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Blood Detox Tea
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Purifying the blood will help remove toxins and allow the blood to carry the necessary nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. Detoxifying the blood and body helps remove harmful toxins and improve the functioning of our vital organs such as the kidney and liver. Cleansing the blood is probably one of the most important weapons in the alternative health arsenal for achieving optimal health.


When our body has too many toxins, our vital organs can get damaged and under-perform and we develop symptoms of allergies, low immunity, headaches, fatigue and many other health related problems. We take toxins into our body all the time and these toxins disrupt the functions of our internal organs.  


The overall functioning of our body heavily depends on the proper functioning of our blood. The less the toxins in our blood, the more efficient the blood will be in transferring all the good substances throughout our body. Several organs in our body already do great jobs in cleansing the blood and removing harmful impurities and toxins but blood purifiers can further help the body with the detox process.


NOTE: This formula is even more effective when used in conjunction with the Blood Detox Concentrate and the Blood Detox Cleanse Program.


3.5 oz. dry herbs

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Blood Detox Concentrate
Blood Detox Concentrate

Blood Detox Concentrate’s ability to cleanse the blood is vital and one of the most important actions one can take in creating the body’s environment so it can achieve more optimum health. Herbal blood cleansers have been around a long time and have high workability without damaging surrounding body systems.  Red Clover, Chaparral, Burdock Root, Cayenne, Golden Seal, Garlic and many others work very well. Our formula purifies the blood and lymph, removing toxins.

2 oz. Dropper Bottle

NOTE: This formula is even more effective when used in conjunction with the Blood Detox Concentrate and the Blood Detox Cleanse Program.

Ingredients: Red Clover blossom, Lobelia herb, Cayenne pepper, Chaparral herb, Garlic, Burdock seed & root, Poke root, Goldenseal root, Oregon Grape root, Bloodroot root.

For a breakdown of the ingredients, and their effects in this product click the "More Info" tab.


Manufacturer: Southern Botanicals
Cayenne Concentrate - 1 oz Dropper Bottle
Cayenne Concentrate - 1 oz Dropper Bottle

1 oz Dropper Bottle

Is Cayenne the Superman of all herbs? Through centuries of application, professional herbalists discovered Cayenne to be the ‘most beneficial’ and useful of all herbs for the heart, circulation, and digestion - No other herb facilitates blood flow as completely or as fast as Cayenne. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in Cayenne that makes it produce heat. The hottest Cayenne may feel very warm but actually causes no harm whatsoever. It is rich in Vitamins A, C, the complete B complexes, as well as organic calcium and potassium. Although intensely potent it can be used both internally and externally to treat a multitude of conditions. Cayenne can be found in many of Southern Botanicals herbal tinctures and cleanses, as it is proven to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of other herbs. With Nutritional as well as Medicinal powers, Cayenne has no equal in your health supplement program. Try some today

Uses: Emergency situations like stroke, heart attack, internal bleeding, shock and fainting spells, cayenne is unmatched in the herbal world. It improves circulation, regulates blood pressure, prevents blood clots, restores the digestive system, and is also known to reduce pain. Read more about Cayenne and see what else cayenne can do for you!

"Am very glad I was introduced to Cayenne. I use it with garlic and ginger and my blood pressure has come down!" - R.C., Fairbanks, AK

"I was prescribed Cayenne Concentrate by my doctor to help with detoxifying from heavy metal poisoning as it increases circulation. I take two drops in the morning and two drops when I go in the sauna. It handles my cramps too; they go away when I take it." - D.M.

Scoville Scale: 200,000 heat units

Ingredients: Organic Red Habanero, African Bird, and Scotch Bonnet peppers in a base of distilled water & pharmaceutical alcohol.


Manufacturer: Southern Botanicals
Liver Cleanse Duo
Liver Cleanse Duo

This dual herbal liver cleansing package benefits all parts of the body. The liver is the largest gland in the body and good health suffers rapidly when this valuable detoxification organ is not operating properly.

Some signs of an unhealthy liver:

  • High blood pressure, obesity, skin problems, tired, angry, stressed, sleep
  • problems, constipation, allergies and headaches.

Some benefits of doing a liver cleanse:

  • Improved digestion, elimination of body toxins, loss of that bloated feeling
  • Inches starting to come off the midsection, increased energy and sexual performance, skin health enhanced and headaches gone or decreasing.
  • Liver Concentrate helps build the blood and at the same time cleans it while the Liver Cleanse tea kicks in to help assist in liver function and restoration of cells.


Manufacturer: Southern Botanicals
Total Internal Body Cleanse
Total Internal Body Cleanse

Total Internal Body Cleanse is the Ultimate Health Cleanse and is designed to cleanse and detox the entire body in a one month cleanse for the intestinal system, liver, kidney, and clearing the blood.


Manufacturer: Southern Botanicals

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