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Liquid Herbal Extraction Methods

Our liquid herbal concentrates are made using the traditional alcohol tincturing method. The pure organic grain alcohol used for our tincture formulas is an effective solvent for extracting and preserving medicinal properties in herbs. Alcohol-based tinctures stay chemically active for many years.

Liquid herbal concentrates in a few drops of alcohol also make an efficient way for the medicinal properties to rapidly absorb into the bloodstream. If taken under the tongue, the absorption time is almost immediately. The amount of alcohol in a normal dose of our concentrates is minimal, comparable to 1/50 of a dose of cough syrup. If preferred, you can add the concentrate to hot tea and stir, and in a few minutes the alcohol will evaporate off. Or pour 2 oz of boiling water into a cup containing the droppersful. The alcohol will also evaporate for the most part, iwhen you stir it in room temperature water for a minute or two.

Real Herbal Teas

We offer herbal teas with similar ingredients to many of our formulas because water extraction brings out different properties than alcohol tinctures. These are usually milder properties, so a good way to get maximum benefit is to take both, by putting a few drops of the concentrate into a cup of tea.

Our teas are not powdered and bagged. They are the potent roots, leaves, berries and stems of the plants which you can see, whole chunks retaining their properties until you soak and simmer them. This means they are strong and have a more powerful effect than many processed, packaged teas, and also can be re-used to make more than one pot of tea.

Quality of Our Organic Herbal Ingredients

Our formulas are free from fillers and have no gluten, artificial ingredients or animal products.

Our herbal cleanses and nutritional support formulas use organically grown or wild-crafted herbs. We obtain these herbs as much as possible from our continent, so they aren't fumigated or chemically treated before being combined into our well-researched, potent herbal concentrates. We know that high-quality organic and wild-crafted ingredients are key to making healthy products that work. The wild-crafted herbs are from US harvesters who use care to preserve the balance of the environment.



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