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Cayenne Blend Powder - 3.5 oz. bag
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Why You Need It

African bird pepperHealthy Cayenne BlendAfrican bird pepper

A healthful gourmet blend of three types of Cayenne peppers:
African Bird's Eye*, Habanero*, Red Jalapeno & Green Jalapeno* (*Organic)

Rated at 200,000 Heat Units - Caution: Use With Care - Extremely HOT!

Contains no sugar, no animal products, no GMOs and no fillers.

Cayenne is a super-powered circulation booster unlike any other. Safe for daily use, cayenne powder is both food and medicine.  Rich in vitamins A and C, cayenne also contains complete B complexes, organic calcium and potassium.

Herbal Catalyst

Cayenne’s ability to open up all types of flows makes it ideal to multiply the benefit of other herbs and remedies. It boosts circulation and delivers them to the cells where they are needed. Add a little cayenne when taking other herbal formulas to enhance their effectiveness.

Cayenne has an affinity for the heart and circulation. No other herb or food can increase blood flow as fast as cayenne. This great dietary adjunct can warm up your fingers and toes in 15 minutes!

Mucus Dissolver
Hot, spicy Cayenne dissolves mucus in the lungs and throughout the body so it can be passed out more quickly and easily. This makes Cayenne a perfect part of the Mucusless Diet or Alkaline Diet.

Cayenne is beneficial to the tissues of the stomach and helps the stomach create more hydrochloric acid which assists in protein digestion. It also stimulates the peristaltic action in the digestive and eliminative tract. Cayenne helps stagnant bowels move, improving overall health.

Cayenne Blend Powder is perfect for mixing with foods. Many chefs add only a very small amount to almost any food, just under the radar of taste, so the food wakes up your taste buds without feeling extreme. Other like it hot, especially in Thai and Mexican dishes where the full flavor and heat can be enjoyed. Cayenne adds spice to foods, while giving you a real health boost at the same time.

Can be taken in olive oil or coconut oil by the spoonful or small shot glass. Also eat in foods like guacamole and sauces to enhance circulation daily.

Keep your feet warm! Just mix in olive oil, rub into feet and put on warm socks! Great when you must be outdoors in bitterly cold weather.

Capsaicin, the active heat element is an oil and is diluted by oils and fats, not water. Oil cuts the heat from cayenne peppers. So if you overdo it, and feel what you have taken is too hot for you, use oils, not water for a remedy! Eating a small amount of bread with olive oil can stop the burning. Hot liquids boost the properties of cayenne, making it feel hotter (and increasing circulation even more).

The cayenne formulas we make, both powder and liquid concentrate, contain some of the most potent cayennes in the world, with over 200,000 Heat Units.

When taking Cayenne Blend Powder, a little bit goes a long way, especially if you haven't built up a strong tolerance for the heat these peppers put out. If you're just starting out with taking cayenne, we recommend using a small pinch to about 1/8 teaspoon and see how you do with the heat. You can mix the powder in oil or broth or other food.

The Cayenne Concentrate is a complement to our powder and is recommended for its convenience. Carry it in your purse or pocket or car when traveling.

Success Stories

Cayenne is #1 Emergency Aid

Cayenne Powder for Bleeding, Injured Toe
I have experienced many healing miracles for years just from using Southern Botanical's cayenne powder. It is the #1 emergency aid my household always has on hand. A healing story that comes to mind happened the summer of 2009. My boyfriend was moving a refrigerator and accidentally dropped one of the corners on his big toe. I wasn't there at the time but he refused to show it to me because he said it was so bad, most of the skin was torn off the end, the nail cracked, seriously ugly and painful stuff. He immediately caked the injury in cayenne powder to stop the bleeding, knowing from experience that if he put enough on, the heat would mask any feelings of pain. He kept as much cayenne powder as he could on his injury for a week and at the end of that period finally showed me his toe. There was a small red line where you could see his toe had been cut but it was obvious there would be minimal scarring because it had healed so well. I don't know of any over the counter product sold in a pharmacy that would have such immediate and dramatic results. This seriously saved us from having to take a trip to the emergency room and was certainly much cheaper! ~K.M., FL

