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The Founder of Southern Botanicals and Health Freedom Resources Founder of Health Freedom Resources

"Liberty is to the collective body, what health is to every individual body. Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man; without liberty, no happiness can be enjoyed by society."
~ Henry St. John

Ron Radstrom, was the Founder of Health Freedom Resources and Southern Botanicals. Ron passed away in November 2019 and will be missed by many. We appreciate the kind thoughts and words of people who knew him personally.

His Story: I began my education in natural health in the early 1990's, talking with a veterinarian who gave me the revelation that vital minerals were missing in our depleted soils, so our foods were missing essential minerals, resulting in declining health in our country. I became an intent researcher of foods and natural health, finding that natural foods and herbs can actually help one heal the body of an amazing number of ailments.

Since then I have passionately pursued ways to achieve health by improving how our foods are raised and to raise the awareness of people about their freedom to choose health the natural way.

My personal explorations in natural health, which I invited others to share, started with mixing rock dust and healthy soil bacteria into the garden to improve mineral content, composting in a big way, then using raised bed gardens with improved soils. I have made a point to visit organic farms in many areas, and studied and worked with experienced farmers using some of the best methods for sustainable agriculture. This included rotation grazing to rebuild healthy soil using pastured cows and chickens that improve the soil while they eat only their own natural foods - various grasses, and for chickens the insects and plants found in pastures. I also did an apprenticeship in a project to feed the hungry of the third world which taught aquaponics to efficiently and safely raise nutritious fish and vegetables in a controlled ecosystem. I am a supporter of getting to know local farmers so that you can eat foods raised by good sustainable methods in your area if you can't grow your own.

My search for the highest quality natural healing foods led me next to study herbs and nutrition. I took, and then led hands-on workshops on how to make and use powerful healing herbal formulas. The workshops were the beginning of Southern Botanicals, where I started with volunteers learning to make medicinal herbal formulas by hand in small batches. Our herbal formula department in Southern Botanicals was headed by Ruza, a gem, who was a former pharmacist from Eastern Europe who wanted to go back to the natural materia medica. She kept everything organized and working in our medicinal herbal formula production and packaging areas.

One of my keen interests has been the Raw Foods movement. A natural outgrowth of gardening and searching for the healthiest healing foods, I found raw fooders to be radiant people, glowing, looking clean inside and out. Involvment in the Raw food diet movement gave me the chance to make and eat delicious healthy raw vegan recipes and introduce these to others in my community. Teaching others hands-on how to make high-enzyme healthy raw meals and snacks, I held workshops at night at Southern Botanicals for months. We made fresh green juices, raw vegan pizzas, goji berry chocolates, fresh almond milk, sesame milk and oat milk, and many raw food crackers and other treats for our local customers. These were a great addition to your diet, or for many, a way of life.

My certificates are Holistic Health Practitioner, American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University, Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation. I have given many workshops and seminars, as well as individual counseling, on how to eat a healthier diet. I have found that through enlightenment on how diet truly affects their health, people can change for the better and use their bodies' natural healing powers to rejuvenate. What you don't eat is often more important than what you do eat.

Ron Radstrom,

Thanks to the following people and organizations with whom I studied, and from whom I learned about natural health and improving our nutrition and food supply:

Dr Joel Wallach, Veterinarian and Medical researcher
Dr John Christopher, Master herbalist
Dr Richard Schulze, Herbalist and healer
Dr Weston A Price Foundation
Dr Joel Furhman, Cardiologist and teacher
Dr Mark Hyman
Institute of Integrative Nutrition & Council of Holistic Practitioners
Joel and Dan Saladin, Polyface Farm
Ian Mitchell Innes - High Density Grazing School
Greg Judy - Rotational Grazing
Victoria Boutenko and her family, Igor, Sasha & Sergi
Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico
Friend Winston Kao
Morningstar Fisherman
First Annual Financial Permaculture Course in Hohenwald, TN

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