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The Total Internal Body Cleanse: Your Passport to a Healthy Body


Who needs one? And Why?

When your body is healthy you seldom have any attention on it. You feel good. You focus on the outside world, its people, your work, the arts, nature and relationships. But when your body is sick, overweight, tired or in pain it pulls your attention onto it in a very unpleasant way.

And you start looking at ways to fix it. The symptoms for this non-optimum situation will demand solutions. If it's just a small, temporary inconvenience it can usually be handled easily. But there are times when you know that there's something (or things) that cannot be ignored.

When you are sick, tired, overweight, and in pain, the symptoms are usually connected to each other. There may be several conditions, like sleeplessness, stress and food cravings, but they are connected. Likewise, more than one organ or body system are involved. That's because your body organs and systems work together and if one is compromised it affects the others.

This is why a total internal body cleanse may be just what you need to restore your body's health. This cleanse draws toxins from every organ in the body. The cleanse is done in 4 steps starting with the digestive system and the intestines. Hippocrates stated , "All illness begins in the gut " over 2000 years ago. And this is even truer now than it was then considering the processing of our modern foods.

STEP 1 of the Total Internal Body Cleanse: Intestinal Cleansing

intestines with herb filled magnifying glassThe intestines are composed of the small intestines and the large intestine. The small intestines digest foods so they can be assimilated into your body. The large intestines (colon) remove excess water from fecal matter before it leaves the body, sending it to the kidneys for filtering. When wastes and toxins remain in the lower bowels overlong, reabsorption of chemicals and toxins back into the bloodstream occurs, often resulting in headaches, sluggish thinking and fatigue.

Internal cleansing results in clean, well functioning intestines which increase nutrient absorption and allow other organs to function better. You can empower the body to heal itself naturally by freeing it from the burden of reabsorbed toxins.

During a Pre-Cleanse step, you establish regular bowel movements if needed using Intestinal Cleanse 1. Intestinal Cleanse 1 handles mild to severe constipation and gets your bowels moving. It contains the following organic and wild-crafted herbs : Turkey Rhubarb root, Cape Aloe extract, Garlic bulb, Senna leaf, Barberry root, Cascara Sagrada, Cayenne Pepper fruit, Fennel seed and Ginger.

When you are having 1 or 2 regular bowel movements daily, you will already feel much better and experience considerable relief.

You are now ready to start on Intestinal Cleanse 2 which is Step 1 of the internal cleanse program. This cleanse is gentle but powerful. It cleans your intestines of old impacted fecal matter, acid wastes, chemical and drug residues, toxins, heavy metals and parasites, and soothes the tissues of the intestinal tract

It contains: Flax seeds, Apple Pectin, Bentonite clay, Slippery Elm bark, Marshmallow root, Fennel seeds, activated Willow Charcoal and Psyllium seeds & husks. The combined ingredients pull toxins and wastes from your intestinal walls, soften stools, reduce inflammation, help digestion, reduce gas and bulk the stools, making it easier for your muscles to push them out.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 and 2 are continued throughout the entire Total Internal Body Cleanse as your body will be releasing toxins from every organ. This prevents toxic build up and ensures the wastes released from all other steps are detoxified and safely leave your body.
You can read more about Intestinal Cleanse 1 by reading Intestinal Cleanse 1 - The First Step to a Healthy Body and you can find out more about Intestinal Cleanse 2 by reading Intestinal Cleanse 2 - An Essential for Cleansing.

Step 2 of the Total Internal Body Cleanse: Liver Cleansing

Liver filled with herbs Now you are ready to handle a truly vital organ to your body's health-- the Liver. This is the body's main blood detoxifier. It's job is to separate out useful nutrients from molecular wastes so new materials can be synthesized with them. In doing this, the liver filters out the chemical toxins and waste materials that can't be utilized from the blood and these are then eliminated by the kidneys or out through bile into the intestines.

The liver has the ability to regenerate itself. But it can become overloaded with toxic wastes from processed foods, excess protein, over-eating, unhealthy fats and oils, additive chemicals, alcohol, drugs and medications.

Probably the worst culprit is high fructose corn syrup found in almost all cereals, candies and processed foods which contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. These plus a sedentary life style, can and do create liver damage. Presently liver disease is on the rise even among non-drinkers.

A properly functioning liver can handle almost all non-optimum health issues. When it is fully working your body has strong protection. It stores vitamins, minerals and sugars needed for energy, controls blood sugar levels, regulates hormones, fights infections and makes losing weight easier. It resolves sleep problems, relieves allergies and brings about a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The liver has a huge influence on aging. A healthy liver can lower your biological age by 20 years whereas an unhealthy liver can raise it that much or more. Biological age measures the level of health and fitness of your body and mind which is different from your chronological age (how many years you've lived).

Just about everybody wants to look and feel young, healthy, happy and energetic, but due to our current "chemical world", your liver may be overloaded with toxins and in need of repair. This is why almost everyone should do a liver cleanse now and then. By flushing toxins from your liver and making diet and lifestyle changes, you can improve your present and future quality of life.

Like many body conditions, there may be no early signs or symptoms of liver problems. But knowing why it develops can make you think twice about what you or your family are eating and make changes as needed.

Do you have any of these signs or symptoms? They could indicate liver problems:

  • poor concentration * low energy * waking up at night between 2 and 4 a.m.

  • fatigue * bloating * bad breath

  • headaches * frequent illnesses

  • inability to lose weight *

  • rashes * obesity

  • constipation * belly fat *

The answer to any or no symptoms is to do an herbal liver cleanse and heal your liver by flushing out all toxins. This applies especially to anyone who eats the standard American diet, takes drugs or medications, or is exposed to environmental toxins.