Cayenne Powder for Back Pain
I was visiting a friend who was having problems with her lower back. It was hurting and tensed up. She put some cayenne powder mixed with olive oil on the area that was hurting and after it was rubbed in, she said it already was feeling much better and was very glad she had tried it. In my experience this is the best massage oil you can use to help heal or even prevent back pain. ~K.M., FL

Cayenne Powder for Healing Spider Bite
This weekend a friend of mine came over and was complaining that a spider bite he had for the last 2 weeks still wasn't getting any better. He put a pinch of Southern Botanical's cayenne powder mixed with olive oil on the bite which was red and swollen. After an hour, he started getting hot from the cayenne and went to go get something to drink. When he came back he checked on the spider bite and asked if the cayenne pepper was supposed to work immediately. He was shocked that the spider bite had healed more in one hour then in the last 2 weeks! It went from a red swollen spot the size of a quarter to a small red mark, no swelling. ~K.M., FL

Cayenne Powder for Car Accident Back and Neck Injuries
In August of 2004 I was rear ended in my car by a big pickup truck. The trunk of my car was entirely smashed in and the car totaled as a result. I was worried about having injuries in my back and neck even though it wasn't hurting much at first. As soon as I got home and told my boyfriend what happened, he mixed a pinch of cayenne powder in olive oil and rubbed it on my shoulders and upper back where I was sore. The next day I felt fine and never experienced any residual injuries from that car accident. I am grateful we had Southern Botanical's cayenne powder on hand for emergencies like that. ~K.M., FL

Cayenne Powder for Tooth Pain
Just wanted to let you know the Tonic Supreme formula plus the Echinacea and Oral Remedy Formula totally handled a tooth problem that I had. The dentist said I might need a root canal if the pain did not go away. The pain was so intense I felt like I needed to go to Emergency room. To help with that pain I put cayenne powder on the gum. Then I started using all the other formulas including the Oral Remedy in the Waterpik. All of the formulas worked together beautifully and the pain went away and I saved a lot of money and did not have to get a root canal. Just wanted to tell you thanks for doing what you are doing, making the finest herbal products that really do get results. - L.H., Clearwater, FL

Cayenne Powder for Circulation
I use the Cayenne drops and I put the powder in food. It works! I was a sweet-a-holic and that turned me into a diabetic. This turns me the other way. I use it to help open up all the pathways that get restricted for blood. It helps me lose weight also. The powder is perfect. Hot and spicy, and it works. I'd recommend it to anyone. ~R.K.

Cayenne Powder for Inflammation
I have used the cayenne since I received it. Mostly on foods and occasionally in water. It seems to be benefiting me. I had surgery last Aug since then my legs swell up during the day. The pepper seem to cut the swelling at least in half. My digestion seems better also. R.H. Ennis, MT.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These stories are from customer whose individual results vary. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult with your health practitioner if you have a health problem.


Avoid getting cayenne on hands and touching face or eyes as it feels very hot. Wash hands well after touching cayenne or its container, and avoid touching the eyes. Cayenne does not dissolve well in water. Vinegar can help remove it thoroughly from the skin.

Cayenne's properties are oil-based. Drinking water after taking cayenne will disperse the heat around your mouth rather than diluting it. So if it feels too hot, take cayenne with or follow it with oils or fats to reduce the heat. Taking cayenne with teaspoon of coconut or olive oil works well to cut the heat. So does following it with some fatty foods such as avocado, hummus, beans, nut butters, butter, cheese, eggs.

Cayenne does pass into breast milk, so nursing mothers should avoid cayenne.

Cayenne may lower blood sugar levels, raising the risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. Ask your doctor before using cayenne if you have diabetes.

More Info

Check out our Natural Health article about Cayenne.


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