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Are You Sure That You Get All the Nutrition Your Body Really Needs?

Recent research indicates that most people in the US have at least one hidden deficiency of a major mineral, such as calcium or magnesium. Even if you are eating a "balanced" or healthy diet and taking supplements, your body could still lack vital and necessary nutrition! Click here to see some of our products that contain minerals.

Are You Mineral Deficient? Take This Easy Quiz

Check all that apply to you now or recently:

Group A

sensitive to pain
muscle spasms, restless leg, charlie horse
premenstrual distress
frequent illness & fatigue
dental caries (cavities), teething pain
receding gums
twitches or facial tics
aching joints

Group B

irregular heart beat, heart disease
chronic stress
high LDL (bad cholesterol)
high blood pressure
a tendency to kidney stones
cold hands & feet
painful joints, bone spurs

Group C

recurrent yeast infections , candida
extreme tiredness, fatigue
low resistance to infection
brain fog, difficulty concentrating
thinning hair
recurrent miscarriages
tendency to low thyroid
residence in a humid, high rainfall climate
family history of heart problems
parents or grandparents who had cancer

Group D

chronic tiredness
frequent urination
menstrual distress
dizziness upon standing up
always thirsty, or never thirsty
liver problems (difficulty with digestion)
a parent/ grandparent who's had Alzheimers'
a family problem with hypoglycemia or diabetes

Group E

premature graying of the hair
thin skin
liver problems
sagging skin
any family member who had an aneurysm
arthritic conditions

Group F

itchy skin or scalp
hair loss
brittle nails and hair
stiffness after resting
pain and swelling around joints
low energy

Group G

shortness of breath
sore, inflamed tongue
brittle nails
pale skin
lethargy / lack of energy
crave ice or non-food substances
dizzyness / lightheaded

Group H

rapid weight gain
sluggishness / fatigue
slow mental reactions
dry hair
rapid pulse
heart palpatations
low libido

Group I

muscular weakness
muscle cramps
fatigue, lethargy
mental apathy, slow mental reactions
tingling or numbness
rapid pulse, heart palpatations
nervousness, restlessness
constipation or abdominal crampng & bloating
lirritability, mood swings
nausea or vomiting

Group J

dry, brittle, thinning hair
splitting, ridged or brittle nails
acne or rosacea
premature wrinkles
dry, dull skin
tendency to nervousness and fatigue
high cholesterol
soft tooth enamal, receding gums
weak, soft bones and teeth, bone spurs
joint pain and weakness

If you scored 2 or more in any Group, you may have a Deficiency in the Mineral shown.

Group A: Calcium & Magnesium
Group B: Magnesium
Group C: Selenium
Group D: Chromium / Vanadium
Group E: Copper
Group F: Sulfur
Group G: Iron
Group H: Iodine
Group I: Potassium
Group J: Silica

(Disclaimer: This quiz is for educational purposes. See your health practitioner about utilizing the information. This does not construe a diagnosis or treatment.)

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