The Cleanse consists of taking 1-2 dropperfuls of Liver Cleanse Concentrate in a cup of Liver Cleanse Tea several times a day. The tea has a delightful aroma and tastes great.

Liver Cleanse Concentrate contains the following ingredients: Milk Thistle seed, Oregon Grape root, Gentian root, Chanca Piedra leaf, Garlic bulb, Fennel seed, Dandelion root and Ginger root. These natural herbal remedies have been used in Europe, Asia and by Native Americans for countless years to improve health.

Liver Cleanse Tea Ingredients: Dandelion root, Burdock root, Cinnamon bark, Carob pod, Fennel seed, Cardamom seeds, Clove bud, Black Peppercorn, Orange peel, Juniper Berry, Ginger root, Parsley root, Licorice root, Pau d'Arco, Horsetail and Chanca Piedra leaf.

The liver cleansing step may the breakthrough you have been looking for in your health. It's safe and easy to do. Customers report abundant energy, lessened food cravings, weight loss and a renewed feeling of mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Step 3 of the Total Internal Body Cleanse: Kidney Cleansing

kidneys filled with herbsKidney Cleansing is a vital back up action. By cleansing the kidneys, overload will be reduced and your kidneys will be more able to filter the wastes from other organs.

To perform optimally, kidneys need to be relieved of toxins such as protein wastes and chemical additives which build up, increase acidity, raise blood pressure and diminish kidney effectiveness.

A diet plentiful in vegetables and fruits with reduced meats helps to detoxify the kidneys. Excess animal protein may produce more uric acid than your kidneys can process. Aside from diet, drinking purified or filtered water, a little at a time, exercising at a level right for you, getting enough sleep to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs and avoiding toxins in foods, beauty, personal care and cleaning products helps your kidneys to detoxify.

Kidney Cleansing consists of taking Kidney Cleanse Tea and Kidney & Bladder Cleanse Concentrate several times a day and making life style changes, as well. The ingredients in Kidney Cleanse Tea are: Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi leaf, Dandelion leaf, Orange peel, Horsetail herb, Peppermint leaf, Goldenrod flower,Corn silk, Parsley root & leaf, Hydrangea, root, Chanca Piedra leaf and Marshmallow root.
Kidney & Bladder Cleanse Concentrate contains the following ingredients: Juniper berries, Uva Ursi leaf, Corn silk, Horsetail herb, Pipsissewa leaf, Burdock root, Goldenrod flower, Parsley root & leaf.

After the kidney cleansing, urine flow is clearer and excess mineral deposiits may dissolve. You will feel more energetic. Some of the side benefits reported by our customers are rashes disappearing, increased mental focus, sleeping soundly, maintaining a normal blood pressure and pains diminishing or disappearing. For more information on Kidneys and Kidney Cleansing read this article: Natural Kidney Cleanse.

Step 4 of the Total Internal Body Cleanse: Blood & Lymph Cleansing

Blood and lymph cleansing is the last step in the Total Internal Body Cleanse. After your organs have been detoxified it's vital that the blood be purified of all toxins, as it is responsible for carrying nutrients, oxygen and hormones to those organs , not more toxins.

blood and lymph system with herbsBlood is your body's "River of Life". It can be a clean swiftly flowing river or a sluggish contaminated one depending on your how you care for your blood.

Blood & Lymph Cleansing consists of taking 1 to two dropperfuls of Blood & Lymph Cleanse Concentrate to each cup of Blood & Lymph Cleanse Tea 3 times a day. This is repeated for 5 days. It will purify your blood and lymph fluid and result in greatly improved health.

Blood & Lymph Cleanse Concentrate contains the following natural herbal ingredients: Red Clover blossom, Chapperal leaf, Burdock root, Goldenseal root, Lobelia, Oregon Grape root, Yellow Dock root, Garlic and Cayenne Pepper fruit.

Blood & Lymph Cleanse Tea contains: Red Clover blossoms, Oregon Grape root and Chaparral leaf.

This is an Easy, Safe Way to Better Health.

The Total Internal Body Cleanse takes about a month. On each step you will experience positive changes. At the end of it, many lose excess weight, feel increased energy, sleep better and have clearer skin. People often notice stronger immunity and resistance to colds and flu. Chronic non-optimum conditions and their symptoms generally improve.

To make sure you have the best possible results from your cleanse, included in your package are a full set of directions from before you start the cleanse, through each step along the way. For each step you get a schedule of what to take, when to take it and a place to check off as you complete each action.

There are tips for the products, diet and cleansing recommendations. meal recommendations, Juicing instructions, recipes for kidney flush, liver flush and vegetable broth, and which foods will best compliment your cleanse.

We also have phone or email support for any questions you have at any point in your cleanse. So you are not alone!

Depending on your age, past or present food choices and past or current life style, you may well be a prime candidate for the Total Internal Body Cleanse.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you look and feel older than your chronological age?

  • Do you have physical conditions for which you are taking medication that could be improved with the addition of diet and lifestyle changes?

  • Are you tired or lacking energy?

  • Are you stressed out or depressed?

  • Are you overweight despite trying to lose weight?

  • Do you have a history of eating the standard American diet (lots of animal proteins, unsafe highly processed vegetable oils (almost all oils except for extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil), sugar or artificial "sugars", simple carbohydrates (breads, pasta, cereals), processed foods and genetically modified fruits and vegetables or little or no fruits and vegetables?

If any of these apply to you, a Total Internal Body Cleanse is recommended. And that's because every day your body and its organs are building up more toxins and waste products that can damage them and prevent them from operating effectively.

The sooner you begin cleansing your body's organs the faster and easier it will be rejuvenate them . This is safer and costs far less money than waiting until the damage is too serious to revert with a simple natural program.

It's time to decide... Do you want to take control of your future by getting your entire body on the road back to health? If so, start now!

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