. Our food supply is full of chemicals and overly processed foods that your body doesn't know what to do with. The result - a slow down of your digestive tract, overload on the colon, back up of toxic wastes which are reabsorbed into your bloodstream. If the stress continues long enough, disease can result.

Did you know that constipation, low energy, foggy thinking, poor resistance to infection, and skin problems are signs of an overloaded toxic digestive tract that needs cleansing?

Start with effective herbal cleansing to rapidly clean out poisonous wastes, and then adopt lifestyle changes that will help keep the digestive tract clean and fully functioning.

Cleansing waterfall After cleansing, one is able to digest and absorb nutrients better and you will feel better nourished. Cleansing allows your body organs to function better, free from the constant stress of reabsorbed toxins. It enables the natural healing powers of the body to work.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy include more energy, improved sleep, clearer thinking and memory, calmer feeling, less stress and a fresh start. Weight loss, improved hormone balance, increased well-being and ability to heal may also be achieved.

Understanding what each part of a cleanse does can help you to get the benefits you need. We outline what a complete intestinal cleanse program involves for an ideal cleansing experience. You can choose the intensity you want to experience.

Support healthy bowel movements and increase waste elimination

The first step of a colon cleanse is to loosen old impacted wastes and stimulate their release. Some people do this with an all raw food diet, eating mainly fruits and fiber-loaded vegetables. This will create a gradual cleansing. But dealing with cravings and the loosened wastes and toxins is not always easy. An herbal cleanse will speed the removal of toxins, enable you to experience rapid improvement, giving you relief now, or kickstarting your lifestyle change. Our most popular product - Intestinal Cleanse 1

Safely detoxify and remove acid wastes, old chemical residues and other toxic substances.

A good dextoxifier to absorb irritating wastes and toxic substances makes all the difference in comfort and thoroughness when cleansing. You don't want released toxic substances to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream causing you discomfort or worse. An adsorptive detoxifier pulls these to itself and also will strip more waste from layers and pockets of the intestinal tract. Bentonite clay and activated willow charcoal are premiere purifiers used to safely engulf irritating acids, loosened wastes and released toxins. (Activated charcoal is used as a detoxifier in many hospital emergency rooms, and it's found in water purifiers.) Along with these detoxifiers, mucilaginous herbs help soothe the intestinal tract as everything is moved through and out. Our soothing detoxifier, Intestinal Cleanse 2 containing these ingredients is available in fast-acting powder or convenient capsules in all of our Intestinal Cleanse Packages.

A Simple Source of Nutrition for Increased Energy While Cleansing

Boost your nutrition and energy in preparation for your cleanse and throughout your cleanse. Cleansing takes energy! You body works harder when it is repairing itself and trying to maintain good function while changes are taking place. Our bodies work better when the blood is carrying adequate amounts of high quality nutrients.

Alkalizing vegetable foods assist in cleansing, and help turn clog & fog to energy and clarity! Green vegetables from the land or sea full of chlorophyll are especially cleansing.

A rapidly and easily assimilable green superfood supplement will help you resist cravings, avoid blood sugar spikes and lows, and give you the additional energy to successfully complete your cleanse. Make sure you have the nutrients you will need in a quick and easy form that doesn't take a lot of attention and won't clog your system.

We offer two green superfood blends with NO artifical ingredients: no gums, no sugar alcohols which could upset the digestive tract, no maltodextrin or other sweeteners, no altered, processed plant or animal proteins, no fillers.

We have Chlorella/Spirulina 50-50 energy blend mini-tablets - with two well-known cleansing and energy-boosting ingredients. These high-nutrient mini-tablets can be easily swallowed, or chewed, or mixed in a blender with juice or a smoothie. Try Chlorella/Spirulina 50-50 energy blend!

Or choose our premium superfood blend Vital Nutrition Plus, our low-temp dehydrated plant-based whole food supplement with 14 different superfoods for blending into smoothies, juices, dips or salad dressing. . No sweetened, no processed ingredients. Great for cleansing and after!

Clean, pure water - your body needs it!

Drink pure water, plus lemon is even better for hydration.Hydration is the single most important factor for your digestive system, healing, and detoxing of the body. Often when a person feels hungry, it is really water that they need. Eating requires more water for proper digestion. Sodas, prepared teas made with tap water, pasteurized bottled juices, and coffee do not count for hydration as these require more water from your body to process them internally. The only liquids that really make a difference as part of your daily hydration are in the fresh juices of vegetables and fruits, and clean spring or purified water which should also be used to make your tea. Adding enough real hydrating fluids daily will help make your cleanse more effective, and you will feel a big difference in well-being.

