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Alkaline/Acid 80/20 Chart
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Why You Need It

This chart was created by Dhyana Tribe ND and graphically lays out Dr. Baroody's thoroughly researched findings based on the information in Dr. Theodore Baroody's book Alkalize or Die to help you make correct food and lifestyle choices which result in better health. It is presented in a user-friendly form that makes it easy to understand and remedy an over-acid condition of the body and find true balance and vibrant health.

The pH of the body controls and affects all the functions of the body. Good health requires a body to be in proper Alkaline/Acid balance. Human bodies operate best at a slightly alkaline blood pH ( about 7.2) and will pull minerals from bones and organs to try to maintain this when diet, environment and stresses introduce acid reactions that bring it down.

Everything taken into the body and all situations (including emotional, mental or spiritual) can affect the body leaving an alkaline or acid residue. These reactions are electro-chemical. Alkaline residues strengthen health, vitality, resilience and on-demand energy. Any Acid residue decreases the ability to energize the body's system. Acid wastes tend to build up and literally attack the systems of the body, dramatically accelerating the aging process. A healthy body maintains an Alkaline mineral reserve to prevent disease and handle any emergency situations.

The front of the chart gives a list of foods and where they each fall on a scale from extremely alkaline forming through to extremely acid forming.

The back of the chart makes it easy for you to improve your body's pH and future health. The following is some of the information covered:

Good Digestion
How to ensure proper digestion happens even if you have a busy fast-paced life.
Rules for eating to improve digestion
Symptoms of digestive stress (Some will surprise you!)
Remedies for relief of digestive stress
Digestive herbs
and more...

Excess Acid Waste
Initial symptoms of over-acidity
Intermediate symptoms of over-acidity
Advanced symptoms of over-acidity

The Antidote for Excess Acidity
Healing Crisis
How Hippocrates healed his patients in ancient times
The Standard American Diet almost always results in an acidic body pH.
There are safe, natural solutions that work fast and are very effective.
Guide to the Use of the 80/20 Food Theory Chart

The last part of the chart guides you to success. Future health is not mysterious. This tool empowers you to take charge of your health.

Get and use the Alkaline/Acid 80/20 Chart so you can move your pH to mildly alkaline. Controlling your body's pH is the easiest, fastest and safest way to improve your health.

Start the process:

  • Make a fresh squeezed alkaline green veggie-fruit juice each day, and add a spoonful of alkalizing Energy-Boosting Vital Nutrition Plus green whole food supplement to it (or take it in capsules with the drink).
  • Purchase our pH paper test strips and monitor your pH for a while. See how your food choices affect this.
  • Purchase and use the 80% / 20% Alkaline/Acid Chart.
  • Purchase and use the book, Alkalize or Die by Theodore Baroody.
  • Purchase Intestinal Cleanse #1 to assist with the Acid waste removal.
  • Purchase Intestinal Cleanse #2 to assist with the detoxification from long term accumulations.
  • Drink a lot of good water, and do some form of daily exercise.
  • Validate yourself for actually wanting to improve your health and starting to do something about it.
  • Communicate with people who will support your good intentions and not make what you are doing complicated or deride it.


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