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Cravings And Modern Society

Vital Nutrition is Missing!
We cannot get all the vitamins & minerals we need for metabolic competence from the standard three meals a day.

When the body has been assaulted by stressors, drugs, pollutants, injury or sickness, nutrients are lost more rapidly than normal and if they are not replaced, the victim's ability to withstand stressors or fight off disease is reduced.

We use so many labor-saving devices that we need fewer calories. As food intake is reduced, it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need without taking supplements.

Pollutants in the air, food & water put a stress on all of us. As a result, we require more vitamins & minerals to support the enzyme systems which aid in discharging these unwanted toxins.

Those sweet, "empty calorie" foods that are "forced down our throats", rob the body of the nutrients required for digestion & absorption. In addition, food sensitivities & yeast infections damage intestinal lining cells, so that even when we do eat good nutrient-dense food, absorption is limited.

Standard orthodox medical doctors used to believe that diet and supplements were not important or at least were unrelated to health. New research now shows conclusively that nutrient deficiencies and dependencies do exist when people try to maintain their health on three meals a day using the "four food groups."

The condition called "PICA"

When people experience a craving for "junk food" or alcohol or drugs) suggests that the body is not getting something in the regular diet.

People tend to consume too much of a certain thing (fat, sugar, calories) in order to obtain missing nutrients. Even if your diet were able to supply you with adequate doses of the major minerals, it would still be lacking in the trace minerals found in the Toddy products.

It is important to know why the body needs some of these trace elements, as well as the effects of a deficiency in them.

Those colloidal trace minerals found in our mineral products are 98% absorbable by the body, and as you can see, play a very important role in maintaining a healthy balance within our systems.


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