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The Master Cleanse Program gives you all
the components you need for Increased Energy and Better Health.

You Feel Healthy and Full of Energy thanks to Internal Body Cleansing

Master Cleanse Kit


Your intestinal system processes food into nutrients for the energy you need. Keeping your intestinal system clean and healthy through cleansing guarantees you all the energy you need. With the Master Cleanse waste that has been stuck in your colon will be removed, giving you a flatter belly. You will also feel the benefits of better hydration and increased nutrition and mineralization.

Throughout the country thousands of people have done the Master Cleanse Program and will say that it really does work! They will tell you that the Master Cleanse (or the Lemonade Diet) is the fastest and most effective way to regain your vitality and to feel the joy of living again. As an added bonus, it will help you lose weight and give you more energy each day.

"Thanks again for the inspiration and information. I've lost about 12-14 pounds. Waist is down 2.5 to 3 inches. Have to get another belt because the ones I have are all last notch. I've walked 46 miles since starting. Rode the bike 14 miles. Have worked each day (some better than others). I have a great feeling of peace, even though I hit some pretty stressful events head on. I am also giving serious thought to other work/life things. I guess the clarity and focus come from not eating stressful foods. It is also a time to look at priorities. Can't wait to see you guys next week."" J.S. Midland, TX

Our Master Cleanse Kit is a great savings over most others available on the market!

    Kit includes the following items:

  • Maple Syrup, organic, dark mineral rich grade - 64 oz.
  • Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt - 1 lb.
  • Natural Laxative Tea Bags
  • Cayenne Powder Retail
  • The Master Cleanser Book by Stanley Boroughs

cut lemons

Stanley Burroughs developed the lemonade juice diet as a liquid mono-diet that produces a detoxifying and cleansing effect to the body. Based on his medical observations, Burroughs saw that the lemonade diet aids the stimulation of healthy tissue growth. Burroughs' "Master Cleanse", also known as the Lemonade Diet, was originally intended as a new and more effective method to treat ulcers. A pioneer of alternative medicine, Stanley Burroughs is also known for his other classic alternative medical text, Healing for the Age of Enlightenment.

The Stanley Burroughs' Lemonade Diet is a dietary program that should be followed for at least ten days and can be performed for forty days or more. Unlike other diets, the Burroughs' Master Cleanse is not designed primarily for weight loss, but for body cleansing. Also known as the Lemonade Fast, the Lemonade Diet is recommended for individuals who are suffering from a serious medical condition. Although the Lemonade Fast is sometimes viewed with skepticism in the medical community, tens thousands of users of this treatment in the last several decades vouch for its validity.

Is the Lemonade Diet also a Reducing Diet?

"I was 6' 1" and weighed a little over 230 pounds about June of 2002. I felt terrible, too. My wife went on a 100% raw vegetable and fruit diet about 3 or 4 months before and after watching her getting healthier and younger looking and happier, I decided I wanted to feel that way too, even if it meant giving up foods that I really wanted (read "crave"). I spent 6 months eating only raw food and dropped to about 198 eating as much raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds as I wanted. Then on 4 Jan 2003, I started a 20 day Master Cleanse. On January 24, I weighed 175 pounds. I still eat 90%+ raw and have done the cleanse 4 times since then and now weigh about 165. (By the way, originally I couldn't fit in my 42 inch waist pants. Now I am a little less than my 34 inch waist pants." P.G. Clearwater, FL

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The Master Cleanse is excellent for a start but also check out our other Internal Body Cleanses

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