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Hot and Cold Showers - Lymphatic Cleansing

The Lymphatic System - How It Works to Reduce Inflammation, Illness and Pain

One of the critical parts of the body affected by hot and cold shower therapy is the lymphatic system. This comprises a vast network of lymph vessels, nodes and organs, like the tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus which are part of the immune system.

Lymph nodes are found in the armpits, neck, groin, and deep in the chest around the lungs and heart. The lymph tissue helps white blood cells recognize and destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Lymph vessels carry clear fluid full of infection-fighters with antibodies, playing a key role in defending your body. Once toxins are destroyed, the lymph fluid is filtered in the nodes and returned to the system.

Another function of the lymph is to bathe all the cells in nourishing liquid and to carry away debris and wastes. It carries on exchanges between the cells and the blood, especially carrying the fat-soluble nutrients. Lymph makes up a part of the clear component of the blood in the cardiovascular system.

Unlike the blood, the lymph is pumped by the movement of the muscles, so no exercise equals stagnant lymph and a sluggish immune response and poorly nourished cells. Since your lymph system cleanses your entire body, when slow it can show up as symptoms like frequent colds, infections and joint pain.

Hot and cold shower therapy benefits the lymphatic system since lymph vessels contract when exposed to cold, and relax in response to heat. The lymphatic system doesn't have a central pump, relying instead on muscle contraction to move lymph fluid through the vessels. If fluid stagnates in the lymph vessels through lack of exercise, it can lead to a weakened immune system and irritated tissues. When you alternate your body's exposure to hot and cold water, your lymph vessels dilate and contract to "pump" fluid that may have stagnated in the system.

Tissues can become inflamed when excess fluids collect in an area of the body, causing swelling. Stimulating circulation in the lymphatic system through hot and cold showers helps to reduce buildup of fluids and ease inflammation. Excess fluid is funneled by the lymph system to lymph nodes in the area, flushing toxins and pathogens out of the area. This also triggers the immune system to begin attacking any invaders in the fluid.

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Dry skin brushing is another great way to get your circulation going and help cleanse your lymphatic system, since many lymph vessels lie just under the skin.

A Revitalizing Sea Salt Bath A sea salt bath is also helpful if you want to rejuvenate your skin while detoxifying and remineralizing.

One of the main actions of hot and cold water therapy is that it encourages your body to release toxins and wastes. To kick detoxification up to the next level, you can increase the pathways used to detoxify. Doing a Whole Body Cleanse will help ensure toxins are removed well through additional pathways of the body and not allowed to circulate through the lymph and blood.

If you are looking to detoxify your body, doing a Total Internal Body Cleanse all in one month, or in phases addressing the intestines/colon, liver, kidneys and blood - can be a great follow up to hot and cold shower therapy. Cleansing with herbs allows you to easily and safely clear toxins and waste as needed, usually once or twice a year. Herbal cleansing has the advantage that it is done at home on your schedule.

About the Whole Body Cleanse Program

The Whole Total Internal Body Cleanse Program is the most thorough, complete, full body detox cleanse that we offer. It is intended for people who want to feel and function better in life. Even people with chronic health conditions labeled "incurable" by conventional doctors may experience an improvement in quality of life. The program is extensive, and goes far beyond one-system cleansing into full cleansing of the body organs and systems in sequence, to make a real difference. Recommended once a year, or repeated as needed.

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