Deliver sufficient electrolytes and trace minerals to your body

Maintain your electrolytes and minerals while doing your cleanse. When you drink increased water each day, you also need to ensure that your electrolyte and trace mineral balances are maintained as they can be washed away. To do this, you can add Celtic Sea Salt to your spring water, fresh juices, or other foods each day (a total of 1 teaspoon daily). Regular table salt "sodium chloride" does not work for this. It does not have the full trace mineral spectrum that should be naturally present that natural Celtic Sea Salt has. In place of some of the sea salt, for mineral content you can also squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a pint of spring water or fresh juices.

Replenish your beneficial intestinal bacteria with a powerful Probiotic

Did you know about 70% of your immune system is in your gut? Beneficial intestinal flora regulate the immune system, turning it up when there is an imbalance or foreign invaders. In addition, the internal flora assists in breaking down foods for easier assimilation and elimination. These bacteria also manufacture B vitamins right in your gut, boosting mood and energy naturally. Eating fermented foods with live bacteria daily or supplementing with probiotics regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about our favorite probiotic capsule.

Get rid of stubborn parasites and other unwanted guests in your digestive system

The formula for detoxiifying the intestinal tract can engulf many parasites and microorganisms, helping to remove them. You can enhance this by taking additional herbs and foods which tend to expel parasites and make the digestive tract inhospitable to these harmful microorganisms. Ripe papayas, for example, have a spicy-tasting black seed which helps to expel parasites naturally. Our ParaHerbs Concentrate is effective on the stages of many parasites from eggs to adults and works well with the Intestinal Cleanse program.

When you are experiencing any illness, it can be particularly beneficial to cleanse and strengthen your body to repel invaders. An excellent herbal addition to support this is Echinacea to stimulate your white blood cell response. Also, Tonic Supreme is an excellent whole body tonic that helps create an internal environment inhospitable to harmful microorganisms.

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A simple, healthy food program to support your colon cleanse

While cleansing, it is best to add as many fresh raw vegetables and fruits to your meals as possible, and cut down or eliminate highly processed, empty calorie foods. Sugar is the obvious first target to eliminate, including sodas and sweetened beverages as well as candy, cakes and cookies. You can still get some benefit from your cleanse while eating fibreless protein foods (meat eggs, poultry) and low-water content foods. But keep in mind, your body will have an easier time cleaning house if it doesn't have to work to eliminate foods that are harder to digest or eliminate. Give your digestive system a break. Reduce or eliminate processed foods, and increase fresh vegetables and fruits during your cleanse. Juice fasting is perfect while cleansing. Or read Recommendations for a Healthy Diet During or After Cleansing for more moderate diet suggestions.

When to Cleanse?

  • As a health-boosting, preventative measure: One to four times a year, like after holidays and vacations to get back on track, for "spring or fall cleaning", or anytime you want to focus on yourself and clear your body and mind. A moderate cleanse can be achieved even without diet change. But deeper cleansing results come from doing a cleanse with diet modification, as of course the body can become cleaner and further into balance when not having to contend with additional daily stress from congesting foods. Diet recommendations allow for either level, so you can make choices according to your lifestyle.

  • To kick off a complete healing regime: An intensive intestinal cleanse can support efforts to survive a chronic illness and improve quality of life. In this case, the Intestinal Cleanse Program and nutritional improvements could be continued for several months, and supplemented with the addition of Liver Cleansing and Kidney Cleansing. This can be repeated every few months with a break in between until gradual progress and thorough detoxification has occurred.

Cleanse & Detoxify Waterfall
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  • Intestinal Cleanse Duo
    The perfect catalyst to help make changes in your lifestyle which improve your overall energy and health. We separate our intestinal cleanse into two separate formulas to take at different times, one for stimulating, strengthening and opening the bowels, and the other to absorb toxic materials and irritants, purify and soothe. We believe a intestinal cleanse works better when these two functions are not mixed, and their herbal ingredients have their full properties when each is taken. We think you will be very pleased with the results, feeling really clean and refreshed with more energy.

    • Intestinal Cleanse 10 Day Package
      Intestinal Cleanse Complete Package This package will give your digestive and intestinal system a fresh start with everything you need for intestinal cleansing, plus replenishing your beneficial intestinal bacteria, replacing minerals and and boosting your nutrition with a superfood supplement! If you are new to cleansing or want to start fresh with a full package, this is everything you need! Complete instructions plus a daily checklist comes with the package.
      • Intestinal Cleanse 1, an effective remedy for a sluggish, toxic colon
      • Intestinal Cleanse 2, gentle yet powerful with natural clay, apple pectin and activated charcoal to pull and neutralize acidic wastes from the intestinal walls.
      • Chlorella/Spirulina 50-50 energy mini-tablets flood your body with natural vitamins, minerals, healthy plant proteins and cleansing chlorophyl.
      • Southern Botanicals Probiotic, works very well with cleansing supplements, and enhances their effect to help normalize bowel movements.
      • Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt, mineral replacement during cleansing, and its vital trace minerals help support health.

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