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Life nowadays can be brutal. Stress, toxins and over-processed foods take their toll. Fast food, coffee, sugar and other empty calories combine with prescription drugs and  alcohol to strip the body of nutrients and add poisons that the body is now too weak to fight off. When the body is not getting enough nutrients, it calls for more food, and more! In  attempt to get the nutrition you need, you may find yourself craving food and over-eating, without actually satisfying the physical requirements for health.

It's a safe bet that every person who ends up needing to go to a doctor, whether conventional or holistic, is nutrient-deficient or nutrient-imbalanced. Every cell of the body depends totally on proper nutrients for its function. When the cells don't get what they need, things start to go wrong. Lack of energy, feeling "the blues", trouble sleeping are just a few of the more minor results of malnutrition. Bigger problems can follow including cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, proneness to infections, osteoporosis, and many other problems and diseases. Many a doctor makes his living thanks to his patients' poor diets!

Grabbing vitamin pills from the local drug store, however, is NOT the answer. Synthetic vitamins are not what the body expects or recognizes. Your body needs and wants nutrients in their natural forms, whole foods surrounded by all of the other nutrients in complex, synergistic combinations. Synthetic vitamins are often wasted, literally flushed down the plumbing because the body can't absorb them. Certain synthetics can actually poison the body as they may be too concentrated or isolated from their balancing natural co-factors.

Young barley and chlorella spirulina detox superfoodVital Nutrition Plus is a nutrition powerhouse that combines nutrient-dense superfoods in a convenient form. Vital Nutrition Plus contains no isolated or synthetic ingredients whatsoever. It's a totally Raw Organic & Wild Harvested Whole Food Supplement!

It's best to provide the body with a variety of whole, uncooked foods that retain their living enzymes and a full spectrum of bio-available trace elements. In this way the body can select from the diet exactly what it needs. That's not always easy in today's fast-paced life. That's why we recommend you take a supplement made from whole and super foods.

Whole raw foods contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes in balanced quantities and in forms that the body can easily assimilate. Vital Nutrition Plus is a rich concentrate of raw food power. The vitamins in Vital Nutrition Plus come from nature, not laboratories.

Comparison of Vitamins and Minerals in Whole Food Supplements vs Synthetic

Unfortunately, synthetic vitamin A often is derived from mercury-toxic fish oils. Synthetic B12 may be grown on sewage sludge. Many other vitamins are made from petrochemicals and coal tar.

The Vitamin A in Vital Nutrition Plus is produced naturally by Chlorella and Spirulina - microscopic green and blue-green algae grown organically in Hawaii. Our B12 has as its source nutritional yeast grown on beets or molasses.

Commercial mineral supplements contain essentially ground-up rocks! The human body is NOT equipped to assimilate dirt. Your body needs many of its minerals pre-digested by plants or other life forms in order to absorb and use them.

Vital Nutrition Plus contains the richest natural sources of Vitamins A, B12 and others. And most importantly, it almost certainly contains nutrients that have NOT have yet been discovered - nutrients that may be essential to your health but that science has just not detected.

The ingredients in Vital Nutrition Plus are dried and powdered using no or very low heat. This preserves the nutrientsfrom the whole foods including natural enzymes in their natural, pure usable state.

Besides vitamins and minerals, your body needs protein. Unfortunately, many high-protein foods today such as meat, fish and dairy can no longer be trusted as they may contain high concentrations of toxic pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, heavy metals such as mercury, etc. The good news is that Vital Nutrition Plus contains high-protein plant superfoods that contains 250% MORE protein than meat and fish! They have a very high Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) and Net Protein Utilization Factor (NPUF) - both measures of protein value.

The formula in Vital Nutrition Plus is the best "one-shot" product we have ever come across. Vital Nutrition Plus is also economical - about $1 a day gives you nutrients you need to build your health.

"I have ordered most of your products and the quality is top notch. The Vital Nutrition Plus is exactly what you claim, and I do feel energized, I take it twice a day." L.N., Scarsdale, NY

See the Botanical Ingredients of Vital Nutrition Plus and Benefits of these Super Foods here...

Exercise, Super Food Supplementation and Weight Loss

One of the greatest concerns for many people, especially Americans, is achieving weight loss. Some people are interested in this for good health, some for appearance and some for the ability to better achieve athletic goals. As the years have gone by weight loss and diet have been focused upon more and more by society and this has brought forth a slew of “alternative” methods for losing those pounds. However, the human body remains the same and so do the processes that make it work.

