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We welcome you on your search for proven answers to your health and nutritional questions - and we thank you for the opportunity to provide them. Our 15 years of personal hands-on experience with Herbal Remedies, Body Detoxification, and Superfoods, allows us to supply you with a large confirmed knowledge base of answers, and they are right here at your fingertips!

Our product quality and outstanding track record of results has no equal, as our many customer testimonials will attest. This is because we not only distribute safe quality products and provide professional nutritional consulting, we are Manufacturers and Researchers. This give us a unique perspective and attention to detail that shines through with every customer we serve, and we invite you to discover what 1000s already have.

Nutritional knowledge is Power - So Let Us Empower You... TODAY!

Colon/Intestinal Cleanse 1 Will Improve Regularity, Help to Remove Parasites, Support Health and Restore Energy Naturally
Intestinal Cleanse 1

Cleanse and Detoxify

Cleanse and detoxify to put your body back in balance and renew your natural energy. Cleansing Programs

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Get an Energy Boost and Better Health through Organic Whole Food / Super Food Nutritional Supplement
Vital Nutrition Plus

Superfoods Supplements

Nutrition in a form that your body needs: whole foods rich in nutrients, naturally balanced for absorption and utilization because no component is missing. Why Whole Food Supplements?

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Herbal medicinal concentrate and flowers for natural health improvment  through highest quality organic ingredients

Herbal Remedies

We manufacture herbal medicinals from wild-crafted and organic herbs, providing phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins in a concentrated form to help body organs or systems regain their function. Southern Botanicals

Browse to find herbal concentrates for teeth and gums, eyes, heart, immune system and much more.

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Master's Miracle II Natural Alkaline Balancing pH Soaps, Gels, Moisturizer Body Care and Cleaning products

Balance Your pH with Miracle II for Body Care and Cleaning

Use natural & organic alkalizing soaps for balancing acidity in the body as well as hygiene and cleaning. Reduce the toxic load on your body. Keep your environment as natural and toxic-free as possible.
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Eat Healing Organic Foods while Cleansing for Better Energy and Health

High-Nutrient Natural Diet

Add natural whole, nutrient-dense foods to your diet to help you come alive, normalize weight and heal naturally. Find out about What To Eat... article
Shop for Organic SuperFoods, Healthy Gluten-free Sugar-free Snacks, Special Supplements, Food Prep Equipment. SuperFoods/ Nutrition/Supplement Store

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