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Why Do an Intestinal Cleanse?

Rediscover Good Health through Cleansing!

It is estimated that over 90% of diseases can be a attributed directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive system. As Dr. Bernard Jensen, pioneering naturopathic physician said, "It is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place."

When your intestines are layered with old, impacted waste, your digestive and eliminative process struggles. Long term buildup causes peristaltic action to slow down, allowing waste toxins to reabsorb as they not able to move out of the intestines. This toxic residue may be loaded with parasites, pharmaceuticals, free radicals, dead tissue and old, decaying food.

What would happen if you never changed oil or filters in your car?
Imagine how you would feel if that was your body!

A polluted intestinal tract means... dirty blood, poor digestion and malnutrition.

Toxins from a polluted and congested colon constantly seep into the bloodstream and lymph systems. They eventually settle into the weakest areas of the body. Unfortunately the symptoms that result from a toxic overload in the colon are generally treated rather than the cause.

Symptoms that Could Relate to Intestinal Problems:
  • Lack of Energy
  • Rashes and Skin Problems
  • Bloating with Gas
  • Diverticulitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Premature Aging
  • Poor Eyesight
  • Memory Loss
  • Poor Complexion and Wrinkles
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Diabetes, and more.

As Dr. Jensen puts it, "Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so on to the organs and tissues."

Disease can only be permanently overcome when the "cause" is addressed,
rather than simply treating the symptom.

"I started the bowel detox program just a few days ago and cannot believe the difference in how I feel!! I have a sense of well being and energy that I just haven't felt in years! Thanks for making this available!" ... J.L., Dothan, AL.

It's easier to adopt lifestyle changes when you make a fresh start and keep your digestive tract clean and functioning. Intestinal Cleansing is the most fundamental of all internal cleansing actions.

For a look at the 7 factors of a successful cleanse, see

Your Guide to Intestinal Cleansing ...

Experience More Energy and Easier Natural Eliminations Now!

Get 10% Off Our Intestinal Cleanse Duo & Energy Boost Package.

Doing an Intestinal Cleanse is a great preventative measure that can boost your health. The Intestinal Cleanse Duo with Energy Boost Package is the best place for you to start if you're new to cleansing and want more energy. After doing an Intestinal Cleanse, you've set the foundation to add other cleanses and begin an entire healing regimen to help your body overcome chronic illness.

Get started with easier eliminations and more energy today!

Doing an Internal Cleanse promotes optimum food absorption and improved peristaltic action by removing old toxins and waste from your digestive and intestinal system. You don't want them slowing down your system, keeping you from getting the best nutrition from your food!

Our Intestinal (Colon) Cleanse removes old impacted fecal matter, residual chemicals, toxins and heavy metals, and parasites at the root of toxicity, deficiency and imbalance. A clean intestinal system allows other organs to function better, free from the stress of reabsorbed toxins, and enables the natural healing powers of the body to work.

Save 10% When You Order One of Our Intestinal Cleanse Packages!

Want to experience the benefits of intestinal cleansing at the right level for you?

Intestinal (Colon) Cleanse Duo:
There are various cleansing programs that remove toxins from the colon alone but for best results, it is necessary to cleanse the small and large intestines and even the stomach. This herbal duo is powerful and effective to take the two actions necessary for a thourough detoxification.

Intestinal Cleanse 1 ensures regular eliminations by strengthening your intestinal tract while stimulating muscles to push out old waste.
The deep cleansing power of Intestinal Cleanse 2 acts like a super-absorbing vaccum vacuum moving through your digestive and intestinal system, scooping up impurities and detoxifying them to provide a complete cleanse.
One works best taken with food, and the other on an empty stomach, so together they give you full results on a 10-day Intestinal Cleanse.

Intestinal Cleanse Duo with Energy Boost:
Want to take your energy to the next level while cleansing? Experience the benefits of an intestinal cleanse quicker with the Intestinal Cleanse with Energy Boost package. It includes the Intestinal Cleanse Duo (Intestinal Cleanse 1 and Intestinal Cleanse 2) with the added benefit of a boost of vital nutrients for energy from Vital Nutrition Plus-Energy Boost. If you're looking for an affordable 10 day intestinal cleanse with more than enough energy to be successful doing the cleanse. this Package is for you!

Intestinal Cleanse Complete Package:
This package will give your digestive and intestinal system a fresh start with everything you need for intestinal cleansing, replenishing your beneficial intestinal bacteria and boosting your nutrition with mineral replacement and a whole food supplement! Includes Intestinal Cleanse 1, Intestinal Cleanse 2, Vital Nutrition Plus, iFlora Probiotic, Celtic Sea Salt and the book Water: Rx for a Healthier Pain Free Life.

For a look at the 7 factors of a successful cleanse, see

Your Guide to Intestinal Cleansing ...


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