Exercise is one of, if not the, most important factor in losing weight and conditioning your body. The formula is simple: burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. Yet through exercise you will handle weight the proper way… by burning fat. In actuality you do not really want to lose weight, rather you desire to decrease your body fat percentage. You should be shooting for around 3%.

Now, I can hear you saying, “But I just heard a commercial telling me that I can lose weight while sleeping. Why do I need to exercise?” It is tempting to go with the “easy” solution for dieting. The problem with these miracle diets is that they are not specific to what they are burning. Generally we see that these weight loss pills are primarily herbal “speed”. They do nothing more than increase the metabolism unnaturally and cause the body to lose all weight.

What do I mean by all weight? Your body weight is comprised primarily of fat and lean muscle mass. When you increase your metabolism by using the “easy” way you will also find yourself losing lean muscle mass. If you are an overweight person who weighs 400 pounds you have developed a good deal of lean muscle mass in order to support the handling of your body fat. If you suddenly begin losing weight without exercise you will lose equal portions of both fat and lean muscle mass. The result would be to put your body into a weakened and unhealthy state.

Exercise is the best way to increase the metabolism. This natural increase in metabolism allows for the body to become accustomed to using the energy from nutrition properly. It also works the adrenals into a fit state. You will not be able to condition your adrenals by quick and easy herbal over stimulation.

The next step is proper diet. The best diet for the body is one that meets a few different criteria. First, it must be packed with foods that have a high nutritional level. Secondly, the nutrition contained within the food must be easy for the body to assimilate and digest. Thirdly, the food must be easy for the intestine to pass through the bowels. If foods sits in the intestine, this indicates that it is improperly digested and that most of the nutrition (if any) contained within was never even received by the body. The foods that meet the three criteria completely are fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

However, in American society today it is hard to find these foods on the open market. Even the freshest, organic fruits and vegetables are lacking in nutritional value due to poor soil content. So it is necessary to find a whole food supplement that will be able to adequately compensate. We have discovered an excellent blend of whole foods in the form of a product called Vital Nutrition Plus. It is so potent that even if you ate thirty organic salads you would still not receive as much nutrition as is contained in just two heaping tablespoons of Vital Nutrition Plus.

How does VNP relate to diet? If you really wish to lose weight properly it will be necessary to combine exercise, an easy to assimilate diet (fresh / raw), and loads of Vital Nutrition Plus. This combination is guaranteed to produce positive results. VNP is generally taken in juice and juicing is very important. While dieting and following the advice above you also want to drink two quarts of freshly squeezed juice and two quarts of water every day. The daily dose of VNP depends upon your weight. For every twenty-five pounds of body weight you use one heaping tablespoon of VNP. Your body also needs essential fatty acids. These can be found in supplements like Udo’s and Flax Seed Oil.

Now you’re probably wondering about protein. A common myth is that protein comes solely form the consumption of meat products. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many vegetables and seeds or nuts contain all of the protein that the body needs. In fact VNP is 75% protein and 25% carbohydrates containing plant enzyme, vitamins and minerals. Beef consists of 25% protein and 75% fat!

You can take this dieting in a step further by undergoing a bowel cleansing program. These programs will flush out years of accumulated fecal matter from the intestine, detoxify your colon, reestablish your internal ecosystem through the use of probiotics and restore your nutritional level. This, in turn, allows for the good food that you are now eating to be absorbed more readily by the body. A proper cleansing program also makes use of the juicing and the diet described above. Once this is done and combined with your new healthy diet you will see and amazing increase in your metabolism. Then you will be on your way to losing fat, building lean muscle mass and improving your nutritional level all together.

"Hi, I've been ordering your Vital Nutrition Plus for years and I usually buy it several bags at a time. Thanks for such a great product!" W. Walden, PA

Vital Nutrition Plus in resealable environment-friendly bag

Vital Nutrition Plus is available as a loose powder and capsules. Both are packaged in a resealable environment-friendly bag.

Order Vital Nutrition Plus 14 oz Powder (75 servings), great for mixing into juice, smoothies, dips or salad dressing.

Or buy it in convenient capsules take to anywhere. You can get our economy size of 600 vegetarian capsules (75 servings) for just $47.00! Also available in 480 count (60 servings) and 112 count (14 servings- great for travel or when you're on the go) packages. Order Vital Nutrition Plus Capsules.

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