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Liquid Vitamins: Are They Toxic?

Colloidal Minerals - Vital Trace Elements or Toxic Poisons?

The truth is that these are all naturally occurring elements in plant matter, both in agriculture and in wild plants. Apples can contain 3-5 mg of aluminum, and so do many other plants including cucumbers and asparagus, because it is one of the most abundant elements in the earth's crust. But there is a big difference between organic elements in plants and inorganic metallic elements - heavy metals. For example, iodine in organic form can be taken by a person with no ill effects,and is actually necessary for health. Non-organic or metalic iodine in the same amount can kill you.

These elements in Mineral Toddy are organic, meaning plant processed and derived. They do not deposit in the body as heavy metals the way inorganic forms of these elements will. As such, the body can utilize or discard the element, according to its needs. In fact research we have found seems to show that organic plant-derived trace minerals will actually replace the heavy metals deposited in the body, permitting them to leave the system.

From Journal of the Institute of nutritional Science, by Dr. Stphen Whiting, PhD:

  • "In the late 1980's an interesting experiment was conducted with regard to high levels of potentially toxic inorganic minerals in the body and the ability of their organic bio-electrical counterparts to naturally chelate or remove them safely. The test was conducted by Gary Price Todd, MD, author of the book Nutrition, Health and Disease. The study involved individuals with a variety of so-called heavy metal posionings, specifically lead, mercury, cadmium and aluminum were selected. Prior to the test, base levels of the offending mineral were established via tissue hair sample. Test subjects were then placed on a program of full spectrum bio-available micro trace minerals in proportion to their body weight. In addition they were given a second product which represented the full spectrum of other nutrients such as vitamins, major minerals and amino acids. It is important to note that high amounts of vitamin C were found necessary in order to obtain an optimal response. ....[At the end of 16 months the study] demonstrated reduced levels of toxic metal in the hair as the natural chelation process took place and the toxic mineral levels were reduced.
  • Based upon Dr. Todd's findings those persons suffering from the negative effects of heavy metal contamination should strongly consider the use of bio-electrical colloidal trace minerals as part of their plan to restore their health. Colloidal bio-electrical minerals cannot be stored in the body for longer than a few hours; they are much like the water soluable vitamins; therefore they cannot build up to toxic levels in the soft tissues and through ionic exchange.They also assist the body in removing the heavy metal counterparts which can remain in the body for decades."

There were also two studies done in Germany with the colloidal full spectrum mineral formula, one by Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Chief of Staff of the Specialized Clinic for Chronic IIlnesses and Therapy Resistant Patients in Uberlingen, Germany and another by biophysicist, Dr. Fitz-Albert Popp, using highly recognized methods of testing supersensitive algae for determining the toxicity of a substance to living cells. Conclusions were the mineral formula was not toxic, but rather assited the cells' vital functions, and enhanced de-toxification as well as speeding healing process in chronic illness.

So we do not promote inorganic toxic heavy metals, but we understand this plant-derived mineral formula to be health-enhancing. It has been on the market since 1926, and after testing by the FDA was given a government Consent Decree and left on the market. That's the info we have.

We recommend full-spectrum mineral nutrition - and all the nutrients, vitamins, amoino acids for maintaining and improving health. Our philosophy is to give the body all nutrients needed for optimum health and let it take what it needs. If you aren't taking other supplements for vitamins and protein, major minerals, I suggest you also take Total or Ultra Body Toddy, which have all major nutrients in additional to trace minerals (except for fatty acids). If you are taking other vitamins, etc which you like, and eating a healthly diet, the Mineral Toddy would enhance this, and would be the product for you. We have lots of customers who have been taking our products for years because they appreciate the benefits and feel better.

  • "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." — Thomas Edison


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