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Intestinal Cleanse 1
The First Step to a Healthy Body

The intestinal tract's main functions are breakdown and absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes, and immune response to foreign matter or microorganisms. It is easy to understand that blocking up the intestinal tract can cause a variety of symptoms. Constipation, low energy, obesity, poor resistance to infection, non-optimum immune response, and skin problems are signs the intestines need cleansing.

Constipation will result in the reabsorption of toxins from wastes which are not moving through and out of the body promptly. Over time, waste materials build up along the walls of the small intestines, making it harder for nutrients to be fully absorbed into the blood. Less nutrition from your food and more toxins and waste in your bloodstream, do not make for a healthy body. This doesn't happen overnight, but many years of eating in a way that congests the gastrointestinal tract has a cumulative effect.

There are different causes for slow bowels: the most common reasons include unhealthy diet choices, foods low in water content and fiber, a disturbed balance of intestinal flora or lack of the beneficial bacteria, stress, many medications, lack of exercise and not drinking enough water. cereal

Diet choices that are constipating include refined grains, flours and sugars, and all processed foods. This includes processed cereals and other breakfast foods, most sandwiches and desserts. Food-processing with heat, chemicals or pressure alters nutritional content generally rendering it indigestible or less digestible.

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Eggs, meats, fish and dairy are fiber-less proteins which are constipating and need help from high-water content fiber to make their way through the intestines. Fresh vegetables and fruits should have a high priority in any diet to provide plenty of water content, fiber and nutrients which are available to the body.

Another top cause of sluggish or irregular bowel movements is not having enough beneficial bacteria (intestinal flora) in the gut to help break down foods, regulate peristalsis and soften stools. Beneficial gut bacteria can be destroyed by chlorine that is in drinking water and absorbed in showers, by antibiotics and other medications, by pollution and stress, making it vital to nurture our good gut bacteria. Probiotic supplements are a fast way to replace some friendly bacteria. Fiber is an optimum food for beneficial gut bacteria. Whole grains or beans, as well as many vegetables and fruits can supply helpful fiber to feed the gut bacteria. Natural, fermented and cultured foods as in traditional diets also help maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria.

medicationsMedications such as certain painkillers, antidepressants, and antacids tend to cause constipation. Substances like opioid painkillers slow down peristalsis, which hardens stools. This allows food in the gut to stagnate and eventually ferment as it waits to be moved through the intestines. Harmful bacteria have more of a chance to take root in an unhealthy blocked system. Beneficial bacteria may assist in keeping balance and movement in the internal environment.

These bowel culprits can take time to reverse naturally. Intestinal Cleanse 1 can be taken periodically as needed to clear out build up. It keeps the bowels open while you bridge the gap between old and new health habits that deal directly with the causes of slow bowels.

When regularity is restored to the intestines and wastes are moved out, energy increases, skin problems begin to clear up, and headaches caused by backed up waste in the body are relieved. Giving the body a chance to comfortably remove old poisonous toxins supports healthy tissues.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 for constipation Since the intestinal tract is connected to other major organs and systems of the body, its health affects surrounding organs. Cleansing the intestinal tract can help boost the entire digestive system as a whole and connected organs. This is one reason we use whole plant parts to make our herbal formula, not just standardized herbal extracts for isolated specific effects.

These herbs also support a healthy gut and tend to discourage invaders in the digestive tract. Giving healthy bacteria a chance to replenish, helps restore natural balance and vitality to the body.

NOTE: Intestinal Cleanse 1 stimulates peristaltic waves, helping the digestive system to expel waste. A little gas may be released from the loosened toxins, in which case taking a few Intestinal Cleanse 2 capsules will absorb the gas and loosened acids, and relieve this.

For irritated conditions of the intestines with loose stools, do not use Intestinal Cleanse 1. In this case, Intestinal Cleanse 2 is recommended for use instead. Loose liquid evacuations are soothed and regulated by the herbs and natural absorptive ingredients in Intestinal Cleanse 2, making it a more appropriate choice. Read more about ... Intestinal Cleanse 2

Note on Constipation in Pregnant Women and Intestinal Cleanse 1: Any types of laxatives, herbal or otherwise, are not recommended for the treatment of constipation during pregnancy because they can stimulate uterine contractions. We recommend you consult with your doctor to find a solution. Iron supplements may be a cause of constipation.

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More information about Cleansing:

Intestinal Cleanse 1 can be used alone or it can be combined with the fiber of Intestinal Cleanse 2 at different times of day to absorb acid wastes that are moving through the digestive system and carry them safely away, soothing the inner lining all the way through. Intestinal Cleanse 2 will absorb and draw out toxins, poisons, drug residues and heavy metals.

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